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Yet another fic search -found it- Nevermind and thanks anyway ^.^;;;

I'm sorry to bother people with one of these again, but I can't for the life of me find it. I swear I had the link, I did! ;_; But it's just gone. ::kicks computer:: Alright, Xander goes to LA for Buffy and everyone for info. LA, unfortunately, is covered by a cloud and the demons are running amok. He goes to the Hyperion and nobody's there so he grabs some alcohol and sleeps on the couch. Angelus finds him and tortures him for three days, then turns him. When Xander wakes up he catches Angelus and tortures HIM cuz he rejects the Sire thing since he had the soldier n hyena as part of him since Giles did a thing to bind his soul permanently and thus they merged. Then he goes back to Sunnyhell and picks Spike as his Sire, at which point they do a special spell with Giles's help to bond him n Spike. Let me know if you know, thanks so much. I cannot believe I can't find the thing, but its an itch I have to scratch or go insane!
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