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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 34/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.


The adrenalin level inside the rental car was through the roof.
All four occupants talking over each other, babbling, questioning
and answering. It was a conversation peppered with
"Oh My God's, Did you see's, Did you ever thinks, and
I can't believes".

It was the survivors rush that fueled them and kept them sailing
despite the lack of sleep and the terror of the last two days.
A body rush that everyone knew would end with a crash that
could wipe them out for hours.
Possibly days.

But none of that mattered now because they had survived.
Despite the odds of being trapped by an armed and vicious drug
crazed maniac, they had all survived.
The Gods had looked out for them, or maybe Grandda as
Will believed.

Either way, Xander was overwhelmingly relieved.
His family was safe.
If any of them had died he would have surely died with them.
The thought of returning back to California with fewer than he arrived
with stirred that knot in his stomach that made him want to cry.
With his emotions off the scale he hugged Will closer and kissed the
top of his head.

Willow was positively buzzing with the excitement. The horror of what
Billy had done to her was at least for now tucked into the back of her
mind. She knew it would have to be delt with later, but she was intact,
alive, and nestled happily beside her hero.

A man who had jumped right in and played the part of Superman.
Without the cape.
Or the snug body suit - unfortunately.

Most men in that position would have just walked - no run - away and
never looked back. Yup, he was a keeper. She turned to face him as he
drove expertly on the wrong side of the road, and smiled.

Will was nearly sitting in Xander's lap in the back seat. He had used
the hem of his shirt to clean most of Billy's blood off Xander's face and
hadn't stopped fussing over the cut on his head since the inspector
pointed it out.

He was anxious to check on Deena, but Xander was his priority.
When everything was said and done and stitched up he figured they
would sit down and decide what to do about Deena and the baby.

He really did want them to stay on the estate.
There was no reason not to.
They certainly had the room and he could afford to take care of them
financially. Maybe even set up a college fund for the baby. But all that
could be settled later, right now Xander had a boo boo that needed

They arrived at the hospital within minutes and rushed toward the
admittance desk. Xander approached the nurse on duty and tried to
shout to be heard over the giggling and babbling of the other three
behind him.

"Hi. A friend of ours was just brought in here and we wanted to
know how she was doing."

The nurse frowned and looked from one to the others. She had been
told by the Inspectors to expect them but their bubbly giddy mood
surprised her.
"Miss Lane? Is that who you are asking about?"

Xander looked temporarily confused. He hadn't realized till just now
that none of them knew Deena's last name.
"Deena Lane?"

The nurse answered him with a nod and checked her records.
"Miss Lane is still in surgery. I have instructions to have your head
checked and stitched. When that is finished you can go up to the
third floor family waiting room and the doctor will speak to you
there as soon as she comes out."

The four circled up for a quicky confab and decided Willow and
Teak would wait here while Xander and Will went with the doctor
to have Xander patched up.
Afterward they could all go upstairs, find a coffee machine and settle in.

Xander grumbled and Will snickered as a large patch of Xander's luxurious
brown hair was shaved off. The bald patch was cleaned, numbed, and
finally stitched up.

After what seemed like hours they rejoined the other two and went in
search of the elevators.
In the time it took to patch up the gash left by the broken lamp, Willow
and Teak had calmed down considerably as their bodie's chemical balance
returned to normal.

Leaning against Teak, Willow yawned.
"I hope they have comfy seats up there. I wouldn't say 'no' to a
quick nap while we wait.

Teak leaned down and whispered in her ear.
"Do we know each other well enough to sleep together?"
Willow giggled and elbowed him in the side.

Xander groaned. This guy was a real comedian.
Arriving on the third floor the doors slid open facing a nurses station
at the end of a short hallway. Taking the lead, Xander again
asked about the condition of their friend.

They were sent to a small waiting room and told the doctor would be
right with them.
Willow was delighted to find that the couches were indeed soft,
plush, and a great place to settle in for a few winks, which she
proceeded to do.

Kicking off her shoes she tucked her feet up under her and curled up
leaning her head against Teak's shoulder.

Xander fished around in his pockets and dug out a few coins hoping
to find a coffee machine nearby.
"You want to come with me?"

Will nodded. He hadn't left Xander's side since finding him tied up
and probably wouldn't for quite a while.
A situation Xander was very comfortable with.

"You two want anything?"
Xander's question went unanswered as Willow's eyes were already
shut and Teaks attention and face were turned toward the
soft red hair he was affectionately petting.

Will grabbed him by the arm before he could snark and tugged him
in the direction of the hallway.
"Don't even say it. I think they're cute."

Before Xander had the chance to peal off a scathing retort the
doorway was blocked by the white coated figure of the doctor
they were told to expect.

Xander was delighted that he was here so quickly.
"Wow that was fast. Everything go all right?"

The doctor stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.
"Which one of you is William Barton?"

Will stepped forward warily and spoke up. Clearly the good mood
in the room had just gone cold. Teak gently shook Willow awake.

"I am. Why?"

Stepping forward the doctor placed his hand on Will's shoulder.
"I'm sorry Son but she didn't make it. There was just too much
internal damage and she had lost too much blood."

Willow immediately sat up and slapped both hands over her mouth
trying to block out the gasp and sob.
Teak pulled her close.

Will was stunned and upset. He was devistated but also somewhat
confused as to why he was singled out and how the doctor knew
his name. The answers proved to be just another shock in an
already shocking evening.

"Miss Lane was conscious when she was brought in and was able to
give us a statement about what happened. We will of course sign
a legal affidavit to the facts. We will also, naturally, file the paperwork
that her final statement was that William Barton was the father of her
baby. Oh dear, I guess I forgot to tell you. The baby is fine. A little
underweight and we will want to keep her here for a few days
observation, but after that you are free to take her home."

Will fainted.
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