Gemma (vowel_in_thug) wrote in bloodclaim,

fic quest

Or something.

This is a search for one of those really well know, totally obvious stories that everyone will comment with within ten minutes of me posting this, and I will feel like a total heel. A heel, I tell you.

Anyway, in this fic, something happens.

I can't remember exactly what.

But the point is, Xander and Spike get bonded somehow, and they feel like a kind of itching pain type pull that occurs if they don't bump uglies within a certain period of time.

Angel, disquieted by this, finds a solution by....also bonding himself with Xander. And itching and uglies bumped occurs again, only which much more angst and woe, as to be expected.

And, of course, none of the other Scoobies, except maybe Giles, who is, like, God in most fic, knows about all the horizontal tango that's abounding behind their backs.

If this isn't specific enough, I remember at one point, Xander, Spike, and Angel are in a crypt after a big fight, and Spike is pretty hurt but they can't leave because of the sun. And Xander feels The Pull towards Angel, and everyone is pretty upset by this because with Xander and Angel, it's more angry dub-con fucking while with Xander and Spike, it's more tender, loving, soulful dub-con fucking that everyone here comes to love and honor and respect like their own mothers.

And then, while Angel and Xander are boinking on a coffin, or whatever, Buffy shows up. Cue major wiggins.

Thanks in advance!

Also, sorry about the rambling. I am a rambling man.
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