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looking for a fic...

I know this fic was mentioned here recently, but I've gone back several hundred posts & I can't find it, so...

The fic I'm looking for was S/X with Xander/Anya friendship. It had Xander realizing he was gay and breaking up with Anya but keeping it a secret. They still live together. They go out to the Bronze with the gang, and Anya's searching the crowd for prospective new boyfriends for either her or Xander, and when the gang asks what she's doing she keeps Xander's secret about being gay by saying she's searching for a third for the threesome she's talked Xander into having with her. The scoobies are outraged, but Spike knows there's something weird going on. I also remember a later scene when Spike stops by their apartment and Anya's new boyfriend walks out naked, and to Spike's shock Xander isn't jealous, he just teases the guy and makes a joke about the guys farmer tan. Anyone know who wrote this fic and where to find it?

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