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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 28/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

Will finally fell silent. Xander crossed his arms and scowled.
He had spent this whole day watching the weight of responsibility
crush the shoulders of his baby and he had had enough.

"I understand that this estate and these people are your responsibility,
but you are mine. I think you need to be reminded of that."
I want you undressed NOW and on the bed. On your stomach."

The tone of Xander's voice and the implied promises had William's
cock twitching and filling happily. The little light bulb over Will's
head had finally switched on and he got it.

Will knew Xander understood the situation completely and he
trusted that Xander was about to make him feel a whole lot better.

Xander never saw William scramble so quickly to shed his clothes
and hustle to comply. Yet, his attention was elsewhere.
Scanning the room Xander located exactly what he needed.

Walking to the far wall he pushed back the long floor to ceiling
brocade drapes that hung heavy at the large windows.
He quickly jerked off his own clothes and tossed them on a wing
back chair that sat facing the dying sun.

With one fast snapping motion after another Xander tore the drape
tie backs from the wall and returned to the bed with them dangling
from his fingers.

Just thinking about what he was planning for his boy had him
hard, hot, and leaking. His cock bounced, slapping against his
stomach as he walked back to the huge bed in the center of the room.
Xander was thrilled at the sight before him.

Slinking slowly around the bed he stared at what awaited him.
His Will. His boy. The love of his life.

Obediently lying flat on his stomach, waiting, quivering, Will silently
watched Xander for some sign of his mood. His next move.

Quickly Xander grasped Will's left hand and jerking it up he tied
it securely with the silky, braided tie to the post of the bed.
Moving to the other side he secured Will's right hand the same way.
Will moaned in pleasure at being man handled.

Instinctively Will tugged, testing the strength of the ropes.
He was unbelievably aroused at the feel of the smooth strength as it
rubbed and caressed his wrists yet left no room for give.

Xander stroked his own hard length as he watched Will struggle.
"You can't pull lose Will so you might as well give up. Turn
everything over to me Baby. I'll take good care of you."

Will understood exactly what Xander was doing. His entire body
relaxed. All but the cock that was now pressed flat against the
bed he was bound to.

"Oh God, Xander. Yes. Thank you."
Will groaned and wiggled trying to get friction for his leaking cock.
Standing next to the bed with his thick, hard sex in his hand Xander
stroked himself slowly just inches from Will's face.

Will's mouth watered as he hoped for the chance to suck on the
cock before him. Crouching down Xander slapped the head
of his dick briskly against Will's cheek and mouth, leaving a salty
taste behind.

Straining, Will tried to reach out with his tongue and lips for more
of the sweet juices that were bubbling form the tip.

Immediately Xander pulled back.
"No, by not trusting me you haven't earned it yet."

Will whimpered. Xander moved to the foot of the bed and slowly
crawled up, shoving Will's legs apart as he settled between them.
The soft skin and fine hairs of Will's body prickled up like a cactus
in heat.
Will's voice cracked and broke.

"Will you fuck me Xander? I'm sorry I didn't let you help me.
I do trust you. Please fuck me Xander, please.? I promise I'll
do better."

Xander was on his hands and knees slowly licking his way up.
He cracked a smile at hearing his baby beg and apologize.
They both knew the odds of his saying 'no' were slim to none.
He knew things would be all right.
He would make sure of it.
His Boy was counting on him.

His tongue started first on the inside of each calf then knee then thigh.
He licked and sniffed and sucked little pink bruises on the pale skin.
marking Will with Xander's brand

By the time his nose bumped the crack between the sweet round
butt cheeks Will was almost incoherent, humping the bed and trying
to shove his ass in Xander's face.

The heat of the blood settling in his groin had Will's crotch warm,
damp with sweat, and musky smelling.

Resting his forehead on the small of Will's back Xander reached
around and gripped, but didn't stroke, Will's cock.
"Shhhh. Stop moving Will. If you trust me, prove it. Let me
do this for you. Lay still. I can take good care of you."

The feel of Xander's hand on his cock and Xander's love and
promises warmed his heart and calmed his body. He knew how
important it was to Xander to reclaim their roles and that suited Will
just fine.
Will trembled and nodded.

Both Xander's hands grasped and massaged Will's butt cheeks.
Then, pulling them apart, Xander dove in.
Licking and sucking he devoured the tight wrinkled hole,
every once in a while pulling back to watch it wink and struggle
to open itself up.

Closing his eyes and stabbing his tongue in and out Xander felt the hot
rush of "need to cum" wash through his own body.

Straining and pulling on the restraints Will was reduced to
"Oh fuck. Oh Xander. Fuck that feels so good. Fuck.!"

Though Xander's mouth would have happily stayed there his cock
had other urgent needs. Still wet with saliva Xander easily slid
two fingers in causing Will to arch his back like an alley cat.
Completing the image Will emitted a feline yowl.
His whole body begging for more, deeper, harder, NOW!

"Bloody hell Xander! Please fuck me now!"
Despite the spit Xander knew it wasn't enough to ease the way for
a cock his size to enter a small pink hole like this without tearing.

"Shit, Will, slick."
Trusting that everything in his room had been left as it was he
nodded toward the bedstand. Checking the drawer, Xander
grinned as he extracted a small well used bottle of lotion.

Wasting no more time he smeared it on himself and on Will's
Lining his cock up to the hot, tight, ass, Xander paused.
"You want to feel it Baby. Really feel it?"

Will knew what that meant. He dropped his head down, braced
himself and nodded. He craved that near pain feeling.
The feel that told him he was owned. Body and soul.
Xander slammed forward. Will went rigid and groaned.
"Oh, fuck, yes!"

After waiting a minute or two Xander pulled back till just the head
was in. He loved to see it move inside his boy.
By grabbing Will's hips and pulling him up to a different angle he
knew he would hit the spot inside.

He thrust and was right. Will immediately struggled with his bindings
trying to fuck himself on Xander's cock and bring relief to his own.
Xander picked up speed and depth, plunging in repeatedly slamming
Will's pleasure nub till he felt the ache and tingle start in his
own groin and legs.

Grabbing Will's cock he stroked roughly in time with his thrusts.
Will's hips moved erratically getting and giving pleasure.
"Don't stop. Xan I'm close. Feels so good. Fuck Xan I'm........"

Will stiffened. His rigid cock hardened even more before he
began spurting thick streams of cum over Xander's hand and onto the bed.
Feeling Will's ass squeeze and ripple around his cock triggered
one of the strongest orgasms Xander had ever had.

He braced himself as his body jerked again and again filling his
boy with a warm, wet, release.

Riding the aftershocks as they lessened and finally ended, Xander
eased his spent cock from Will's red sore hole. Both men chuckled
and collapsed. Weakly Xander tugged and removed the ties from
Will's wrists and they curled up together on the soft damp bed.

The eye that had been staring unblinkingly through the keyhole
quietly backed away and disappeared into the cavernous hallways
of the manor house.

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