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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 32/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

"Come on Xander. You know you promised if I didn't buy the
sail boat you would play jacks with me. I even brought a new
red ball. Look how high it bounces."

Xander looked down at himself and wondered briefly why he was
wearing plaid golf pants and a bowling shirt. Immediately though,
his attention was drawn back to Will.

He was absolutly stunning.
He sat cross legged on the sidewalk and smiled up at him.
His golden hair glowed in the bright morning light and his laugh was
like the tinkling of windchimes as he bounced the ball again and again.
Each time picking up more and more jacks.

He didn't seem to notice or mind that every time he scooped up
a handful of the star shaped metal pieces there were more, rather
than less of them, left in the chalk circle.
It was hypnotic.

Xander's gaze was locked on the repetition of the bounce-scoop
It seemed like there was something urgent that he wanted to talk to
Will about but his brain couldn't remember what it was.

Nothing mattered past the fact that twosies followed onesies.

Just as he was about to ask if he could take a turn his body reacted
violently to the shock of the cold water thrown into his face.
Gasping for air he was jerked back to consciousness and an ugly
reality he would have gladly traded for the mismatched colors of the
dream clothes he had just been wearing.

He tried for an instant inventory and came up with the following:
His hands were bound behind his back.
His feet, too, were tied tightly together.
His head felt like a bomb had exploded inside which may
have been a possibility due to the feel of dried blood that caked
the side of his face.
That also gave some indication that he had been out for a while.

"Well it's about fuckin' time. Thought maybe you were brain damaged
or sumtin'"

Xander squinted his suffering eyes. A move that shot daggers
through his already 5 aspirin headache.
Aiming his face in the direction of the voice, he tried again.
This time he was able to clear his vision enough to see Billy looming
directly over him.

Obviously when they flushed out the bums from the library earlier they
had not taken all the coke with them because Billy was as hopped up
as any druggie he had ever seen.

Twitching, jumping, and rubbing his hands over his face, Xander could
almost see the imaginary bugs crawling over Billy's skin.

Xander hoped to God help was on the way. He didn't know how long
he and Deena..........DEENA!

Xander's head snapped around to where she had been sitting
when he first came in to the room.

His blood froze when he saw her.

She was still sitting in exactly the same spot but Billy had been very
busy during the time Xander was unconscious.
Deena's face was battered, bloody, bruised and she was slumped over.
He was only slightly encouraged by the moan that left her lips.

Billy was now wildly pacing back and forth between them alternatingly
wringing his hands and scratching various parts of his body.
"See I tried talking to her but as usual she wanted to play stupid. Which
granted isn't a far stretch for an ignorant bitch like her, maybe you
can help us all out here."

Billy stopped moving and loomed over Xander's bound body.
" Where. Is. William? Simple question.

He is the one that has caused my life to become the fuckin' mess you
see before you. He is the one who should pay, and God knows
he has the cash to pay with."

Billy laughed loudly at his own pun then just as quickly turned
angry again. "I know he is in this fuckin' house. Probably hiding
out, the fucking queer coward homo."

Billy began stomping his feet and pounding his own fists against
his thighs.
"Where the fuck is he? WIIIILIAM!!!"

Billy threw his head back and continued to bellow Will's name.
The thought that Billy still believed Will to be in the house brought
Xander some relief.
It meant they had a little more time on the table.

In a flash Billy's head snapped down and he quit yelling. A slow grin
spread over his lips as he sauntered toward Xander.

"Did you find my little present? Left it all tied up for you just the
way you seem to like. That's a sweet little piece of pussy you got
there. Too bad it's going to waste with you two. Just like that
fuckin' cousin of mine. No idea what to do with all the riches that
drop into his lap. Well I appreciated the fuck out of it."
Billy waited for Xander's reaction only to be disapointed.

Gritting his teeth Xander refused to give him the satisfaction.
Besides, he was pretty confident that Billy hadn't done anything to
Willow beyond touching and tying.
Both of which he would pay for, but, no Willow would have said if
anything else had happened.
Even if she didn't say it, he would know.

Refusing to let Xander's silence distract him Billy went on with his
fussing, moving and long winded yammering.

"He really should appreciate what I'm about to do. After all he
killed to get what he wanted. Why shouldn't I? So that's how it
stands my friend. You tell me where I can find your little poop
shoot buddy or you and darlin' Deena there die in his place.
Simple plan don't you think?"

Deena, who must have been more aware that Xander realized,
whimpered and tried to lift her injured face.

Xander thought he was just about as scared as he had ever
been in his life.

He was wrong.

To emphasize his point Billy reached into his pants pocket and
brought out a large carved ivory handle. Xander knew instantly
what it was. To make sure there was no doubt Billy's thumb
tripped the button and the 7" blade of the switch knife snapped out.

Immediately Deena began struggling against the ropes that restrained her.
Her huge swollen belly protruded from between the bindings
and a fresh stream of silent tears rolled down her cheeks.

Calmly Billy began cleaning underneath his dirty fingernail with
the tip of the knife.
"So what's it gonna be? You or him?"

Xander opened his mouth to speak, but something stopped him.
Something caught his attention.
A new sound
A far off noise that resembled hope.

He knew his best chance was to keep Billy disatracted.
If Xander was right. If he was hearing what he thought he
was hearing they might just live to see tomorrow after all.

"O.k. I'm willing to make a deal, but I want to discuss terms first."

Billy's confidence and knife both slipped in the confusion of the
statement and he nicked the tip of his forefinger causing a trickle
to drip down and splatter on the floor.

Quickly Billy stuck the finger in his mouth tasting the coppery tang
of blood.
"Terms? What fuckin' terms? You tell me where he is or die.
That's the bloody terms."

Xander appeared to think it over.
"Well what guarantee do I have that you will let Deena and I both
go if I turn him over to you? I mean I know where he is, but I
want to be positive that I can trust you first."

Billy's eyes bulged and spit flew from his lips.
"Are you fuckin' insane? I'll tell you what.........."

Deena froze. Her straining against the ropes stopped and her eyes
snapped around to the outside window.

Xander shook his head frantically trying to signal to her to stop,
but it was too late.
Catching her reaction, Billy stopped talking and heard it too.
The wail of sirens speeding closer and closer.

Everyone in the room knew they would be here in minutes.

Realization seemed to settle in Billy's face as he calmly conceded
"So the fuckin' little weasel won again. Well, looks like it's time
to move on. Didn't much like living here anyway. Oh just one
thing before I go. Loose ends and all."

Billy turned to Deena and tossed his knife straight up in the air,
then with one fluid move that seemed to play out in slow motion,
he caught the sharp tip in his fingers and snapped his wrist forward.

With no control over his thoughts or body, Xander was shocked
to realize the voice screaming was his.

Flying through the air, it found it's mark.
The blade of the knife embedded itself deep in Deena's chest.

Xander was stunned. His eyes locked with Deena's till something
else led both them to focus down.
They looked at the growing stain on her pajama top.

When he was able to tear his eyes away he was
dismayed to see the small smile and look of resignation
on her face. There was no surprise in her eyes just the arrival
of the enevitable.

Turning back he received the next big shock.

Laughing, Billy jerked the door open to leave but stopped.

Staring at the unknown sight in the hallway, he had only a second
to sort out the confusion of what he saw before the blast knocked
him back, up off his feet, ripping a hole through his body and
splattering the room in his blood.

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