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We now resume our regularly scheduled Fic Search...

'k, time to try this again, lovely LJ SNAFUs, lol. *shakes head*

My mom is looking for a fic and well let's just say she's a wiz with archives but LJ and this kind of thing are a bit outta her depth, so I get this e-mail asking for my help...
Here's what she gave me to go on:
"...a scene where Angel didn't know about the chip and when he found out he arranged for surgical removal."
She also assures me this was Spander, and believes it was told from Xander's POV.

What I know it's not:
Quantum Xander- that was my first thought
Edges of My Mind (thanks to the anon user who suggested it though, I appreciated the attempt *gives you cookies and cocoa just for helping* *g*)
EDIT: Loyal and Gentle (thanks Josie for the offering, hugs)

Now, I thought I ran across someone asking about something similar so I just went through all the fic search posts from Nov 30th up till now and I'm starting to think I imagined someone asking about it...

Help, pls? Will gladly give cookies and cocoa to all...

Slightly OT:
to noandwhere- who said previously:
"Your mom reads Spander?! That is so freakin' cool. *g*"

Yeah, my mom is actually the one who introduced me to slash, she's an old-school Sentinel slasher. Of course there are some things I still get a bit wigged chatting about like Lit_Gal's ability to write really good D/s and that Mom really likes dark!Spike (as long as he's not completely e-veeeeel). It feels kinda like walking in on your parents having sex; something you know has to happen but you really didn't need proof, lol.
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