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Fic search -- again

I've found myself searching for old favorites lately and you guys are always a great help when it comes to looking. Now, neither of these I'm sure about, as I've only remembered bits and pieces and in the first instance, only the title comes to mind. Forgive me for being vague, and if you feel the need to ask something to clarify what I'm asking about, go right ahead. :-)

1. The Teascape verse? Um, Teascape, Tea-verse, one of the two. For the life of me I can't remember what this one was about/where it was/who wrote it. I had it saved onto my computer for later reading, but recently had to reformat my harddisk and lost the fic in the process. I simply had it labeled as 'Tea'.

2. This may not even be Spander, but I remember a fic where Spike, presumably, gave Xander a little toy soldier? a figurine? and Xander kept it for several years, as a reminder of Spike? Spike eventually came back to him; I believe this may have been post-Chosen, Post-NFA, and Xander wasn't aware that Spike was alive again. It was either a oneshot or a short multi-parter, with a possibly already established relationship between Spike and Xander before Spike's death.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :-D Thanks in advance!

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