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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
Discoveries chapter 21 
18th-May-2003 02:25 pm
glamour by liss icons
Okay guys. You have been warned. This is not light and fluffy. It contains scenes of underage non-con sexual situations. Sorry, but this is where the plot has taken us.

S/X AU human

Previous chapters are here.

The door opened slowly, allowing a hint of the hall light to taper into the room. He remained still, his eyes closed tightly, faking sleep. Maybe, just maybe it wouldn't happen tonight. He felt the depression of the mattress beside him and he expelled the excess air from his chest. No such luck. He was never spared the humiliation. Not since Ethan had appeared in his room that cold night not long after his twelfth birthday. Since then, the man spent more nights in this room than with his own wife, who was sleeping just down the hall, oblivious to her husband's twisted morals.

A hand ran through his hair, pushing the soft curls from his face and then down his cheekbone to finally rest on his chest. "William."

"Please not tonight," he begged. Too afraid. Too weak.

"But I need you."

His entire body tensed at the voice. The heavy English accent that struck fear so easily into him. He opened his eyes to the man leaning over him, unbuttoning his nightshirt with pretended tenderness. He blinked back the tears as always, to save them for later when he was alone. After.

"Your mother... she's not feeling well. I can't stand to see her like this." Rotten bastard always had to make excuses. Couldn't just admit he was a sick son of a bitch who liked getting off on a twelve year old boy. Hearing Ethan mention his mum made the bile rise in his throat and he had to swallow hard to push it back down.

He felt small circles on his stomach, another hand running the length of his ribs and William forced his eyes closed again. If his mind went somewhere else, somewhere deep inside, it'd be over quick and then he could finally be alone to cry and wish things were the way they used to be. Before Ethan Rayne. Before his father died.

"Will you help me, William? You're always such a good boy. You can make me forget."

William took a deep, shaky breath and sat up, relieved when the hands fell away from his body. Of all things, he couldn't stand the touching, when Ethan pretended that what they were doing was supposed to mean something. It felt like acid on his skin. He'd much rather do what was expected and be left alone. Tonight, he wouldn't be so lucky.

Lips brushed his ear and the hands were back, rubbing and caressing in places no man should touch, this time pulling the string of the sweatpants, loosening them at his waist. Lips were on his nipple, pulling softly, a rough tongue flicking it back and forth.

"Stand up and strip. I want to see you."

Like a mindless machine, William slid his legs to the edge of the bed and stood, turning away from the older man. He discarded the shirt, folding it carefully to place it on the oak dresser beside the bed. Slower still, he pushed his hands inside the waist of his pants and pushed them down his legs, grabbing hold to fold them just as neatly. He'd draw it out as long as he could because he knew what was coming. His lips trembled and he took a deep breath, turning his expression to stone as the boxers joined the rest of his clothes.

"Perfect. Now take me out."

William tensed. He remained still, his hands at his sides.

"Did you hear me?" The voice was harder, more forceful. "Don't you disobey me."

His mind conjured the image of Ethan's cock and he couldn't move. His heart was jumping, the blood rushing through his body at a quickened pace. He listened as Ethan unfastened his belt buckle, loud enough just to make a point. Just do it and get it over with, wank him off and let him leave. But his feet wouldn't move. He was almost hyperventilating.

Then came the first blow across his back. ~Snap~ A second blow to the back of his legs. ~Snap~

"Turn around and look at me." The voice was angry and determined.

William felt the rage, the boiling in the pit of his stomach but he did as he was told. In the end, he always did. Ethan's pants were pulled open, waiting for him.

"Why do you make me hurt you?! Things could be different. It doesn't have to be this way."

William lowered his eyes in defeat, knowing he'd never win. His fingers pushed inside, under the material of the tight briefs until he reached the hard dick inside. Always hard.

"That's it, William. That's a good boy. Now you deserve a reward." The eyes gave away every emotion. This was power... evil.

The blue eyes darkened with fear.

"You get to suck me off."

No! Please no!.

"I'm going to teach you how to give me head. Nice and slow, wrap your lips around the tip and watch the teeth."

William retreated, found that place, disappeared into his mind as he followed the sound of Ethan's voice, going through the motions and putting his lips on another man's dick for the very first time.

Within seconds, Ethan was already leaking pre-come, thrusting into Williams's mouth, panting and howling. William was gagging, trying not to vomit.

"I could fuck your mouth all night, boy. So warm, so soft."

William shook his head vigorously and swirled his tongue around the swollen cock the way Ethan had instructed.

"Feels like you've done this before, boy. Been experimenting behind my back, haven't you?"

William’s eyes went huge in denial.

"Been playing with the boys at school?"

William looked up. "No, sir."

Ethan's hands twisted painfully in the honey brown hair. "If I ever hear of you touching anyone, or letting anyone else touch you in any way, you'll be gone. You understand?"

William let go of the wet cock. "Yes, sir."

"I don't think you do. You belong to me, William. You remember that. You fuck this up and I'll ship you away. Away from here and away from your mum. And I know how much you don't want that."

William closed his eyes. "No, sir."

Ethan nodded. "On the bed."

His head bowed and he assumed the position. He climbed onto the bed, crawling to the top, reaching up to grip the brass head rails.

"That's right. Now spread your legs, just like I taught you."

William bent his head to rest on the cold, metal rail and rose onto his knees, spreading his legs wide. He felt the weight of the body behind him, the firm cock pushing against his ass. Ethan's hand reached around and gripped his flaccid dick.

"One day, you'll be hard for me."

He'd tried so hard to hold the tears back, but now, with Ethan behind him, this man who was supposed to be like a father, taking care and protecting him, he let them go freely to run down his cheeks. He felt the cock between his legs, rubbing against his balls and Ethan's hands were on his hips, leaving bruises where his fingers were digging into the flesh. He closed his thighs, squeezing the hard dick between them just the way Ethan ordered. The older man began to move, thrusting between William's closed legs. William pushed back like a good boy.


Xander was jarred from sleep by the hips gyrating against his groin. He was nestled tightly behind Spike, his cock trapped between their bodies. When Spike's ass rubbed against him harder, he moaned, his dick filling with excitement. His hand gripped the moving hip, squeezing tightly.


"Fuck, yeah. That's it, boy. Feels so good." Ethan moaned deep, placing one of his hands on the back of William's neck, holding his head against the bed. "Can't wait to fuck you for real. Squeeze inside that tight, virgin ass."

William cringed at the words but knew he was safe, at least for now. Ethan had let it slip one time... wouldn't bugger him until he was legal, using the words wrong and immoral. Until then, he'd live with the hand jobs, the blow jobs, the sick and perverted games his stepfather made up, because his mum needed him. He'd never leave her. He'd give Ethan what he wanted and then scrub his body clean until it bled, trying to rid himself of the shame. William bit his lip, silent sobs turning to louder whimpers, the tears streaming heavier down his cheeks as his step-father used his body for his own pleasure.


Spike whimpered, a low humming sound that made Xander's cock twitch. He smiled and lined up with the naked opening, still lubed from their after shower sex.


"Gonna fuck you good, too. Make you scream for me." Ethan pushed against him one more time and then froze, shooting his load sloppily between his son's legs.


Xander pushed in, filling the tight hole of his lover.

Spike screamed. He let out a loud, panicked, chilling sound and then pulled away, grabbing the blankets, tightly wrapping them around his body. He shuffled to the corner of the bed, his legs curled under him, eyes wide but unfocused on anything. He began to rock, holding himself. "No, please no, please no..."

"Oh god… Spike!" Xander saw the tears, heard the insane chanting. He moved closer, reaching out his hand to touch the other man's arm. Spike scrunched further into a ball, hugging the blanket as tight as he could.

"Spike! Look at me!"

"No! Please! No more!"

"Look at me! It's me! Xander! Wake up, Spike!"

Somewhere in his dream, he heard the sound of a voice. A soft, gentle, familiar non-English voice calling him. He blinked, trying to see through the tears clouding his vision. He focused and found the brown, sympathetic eyes, full of care and concern and he let go, a wave of grief washing over him. The damn broke away. For the first time since he left New York, left the memories of his teenage years, he allowed himself to cry. He let Xander's arms wrap around him, over the safety of the blanket and he screamed his frustration, his anger and his fear to the quiet apartment.

"Shh. It's okay. It's over now. I'm here and everything's okay."

Spike's voice softened, the screams turning to soft aching cries as Xander rocked with him.

"Look at me."

No harshness in the voice, Spike turned his eyes to the man beside him.

"See? Just me. Just you and me."

Spike blinked and let out a heavy sigh, relaxing against Xander's hold.

Exhausted, Spike finally fell back to sleep with the sound of Xander's voice quietly soothing him. The brunet listened for signs of nightmares, decided things were alright and rose from the bed. His body was shaking, afraid of what he'd witnessed. Nightmares were nightmares, but this was something different. This was a man in blind panic. He walked to the kitchen, grabbed the first bottle he found under the bar and swallowed deeply. His fingers fidgeted, smoothed his tussled hair, tapped on the counter... anything to keep busy. He couldn't forget the look on Spike's face. It was a look he never wanted to see again. He glanced through the open loft to the bed, staring at the unmoving figure burrowed in the blankets.

After another sip, he gained his composure and returned to Spike. He climbed in under the covers, not sure whether to scoot closer or stay away. When his hand brushed softly against naked flesh, he felt the other body stiffen and flinch, even in sleep, pulling away. Xander sighed and removed himself from the bed. He went into the living room, sat down in the recliner and fell asleep alone.

Comments? Questions?
18th-May-2004 11:29 am (UTC)
::whimper:: Poor Spike. Oh God. And Xander doesn't know how to fix it and it's all so bad. Bloody bastard Ethan.
18th-May-2004 12:42 pm (UTC)
That sucks.
But then - he CRIED about it, which is better than trying to pretend it never happened.
I am...very, very hopefully anticipating a lovely 'i will kill you' scene in New York. And i don't care if it's Spike or Xander doing the killing.
*protects my bois!*
18th-May-2004 02:25 pm (UTC)
I knew I didn't like that Ethan for a reason!

Poor Spike and Xander. I'm hoping Xander kicks the crap out of Ethan when he meets him, but I think Spike needs to land a few blows too. Hee!

Damn good, and very emotionally gripping, dropping us straight into the nightmare/memory like that right at the beginning of the chapter.
18th-May-2004 03:27 pm (UTC)
ok, just give me address, and im gonna go take care of that bastard....grrr....channeling my inner pack animal...grrrr....poor boys.....make em feel better soon?
18th-May-2004 03:43 pm (UTC)
Grrr. Knew I hated Ethan. Grrr. Get 'im boys! Hoping for really nasty scene in NY with Spike and Xander kicking the crap out of the bastard and . . . hell, let Buffy hit him too, just because he deserves it. Can there be two-by-fours?

Well written, disturbing. Make them better?
18th-May-2004 04:39 pm (UTC) - Oh my Gods...
our poor Spike!

I hope they castrate Ethan with a spatula...
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