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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 33/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

Xander wondered if he was in shock. He stared emotionless at the
scattered mess that was strewn out on the floor, walls and ceiling
in front of him and found he couldn't get upset.

It was as if he was standing on the outside watching the whole
thing play out like a movie on the big screen.
An old fashioned drive-in where you sit in your car, apart from
everyone else and watch the story, huge and in full color,
blast through the darkness.

His ears rang with the eardrum vibration that apparently occurs
when an explosion goes off in such a small space.

He knew his face and body were splattered with Billy's blood because
he could still feel its wet warmth dripping off the end of his nose.

With all the unbelievable elements to this situation, oddly enough,
all Xander could focus his thoughts on were
' If the sirens were just now arriving, who the fuck fired the shot?'

The answer to that came the second the large shadowy figure
stepped into the room, smoking shot gun still in his hand.

Tossing the gun aside he rushed to Deena's side and Xander finally
got a clear look at his rescuer.


Teak was frantically trying to get the ropes free from Deena's limp
body. When he did he carefully lowered her to the floor and checked
her for pulse and breathing.

"Yea, it's me. Boy, Willow comes with a certain amount of
baggage doesn't she.?"

Xander snorted, nodded toward Deena and asked cautiously
"Is she...?"

Teak jerked a sheet off one of the side chairs, ripped a piece off and
quickly began pressing it around the bleeding wound of
the unconscious woman.

"She's still alive. Just. I can't remove the knife. It has punctured
her lung for sure but if I leave it in it will cause less damage than
pulling it out. The ambulance and cops are right behind me.
If we get her to the hospital fast, well, maybe."

Any other thoughts were cut off as the chaotic sound of the front
door being kicked open preceded the shouting of voices.
"Down here!'
"Get the gurney!"
"Clear the crime scene!"
"Holy Fuck! What a mess!"

William shoved his way through the pack of uniforms to make his
way to Xander and untied him from the chair. Throwing his arms
around Xander's neck he clutched and held on like a drowning
man reaching for a life line.

Xander tried his best to return the hug but his arms protested.
Deprived of blood for the better part of an hour they screamed as
the pins and needles of recirculation rushed back in.

Willow was off in a corner showing Teak just how much she
appreciated her hero.
Teak was appreciating her appreciation.

Xander nodded in their direction.
"I told you I liked that guy."
Will laughed till sobbing tears of relief overwhelmed him.
He rocked in himself in Xander's arms receiving
comfort from the feel of his lover's safe body.

Together they watched as Deena was loaded onto a table, fitted
with an oxygen mask, covered with a warm blanket and quickly
whisked away. The paramedics were working fantically.

Two DI's in suits were taking statements from Willow, Teak
and taking pictures of the body on the floor. What was left
of it.

Xander finally had to ask.
"Where the hell did he come from?"

Pulling himself together Will wiped his eyes with the back of his
hand and sniffed.
"When Willow and I got to the caretaker's he was just sitting there
big as life, drinking tea and eating cookies. When we told him what was
happening, Mr.Canter's gave him his hunting gun and I pointed him
in the right direction. I wanted to come too but someone had to
call, wait on the help to arrive, and show them the way.
I kept Miss Willow with me. I knew you trusted me to keep
her safe and I did."

Pulling him tight into his arms Xander held Will so close he could
happily hardly breath.
"Thank you Will. I knew she was safe with you. You helped to
save us all. My sweet hero."

Xander covered Will's face with kisses. Eyes, nose, lips.
He couldn't care less how it looked. They were alive
and that's all that mattered.

By now the inspectors were heading in their direction, pens and
paper in hand.
The photographer continued to snap his camera from every angle
and Xander wondered how many pictures you could take of a
splattered dead body.

"Good morning Gentlemen, I'm DI Phillips. I just need to ask a
few questions. I think I pretty much have the whole picture and I
know you want to get to the hospital to check on the condition of
your friend so I'll try to be quick."

In turn, Xander and Will each told their end of the same story and,
satisfied that it matched Willow's, Teaks, and the evidence smeared
around the room, they very little time.

"There will be the formality of a coroner's inquest but I don't
see any problems. We will notify you when it will be held. Probably
in a week or so. You don't plan on leaving the country before that
do you?"

Xander shook his head and winced at the pain.
"No, we won't go anywhere till this is all cleared up."

Taking a closer look at Xander's scalp, the inspector ordered pictures
taken of that too, then suggested,
"You need to have that looked at when you get to the hospital.
Might need a stitch or two."

Xander and Will thanked the inspectors and hurried over to where
Willow and Teak were talking animatedly.
"Will and I are going to the hospital to check on Deena. Teak
seems to think she can make it all right, the baby too, so we want
to make sure. You coming?"

Willow looked to Teak who nodded and grinned.
"Hell yea. I was thinking a movie or bowling but this is turning
out to be a much more interesting first date."

Then more seriously he looked around the room and all the humor
disappeared from his voice.

"It must have been my Military training, but when I opened the
door and saw her with the knife in her chest I just pulled the trigger.
It scares the hell out of me to think I may have shot the wrong person."

Willow immediately stopped him before he could beat himself up
with what ifs.
"You didn't! You saved my brother's life and probably Deena's. I will
never be able to thank you enough for that."

Xander grabbed her away and pulled Teak into a bear hug of his own.
"I can't thank you enough either and I promise our next date will
be much better."

Every one laughed nervously and the tension was greatly eased
despite the fact that they all had to step over the smear of
body parts to get out of the room.

The police were already settling in.
They planned on being there for a long time.

Xander pulled Will back so they could talk privately.
"You o.k, Baby? I mean even if he was an ass he was still
your family."

Grabbing Xander's hand, he squeezed.
"No he wasn't. Not any more. You and Miss Willow are
my family and I thank God and Teak that we are all
unharmed. Now let's go check on Deena. She is going
to need all our support."

Xander's hand squeezed back and they hustled to catch up
with the other two.

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