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The second chapter of Never, Already, Not Yet is finally up (I'm horrible.  Goes to show what happens when you write in two fandoms). 

The earlier chapters (prologue, chapter one) can be found in my memories, here.  As there's been quite a gap in posts, I recommend re-reading.  Updates should be more regular, barring another family tragedy (knock on wood).

Title: Never, Already, Not Yet
Series: none
Author: JeansVenus
Archive/Distribution: *incredulous cough* Ah, if you want it...sure, ask me.  Otherwise, bloodclaim, my journal, and my personal Yahoo! group
Story Summary: The Powers That Be screwed up badly with Sunnydale.  Xander's sent back to the crux without memories of the future.
Chapter Summary: Xander thinks about how bizarre the whole situation is and ducks questions from Willow.  Spike and Drusilla are spotted...
Warnings: Some profanity, slash in future chapters.
Rating: FRT this chapter, FRM overall
Disclaimer: If I owned the Buffyverse, I wouldn't be freaking out about paying my college tuition.

Chapter Two

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