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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 26/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

Billy was so blinded by the fury burning through him that his body
seemed to have locked up.
His vision blurred and he was unable to clearly focus on the person
that was dying in the iron grip of his hands. His fingers siezed up
like steel bands around the soft skin.

The pounding of her heartbeat under his thumbs and the sound of
her gurgling never registered.

His ears rang with a white noise that crackled and buzzed so loud
he never heard the library door as it was kicked open, or the chaos
of the shouting and screaming of the people as they rushed into the
room behind him.

Xander had led the charge, moving the instant the cut off yelp had
signaled Deena's distress. Bolting forward, Xander slammed his fist
into the side of Billy's head temporarily stunning him.

It was enough to cause him to topple to the side and release the
nearly senseless woman.

Will and Willow had come in on Xander's heels and hurried to
Deena, one on each side. Throwing in their support they attempted
to catch and break her fall.
All three tumbled to the floor.

Gasping and coughing for air Willow tried to calm Deena enough
to satisfy them both that there was no permanent damage despite
the already purple bruising that was coloring her throat.

Xander's attention, too, was momentarily turned in her direction
allowing Billy just enough time to recover his balance and come
back, instantly turning his rage and attack on Xander.

Punching him in the lower back, Billy just missed crushing Xander's
kidney by inches. Xander turned to face him and threw an all out
punch into Billy's stomach doubling him over.
Slamming both fists down onto Billy's back he was knocked
down but, unfortunately, not out.

Billy had spent far too many years in the pubs and alleys drunk and high.
Fighting came as second nature and right now it was exactly what
he needed to release all his pent up hate.

Fed, fired, and fueled by the pain he rolled over onto his side in a
fetal position, grabbed Xander's leg and bit.

"Fuckin' son of a bitch!"

With his other foot Xander kicked him in the bent up legs as often
and hard as he could till Billy released his bulldog grip.

When he did all bets were off.

Dropping to his knees Xander straddled Billy's prone body and
reigned down a series of blows to his face that broke his nose
and a couple teeth before Deena's cries and pleading caught his attention
Her voice was weak and raspy.

"Please, God Xander, please. That's enough. You're going to
kill him. He's hurt! Please stop!"

Sitting back on Billy's hips Xander panted, out of breath, and
looked down at the mess he had made.
Billy's face was bloody and broken. That's when he realized his
own hands were sore, starting to swell, the knuckles
split and bleeding.

Before Xander had the chance to feel guilty or upset Billy spit blood
out his mouth and nose, laughing harshly he squirmed, trying to dislodge
the larger man holding him down.

"What's the matter, Willy boy not enough for you? You planning
on fucking me too?"

Xander immediately lifted himself off the disgusting piece of
shit still chuckling on the floor.
Reaching down Xander grabbed Billy by the forearms and
dragged him to his feet.

"Must be trash day Will. You want to give me a hand putting
out the garbage?"

Leaving Deena in Willow's capable hands he leaped to Xander's side.
"I do believe I would take great pleasure in that."

Still unsteady on his feet, Billy was unable to resist as Xander took
one arm and Will took the other. Dragging him from the library
Deena could still be heard clinging to Willow crying and begging
for understanding for her boyfriend. Forgetting her earlier
resolution she fell back on the familiar.

"Please, he didn't mean to hurt me. Sometimes I do things that
upset him. It isn't his fault. It's my fault. He really loves me.
Please don't let them hurt him. He has nowhere to go."

Willow fought the anger and confusion. She wanted nothing more
than to slap some sense into Deena, but knew she had known
enough violence in her young life. No, she needed love and support
to prove there was no place in her life for Billy Badass.

"Shhh. Deena. It's going to be all right. You can't have Billy
around you right now. Even if he does love you it's too
dangerous for you and the baby. He needs to get sober first.
Will and Xander are just doing what is best for all of us.
We are not safe with him in the house. Maybe later on
he can get some help to kick this and then he will make a
good husband and father."

Although that seemed to calm her some, both Deena and Willow
knew it was little more than lip service. Billy was not likely
to seek treatment for a problem he didn't believe he had,
but at least the begging had stopped and Deena now just clung
to Willow and cried.

Shifting the full weight of the limp man into his arms, Xander
tipped his head in the direction of the front door.
"Get the door Will, I've got him."

Will released his side and rushed forward to open the door.
Seeing his fate brought a renewed struggle to Billy as he
attempted to free himself from Xander's grip.

"Let go of me you fuckin' queers! You can't throw me out like this.
All my stuff is in here. You Goddamn thieves. You can't
throw me out and keep my stuff. Let go of me you shit heads!

With the front door now wide open Will hustled back to
Billy's side helping Xander restrain and move him.

With one fell swoop Billy was unceremoniously tossed
out and left to trip and topple down the entrance steps,
cussing and screaming at the new injuries to his already
damaged body.

When he finally came to a rolling stop, Billy laid immobile,
in too much agony to immediately jump up and continue with his
threats, he was now sobbing, having switched from pathological
to pathetic.

"Look, I'm sorry, o.k? Sometimes she just pisses me off. I didn't
mean no harm. She don't want me gone. Just go ask her. Come
on, go ask her. DEEEEEENA! Fuck, Will, I'm family. You
know I don't got no place to go. I need my stuff. I promise I'll go
right to bed and sleep it off."

Afraid Will would weaken, Xander stepped up and stopped the
whining before it could go on any longer.

"No. You can come back tomorrow and pick up your shit but
you are never to step foot in this house again. Everything will be
packed up and left at the front gate. If you come anywhere near
any of us again I swear I'll kill you. Do you understand?"

Will sighed with relief and leaned with gratitude on his lover.
His protector. His man.

Xander and Will stepped back and slammed the door cutting off
Billy's renewed tirade of
"Who the fuck do you think you are? This is family business!
Goddamn fuckin' American's! Mind your own fuckin' business!
Yankee go home!

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