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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 31/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

Everyone in the room stood still, frantically trying to think of
another solution. ANY other solution.
Their worst fear had been being separated from each other and
the terror of finding Willow like they had only strengthened that fear.

Finally Xander stopped pacing and spun around.
"The cell phones! We got mutha' fuckin' cell phones!"

Willow hung her head sheepishly.
"They don't work out here. I tried to use mine as soon as we got
here and it is a no go."
There was no way she was going to further prickle her brother by
putting Teak's name in the conversation but, by the disgusted look
on his face, she didn't have to.

With his frustration reaching peak levels, Xander threw his arms up
and faced Will.
"You leave the electric on year round but not the phones? What the
fuck sense does that make?"

Standing his ground, Will refused to be intimidated.
"It makes a lot of fucking sense. If you don't keep electric on you don't
have heat, then the place gets damp and moldy. Also, how can the
caretakers take care if there is no lights or power?"

His angry little face shot off a serious "so there" look and he knew
he had won.
His feeling of victory was, however, short lived when the reality of
their situation came flooding back with Xander's shocking confession.

"You're right. I'm sorry Baby. I'm just scared."

Will and Willow were both silent. Neither had ever thought anything
scared Xander.
At least nothing he would admit.

"O.k. So that brings us back to the fact that someone needs to
go for help."

Will's eyes lit up with hope.
"I think we should all go. We can go to the caretakers and use
their phone. The village is only a few miles up the road. They will
be here in no time."

Everyone in the room knew what the answer to that was before
Xander even opened his mouth.

"I can't do that. I'm pretty sure Billy is done playing and if I don't
find Deena soon it may be too late. Right now he is probably busy
securing her somewhere so we need to make our move fast
before he realizes one of us is gone. No more discussion.
Will, you know the way in the dark so I need you to take Willow
and get there as fast as you can. I'll try to find them and hold
off what ever stupidity he has planned. If you hurry and I can
buy enough time, we might just do this."

Will opened and closed his mouth several times trying and failing
to come up with any other ideas.

There were none.

Willow, too, wanted to protest but after her run in with Will's
cousin she was ashamed to admit she wanted as far away from
him as possible.
"I think Xander's right, Honey. You know the way and I am a
fast runner. I can keep up. Let's go before he knows what's up."

Will turned to Xander wild eyed and terrified.
"Don't you get hurt, damn you. You said yourself you would not
sacrifice one of us for her. Well that goes for you too."

Throwing himself into Xander's arms Will whispered through
desperate tears.
"I love you so much. Please don't leave me. Don't do anything
to get yourself hurt. I promise I'll bring help fast. Wait on it. Promise?"

Xander very gently pried Will away and cupping his face in his hands,
kissed Will lightly on the lips.
"I promise to be careful. I love you too Will. I love you best."

He kissed him once more then gave him a gentle push toward the door.
"Now I need you two to go. Take the side road so he can't see
you from out the windows, and most of all BE CAREFUL."

Will pulled himself up to his full height of 5'6" and put a stern look
on his face. He snapped his heels together and gave a sharp military salute.
"Eye eye Captain. Sergeant Willow and I will go immediately. We shall
return with the calvary post haste. Hold the fort till we get back and
we shall not fail you."

Xander groaned but held his tongue. He knew retreating into his
stories was Will's way of coping and what every got him through was
all right with him.

Grabbing Willow's hand Will turned and dashed from the room leaving
Xander alone in the silence of the imposing, threatening mansion.

Xander checked his watch. He gave them five minutes then made his move.
He started at the bottom of the stairs near the entry hall. Briefly pausing to
gaze at the closed front doors, he prayed they got away safely.

He then immediately switched his focus to the problem at hand.
He really didn't think Billy would be using one of the main rooms off the left
side. That was too well lit through the glass french doors and too visible
from the outside.

No, he was more likely to be on the main floor in one of the small rooms.
Considering Deena's condition forcing her up and down the steps would be
just to much trouble.

The right of the stairway had a hallway connecting a dim office room
next to a large open receiving parlor followed in the rear by a secluded
butlers room. That seemed to be the logical conclusion so Xander
decided to start there.

He crept quietly keeping his back flat against the side inclining wall
of the staircase.
His eyes darted around wildly for any movement, shadow, or item
out of place.
All seemed normal. That made it even more terrifying.
No sound other than his own heartbeat and rapid breathing
reached his ears.

Unlike Will, Xander had not bothered to put on any shoes and
his bare feet felt every single irregularity and notch in the hardwood
floors. A sensation made even more noticable by his adrenilin
sharpened senses.

Reaching the end of the hall, Xander stood outside the closed door.
He took a minute to try to calm his hammering heart before it
exploded in his chest.

This was the part of the movie where he should be taking a
shower and waiting on a hockey masked serial killer with a
14" O.J. knife.

He was glad now that he had taken it upon himself to do a quick look
around while the others were out shopping earlier. It at least gave him
a general idea of the layout of the house.

Laying his ear to the door he strained to detect any sound from within.
There was nothing.
Just as he was about to conclude that he had made a mistake and
move on when his ears picked up a sound.

A muffled voice? An animal outside? It was too vague and
low to be identified, but it was there.

Wrapping his hand around the cold metal of the door handle,
Xander turned and pushed it open.

The room was small and dim.
There was no overhead ceiling lighting in here only two or three
table lamps. This was not a room any one spent a lot of time in.
It was a servants room.
A room in which to wait till the masters of the estate again called
upon your service.

One of the lamps in the far corner was lit giving off just enough light
to make the contents of the room discernable.
Everything was the same as when he peeked in earlier.
All with one big exception.

Now, sitting tied to a large wing back chair, in the center of the
room, and facing the doorway Xander was standing in, was Deena.
Her hands were stretched around the back of the chair and
several ropes had her bound up tightly.

There was a large piece of tape over her mouth but other than that
she appeared to be unharmed.
Her eyes darted wildly and in a split second Xander knew
what that meant.

Even though Will hated scary movies, Xander had seen enough
of them to recognize the "he's right behind you" signal.

He had just enough time to wonder if he was flexable enough to flip
his leg back and kick himself in the ass before he let out an
"Oh shit"
and the lamp crashed down on his head.
All the lights went out.

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