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Finding Family 
24th-Jun-2007 05:37 am
Title: Finding Family 24/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

Xander was just finishing, standing back and admiring his handiwork
when he heard the three come bursting in.
The sound of paper bags rustling and the girls talking and giggling
left no doubt that they had a successful, and probably very expensive
for Will, shopping trip.

Bounding through the entry way and straight for the kitchen,
Will had both arms loaded down with grocery bags and a large
styrofoam container balanced precariously in the tips of his fingers.

Xander quickly took the bags and set them down on the now
spotless counter.

"Wow, you really did a great job. Everything looks so clean."
Willow followed close behind and set two more sacks beside Will's.
Deena waddled in last looking much more relaxed and happy than
Xander had seen her.

Immediately she jumped in and gave Willow a hand putting the
food and supplies on shelves. Looking around at the shiny, clean
kitchen, Deena's voice grew quiet.

"I'm really sorry about the mess. I guess I didn't realize things had
gotten so ugly. You shouldn't have had to clean up after us like that."

In answer Xander just winked. "It's o.k. It's all done."
When most of the bags had been emptied Xander finally noticed
the container.
"What's this?"

Will hung his head and stammered. Willow stood back grinning.
She knew this would be worth a chuckle or two. No one noticed
Deena's reaction.

Cringing in fear she took several steps back, ready to bolt from
the room if the violence went unchecked.

Straightening his back bone Will did the only thing he could.
He pointed his finger directly at Willow.

"She made me do it. I told her we shouldn't stop but she forced me.
Then they threatened me with liver and onions. I had to eat some
too just so I could survive the trip home."

Xander snickered as he opened the foam carry out.
"Liver and onions? You brought me some too?"

Will cracked a smile.
"Yea, well it's gonna be a long evening innit?"

Much to Deena's amazement they all three laughed as Xander sat
down to eat.
No one was mad.
Nothing was thrown.
In her mind it was an odd resolution.

One she hardly had time to consider.

"Well, well, well. Ain't this just cozy as fuck"
Everyone looked up in time to see Billy stumble as he entered the
room. He wore no shirt or shoes and his pants were undone to
the point that they revealed far more pubic hair than anyone had
a desire to see again.

The pupils of his eyes were dilated larger than saucers and
struggling to focus.
No one else moved or spoke.

Deena stepped forward and placed her hand cautiously on his chest.
"Billy, honey, we just went in town to pick up some groceries and
things for the house. Are you hungry? Can I fix you something?"

Billy grabbed her wrist and painfully wrenched it away from his body,
shoving her back in the process.
"Do you think I'm stupid? Do you think I don't know what is going
on here?"

Deena immediately moved to the far side of the room knowing
what was coming. Willow went to her side, offering moral support
and protection. She knew Xander wouldn't allow anything to

Xander continued to eat seemingly unaffected yet never
taking his eyes off the drug addict standing near him.
Will stood frozen by the stand off.

"So now you are a liar too? I saw those bags in there. That
shit wasn't groceries and since I know you ain't got no money
that means my generous cousin, Will, paid. Am I right?"

"Billy I just......"

Billy squeezed his eyes shut and rubbed the palm of his hand
roughly over his nose to try and stop the burning in the
fried lining of his sinuses.

His buzz was wearing off way too soon.

"So you are just one more thing rich little Will has bought.
Do you know what that makes you? A slut! A whore!
Bought and well fuckin' paid for!"

Deena cringed and flinched on each word.
Xander had had enough.

Kicking his chair out from under him, Xander was on his feet
and had Billy by the throat and shoved up against the doorjamb
in the blink of an eye.

"I think you owe the lady an apology. NOW! And say it

Rushing to Billy's side, Deena tried frantically to pry Xander's
fingers off her boyfriends neck.

"Please Xander, let go. He can't breath. He didn't mean anything
by it. Please don't hurt him."

Xander released his hold allowing Billy to slid down the wall and
sit on the floor sputtering and gasping for air. Xander sat back
down and calmly took another bite.

After taking a few minutes to recover Billy pulled himself to his feet
and laughed sourly.
"See, lady don't want no apology. She knows how things are.
Don't'cha? Now if you nice people will excuse us I think me and
my woman here have some matters to discuss in private."

Willow was the first to speak up and voice the sentiments of the
"If you think we are going to let you drag her off and hurt her
you're crazier than you seem, and that's pretty crazy."

Billy clenched his jaw and fist in an effort to control himself.
He wanted nothing more than to slap the face off that red headed
bitch then fuck the shit out of her just for GP.

Taking a deep breath he forced down the venom boiling in his
belly and quieted the tone of his voice.
"Our personal family business is NOT your business.
Just cause you bought and paid for her don't mean you own her."

With a calm smile on his face Billy then went to Deena and threw
his arm around her shoulder.
"Come on Sweetheart. After all I've done for you, you can't give your
lover a minute or two of your time? Sides,ain't that my baby in there?"

Billy rubbed his hand over Deena's swollen belly causing everyone's
skin to crawl. Deena knew if she didn't agree all hell would break loose.
She was sure she could pacify him. If she just let him rant a bit he would
calm down. She had done it before.

"It's all right. We will just be in the library. Billy is right, somethings are
best discussed in private. It will be o.k. Won't it Billy?"

Xander stood, unsure what to do. Will had backed up till his smaller
body leaned against Xander's.

Whispering in her ear Willow gripped Deena's hand, reluctant to let go.
"Please, Deena, don't go. Stay here with us. He's high.
He might hurt you."

Deena gently pulled Willow's hand off.
"Billy's right. We need to settle somethings personally."

Billy barked out a laugh as he clamped his hand on the back of
her neck and steered her out of the kitchen. After a ten count
the other three followed only to have the library door slammed
in their faces.
24th-Jun-2007 12:58 pm (UTC)
Deary, deary, deary... *shakes head and rolls eyes*

I loved how you had Xan all calm and cool followed by a good choke/neck lift! He's such a chivalrous guy...
24th-Jun-2007 01:29 pm (UTC)
Although Xander knows he is on top now he isn't stupid
enough to take his eyes off Billy. No one is still sure
just how far Billy is willing to take this.
Hopefully he will admit defeat and just walk away.
24th-Jun-2007 01:37 pm (UTC)
Admit defeat? Walk away?
Um, B, hun, this IS one of your fics, and you expect me to believe it'll be that easy?!?!?!?!?
I might be nuts but I'm not stupid, lol!
24th-Jun-2007 02:42 pm (UTC)
You are definatly NOT stupid, and you are much
loved by the Bee. You are also right, I couldn't
possibly make it that easy for any of them.
24th-Jun-2007 06:49 pm (UTC)
OK Deena wants to be stupid then she and Billy can get the fuck out!!!


24th-Jun-2007 07:27 pm (UTC)
That's right by God. Boot the bimbo and the bully
to the curb. Oh, wait, there are still too many
chapters for that to happen just yet.
25th-Jun-2007 12:17 am (UTC)
Oh, that Billy-creep. AND Deena IS a "stupid bint" as old Spike would have put it. AND there are a lot of chapters ahead, so they will be for a while, right?

This is gonna be interesting to follow, on my holiday, that will start in 4 HOURS!!!! YEY! And there are new stuff for my camera waiting at the postoffice, and pic´s to send to the photo-contest at JM Live, and looooots of stuff to snap photos of. Maybe my holiday won´t be so horrible after all... At least no work for 3 weeks!
is the link to Juliatheyoungers fanfiction, with the "We are not gay. Just friends having sex" that we couldn´t remember the author to.
25th-Jun-2007 12:27 am (UTC)
4 hours? WWHHEEEEEE!!
Anytime someone says they are going on vacation I get jealous
and I wanna come too.
(Yes, maam, I will have some cheese with that whine)
I will look forward to seeing some of the pictures you take and post.
Three weeks off work. Damn, even if you were going to Siberia
in midwinter, it would still be a holiday.
Have a great time! You will be in the Bee's thoughts.
25th-Jun-2007 03:34 am (UTC)
Well, it´s more like Siberia in midsummer, the mosquitos and the heat. And now it´s just 1 hour left of my worknight, SQUEEE!!! And I´m sure there will be photos at PBase from the trip.
And there are Internet at the library so I can read my flist and other important stuff...

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