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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 29/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

"Huh? What?"
Xander shot up in bed and fought down the panic of disorientation.
His eyes darted around quickly as he tried to call to mind where he was.
When his brain remembered his body relaxed.

He instantly recalled everything that had happened since they
arrived here....just this morning?
Seemed much longer. Still exhausted, he knew he had only
slept for an hour or so. Just enough to make him more tired.

His spent cock twitched happily as it recalled their little
bondage game. No wonder he had fallen so deep asleep.
Xander frowned.
He had been startled awake by...what?

The room was dark, illuminated only by the glow of the full moon
coming through the long windows at the side of the room.

It seemed like he had heard something but the snuggled, sleeping
figure beside him caused him to wonder.
Maybe a dream?
What time was it anyway?

It was all more than Xander's sleep addled mind could process.
Yet, everything appeared just as it did when they went to bed, and
Will, usually a light sleeper, certainly wasn't awake.

Convinced it was nothing, Xander turned to roll over and go back
to sleep but his body had other ideas and protested.
"Oh fuck"
He groaned and sat back up.

He hadn't been in a fight like that in years and every part of his
body ached. His back hurt up into his shoulder and he was pretty
sure his ribs were bruised.
'I'm getting too fuckin' old for this shit.'

Xander knew if he had any hope of being able to move around
tomorrow he needed a hotter than hot shower tonight. Besides,
after ruffling the covers, the air that rushed upward told him
he was a little more than ripe.

Cautiously, not wanting to disturb his sleeping lover, Xander eased
his way out from under the blankets.

Crouching naked on the floor he scrounged around in the obsessively
neatly packed suitcase. Will could be so anal at times.
Xander snickered at the double meaning.

Easily locating a clean pair of boxers he also took out a tee and pair of
jeans for tomorrow that he laid out on the chair on his side of the bed.
Just thinking the thought struck him as extraordinarily odd. Here in this
mansion, in this foreign country, he had a side of the bed.

Standing back up Xander took one more glance around the dark room
letting his gaze settle on the man nestled in the bed. Satisfying himself
that all was right, Xander slipped quietly into the bathroom.

Lying a thick rich bath towel and his clean boxers on the closed lid
of the toilet, he reached in and turned on the water. Even with the
lights out he could see the magnificence of the opulent bathroom.
The Spanish design in the tile on the floor reflected the same rich
colors as the window and wall treatments.

The shower alone was huge, glass enclosed and easily large enough
for three.
Xander's tired cock struggled valiantly at the thought of soaping Will's
entire body up and playing slip and slide with it.
Unfortunatly, after two twitches, it laid back down.

Still, all the possibilities were mind boggling.

The rolling clouds of steam fogged the glass and warmed his sore
body with it's moist heat. After testing the water temperature with
his toes, Xander stepped in to wash, closing the door quietly
behind him.

"Oh fuck"
Xander groaned and threw his head back as the cascade of
hot pulsing water drenched his aching bones.

He stood there for the longest time just letting the water relax and
bake him.
Finally he looked around at the row of bottles on the shower shelf.
There were shampoos, conditioners, and body washes.
All the exact same brands Will used at home.

It hurt Xander's heart to think the last time Will used these he was
living here with that shit hole step-father. Too bad the prick was dead.
Xander would have liked to have the opportunity to kick his ass.
Well, maybe after some recovery time.

Humming contentedly Xander washed everything from head to
toe and back again, massaging sore knots out of his muscles and
surrounding himself in the suds and scent of his love.
When there was nothing left to scrub, Xander took one last rinse
and shut off the water.

Opening the shower door just a crack to hold in as much steam
as possible Xander reached for his towel. After a few tries groping
about in the dark his hand finally found the toilet lid only to realize
there was nothing there.

Resigned to the fact that he was going to have to take his wet, goose
bumped body out into the cool air, Xander jumped out and looked
all around, thoroughly confused.

Peeking over the top of the toilet he located the items on the floor.
'What the...? Did I knock them off when I jumped in?'

Deciding it would be easier to ponder their travels when he was
dry and dressed, he grabbed for the towel, surprised to find it was
already wet.

Checking, he found that the boxers, too, were soaked.
Looking back and forth between the shower stall and the
wet clothes he tried to add two and two but kept coming up with three.
It made no sense. He knew there was no way they had gotten water
from that.

Turning them over in his hands was when he noticed the smell.
Lifting them to his nose and sniffing experimentally, Xander threw
them to the floor where they hit the luxurious tile with a "splat".
He stepped back disgusted.


The implication was mind boggling.
Someone had come into the bathroom while he was in the
shower and pissed on his clothes.
No, that didn't even warrant asking.

Xander's feet seemed bolted to the floor while his brain spun.
It frantically searched for the path to the sign that stated
"conclusions here".

He felt like he was stuck in one of those children's picture puzzles
that asks "How many wrongs can you find in this picture?"
He stopped counting at five.

There was no other interpretation. There was an intruder in
the house, and he had been here, within touching distance.
Just outside the clouded glass where Xander stood with his
eyes closed under the water.

Terror exploded in his gut as he lunged toward the bedroom.


The lump under the bed covers stretched and moved. His head
popped out and he rubbed his eyes.

" Huh? Xan? Why are you up? What time is it?"

Xander almost sobbed with relief. If anything had happened to Will.......
He couldn't even let himself finish the thought.

Tossing things about in the suitcase he located some pants and
a shirt for Will and pitched them to him.

"Get dressed, Baby. We've got problems."

Snapping on the bed side lamp Will asked quietly.

"Does it have anything to do with this?"

Xander rushed over and nearly threw up when he saw what Will
was pointing to. The small bottle of lotion they had used last
night was now dumped all over Will's pillow.

Whoever poured it there had to have been just inches from
Will as he slept.

Someone was playing with them, threatening them.
At the same time their eyes locked and their voices

"The girls!"

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