JeansVenus (jeansvenus) wrote in bloodclaim,

Hammurabi: response to werewindle's 3 Little Words challenge

Title: Hammurabi
Author: JeansVenus
Archive/Dist: my group and personal journal, bloodclaim, and windles-orbit.  If you want it, ask.
Summary: Spike thinks he's driven someone to suicide, and goes to Angel to repent.  Angel finds himself forced into a role he never thought he'd have to play again. 
Spoilers: Up to Season 4 of Buffy
Warnings: Graphic violence/torture, mention of non-con, language, and Angel doing the brooding guilt thing.
Rating: FRAO.  Seriously.
Disclaimer: If I owned the Jossverse, would I worry about my college tuition?  Probably not.
Pairing: Spander, *slightly* Spike-Angelus

The first half is here, and the second half is here. (The one-shot was too long for a single entry, so I had to cut it in half in a convenient location).
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