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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 25/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

Billy had enjoyed the door slam immensely knowing the meddling
bitch and her queers were hot on his heels. So Fuck 'em. He
held the trump card in this hand. Shit, he owned the whole
fuckin' deck. He just needed a minute or two to figure out
the best way to play this out.

Billy pressed the palms of his hands and forehead against the closed door.
He kept his eyes squeezed shut knowing the sight of the traitor
bitch would break his concentration.

He tried to control his breathing and organize his muddled thoughts.
The remainder of the coke had not been enough to give him a real rush
and the headachy crash was coming on way too soon.

He could feel the hammering of his heart as it pounded loudly
in his ears.

He had to think.
He had to clear his head.
Overcome the depression and pain of the rollercoaster trip down in
order to get a grip on a situation that could easily slip from his fingers
of he got careless.

Deena's blood went cold in her veins when she saw him rub his temples and
let out a quiet moan. She knew what that action preceded. It was the time
when the pilot screams "may day! may day!" just before the plane plunges into
the ocean and everyone on board dies.

The three from the kitchen had rushed down the hall and reached the library
in time to feel the whoosh of air as the heavy wooden door slammed shut
in their faces. Billy's sickening grin and wink was the last thing they saw.

None of the eavesdroppers were the least little bit concerned with words
like rude or intrusive or snoop. Three ears plastered themselves flat against
the library door and waited.

Turning, Billy slowly approached Deena as he scratched his bare chest,
rubbed his hand down over his slightly flabby beer belly and reached down
into his open pants to adjust the placement of his limp cock.

"O.k., Love, this situation is not totally a wash. Of course I will
need an apology and a certain amount of retribution from you but
this can all still be salvaged.
After all you know what a forgiving and understanding bloke I am."

Deena felt a brief stirring of hope. Maybe it could be all right.
Maybe her fairytale dreams were still possible. Although she was
not sure what she should apologize for, she was more than willing.

"I'm sorry Billy. You know how stupid I am. I'm always doing things
wrong. I didn't mean to upset you. I'll do whatever you want to
make it right."

Willow just shook her head. It broke her heart to hear Deena crawl
like that.
Xander and Will kept their reactions to themselves.

Circling the room, Billy stopped by the huge shopping bags of
baby things. Picking one up he rooted through it briefly before
shifting his eyes to Deena.

"Fuck, Girl. You did all right. There must be hundreds of dollars
worth of shit in here. I think this is going to work out better than
I expected. And as a bonus it gives you a chance to make it up
to me for all your betrayal and dishonesty."

Deena shuddered. She really did NOT have a good feeling about this.

Billy dropped the bag and scratched himself. Picking and inspecting
belly button lint helped him think.

"So here's what we do. You take all this fuckin' shit back to the store
where you got it and get the cash. When you get out of the hospital we
should have enough money to get your flat back and pay a months rent.
By then you can get your job back at the factory and we are back
on top of the world. Course I'll look for work too, but you know
I can't take just anything. It has to be something that respects my
talents and abilities, and good jobs just aren't growing on trees.
I won't take some chicken shit job that don't pay me what I'm worth."

Deena listened as he laid out their future. A future that mirrored
their past only now something was missing. Someone was being
left out of the equation. Confusion wrinkled her brow.

"But, Billy. I'll need all those things for the baby. And who will
take care of it while I'm working?"

Billy shook his head as he rubbed his hand over his face feeling
the raggedness of two days unshaved, and up into his hair scratching
his scalp and leaving his hair standing up in strange horn like curls.
He couldn't even comprehend how stupid this doozy bitch was.

"For God's sake Deena. Hellloooo."
He rapped his knuckles firmly against her forehead.
She flinched but knew better than to back away.

"You don't need the fuckin' baby shit! You don't need to find
any body to watch the fuckin' baby while you work. Wake up
you stupid Bitch. THERE. IS. NO. BABY!"

The three listeners all pulled away and looked back and forth
between each other with competing levels of confusion on their faces.
Placing her hand on his arm Willow got Xander's attention and
silently mouthed the word "what?"

Xander frowned and shook his head. Turning to Will, he could only shrug.
In unison all three resumed their positions straining to hear even the
breathing inside the room.

Automatically Deena's hand went to check her midsection as she
satisfied herself that, yes, there still was the swollen midsection of
a very advanced pregnancy.
Eventually bewilderment started giving way to a comprehension.
One to horrible to imagine.

"What do you mean Billy. Of course there is a baby. And we
have time. Will said we could stay here for a couple weeks after.
I know it will be a change for us but I promise I can make it work.
It will be fine, you'll see."

Billy's snap was almost audible. He had reached his limit and could
stand no more of this bitch's defiance and stupidity.

"SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! You fucking stupid cow!
Since when do you tell me what we are going to do?
Since those fuckin' fags and that little red snatch in the kitchen
filled your head with all sorts of shit? Well guess what, they ain't
concerned with you. All my homo little cousin is doing is using
you to get one more jab at me. Lord all this over my head one
more time."

Billy waved his arms wildly in the air and spun in a circle around
the room.

"What do you think is going to happen? I'll tell you what. They are
going back to their rich little golden lives in the fuckin' sunshine
state of oranges and palm trees and you are stuck right here.
No home, no job, and no money. Oh, and guess what, no me,
cause I ain't sticking around to listen to that fuckin' bastard scream
it's head off.

There's plenty of women in town who would gladly give me what
I need. Now wake the fuck up."

Taking a deep breath, Billy lowered his voice in an attempt to
explain the only reasonable resolution to this imposible situation.

"I have already talked to Keen Winkler, the bartender at the
Winking Lizard pub. He and his Missus been trying to have a baby
and can't. He agreed to take it off our hands. Give us a pretty
penny for it too."

Will jumped back from the door unable to believe what he had heard.
Willow had both hands clamped firmly over her mouth and Xander
balled his fists, trying his best to choke down the fury that swam in
his belly.

Will waved his arms wildly, silently signaling it was time to bust the
door down and kick some Billy butt. Xander again shook his head 'no'.
They needed to hear Deena's response first.

Deena instinctively and protectively wrapped her arms around her belly.
Of all the things Billy had done this was the one that finished it.
The one that broke her heart and sealed her mind that there
would be no happy family. Not with Billy anyway.

Suddenly a feeling of calm came over her. All doubt was erased and
she knew with certainty that her baby was going to be safe and happy.
She knew they could survive without him.

"You are not selling our baby Billy. I don't know how, but I know
I can make it. Lot's of single women raise babies and I can too.
If there are so many women standing round the pubs waiting to
collect you, I suggest you go find one. We are done."

Her calm tone and small smile came as a surprise to all.
Overshadowed only by the shock of the sudden and totally unexpected
She had just enough breath to let out one short scream before his
hands tightened around her throat, cutting off all her air.
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