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All Over Again # 1

Daisy had a moment - this was the result - not sure if it will go anywhere but...

Title: All over Again

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Warnings/Squicks: M/M relations (way later) and human boys (for now)

Rating: NC-17 (or MA 15+ or R?) There is violence and sex and vampires, and boys.

Summary: Saving both of them had a bizarre set of implications – not least of which was the chance to start again.

Disclaimer: Characters are the concept of the wonderful Joss and Co. Don’t make money from the writing etc etc.

He felt himself lifted easily and relaxed onto a soft warm surface, opening his eyes enough to realize it was an ample bosom. Without thought, he began to mouth the surface under him, only to have his efforts redirected and a further adjustment made to his position.

A large hand pressed an enormous nipple dripping milk into his mouth. After a baulked start and minor fuss he latched on. It was body temperature, sweet and salty at once and… almost like blood.

There was cooing and rocking and he was *so* full that when he finally gave up the prize and was summarily hoisted over a shoulder to have his back rubbed, he embarrassingly burped up a little of his meal, whimpered some and was enveloped in those arms again. How could any chap be expected to stay awake after all that...

“There’s my good Billie boy… shhh… ahh my dear one… that’s it… shhhh…” The rocking continued, it was all too much to comprehend, so he slept.

Spike was in and out for the entire day.

He was aware enough to realize that his fists were in soft cotton pouches for reasons he could not fathom and that his body simply would not obey his mind. When he tried, he managed to get his arms to flail a little, but for some reason struggled to hold his head up when it was not supported, and there was apparently no *way* he was able to sit up.

When he tried to express his frustration, there was only crying available, garnering more feeding, having his nether regions ‘checked and changed’, and if he continued, a series of different individuals lifting him and walking with various measures of rocking, patting or jiggling, around the room until he calmed.

Further efforts to communicate an hour or two on were similarly treated, though smiling at the large set of blue eyes and lovely smelling person, seemed to garner a delighted reaction. Reaching for a brightly colored object suspended over his sleeping space seemed important though rolling over onto his stomach did not include the ability to roll back apparently, and led to embarrassed snuffling and eventual a cry for help. After which he was calmed then congratulated for his efforts with rocking, statements of 'There's my clever boy!' and more feeding... And there *had* to be something in that milk... he just could not stay awake!

He came to as the enormous wad of stuff between his legs (frustrating but necessary as it seemed his body had its own timetable regards relieving itself) was removed, and *G#$* didn’t it feel good when everything was finally taken away, even though it apparently signalled being lowered into the warm bath. Initial panic gave way to the happy knowledge that his head was (thankfully) suspended above water. He instinctively kicked, then relaxed into the delightful weightlessness, and wriggled with pleasure as his nether regions were gently sponged down toward the end of the experience.

Rubbed down with a towel, powdered and pampered, he even tried to suck on the finger of the pretty female as she wrapped him tightly in the thick white towel and carried him to another location, only to have his 'catchment area' covered, forehead kissed and (thankfully) hands left free.

By the end of the day Spike, ‘my little Billy’, still worried some. Everything was *such* an effort and he really did seem so very tired all the time.

He realized his humanity but wondered at the reason. The last thing he knew was there was a dragon... and... then...

The little boy yawned even at the thought and was pushed back onto the nipple he had forgotten about. The tiny blonde fed a little again, but fell asleep mid suckle, was wrapped tightin a soft pale blue rug and lowered gently into the cot.

A slightly larger baby with a head of dark hair stirred enough for them both to register the presence of a familiar body and relax, after which two tiny month old boys settled and slept.

Half a world away, and a day later Willow was still stressed, “They really will be happy though? Giles this is a terrible…”

“You know as well as I that Spike insisted he help… and you know for a fact that Xander was…Willow, there is no cure for advanced AIDS and we *all* knew the prognosis when he came back…”

“But what are the guarantees – I mean…I had no idea that when we… Oh Giles!”

“Mistress Lydia will keep us informed. And they will be raised in a loving environment, nurtured and attended… and though it is only a couple of days on, from all accounts they do seem to be healthy *human* baby boys… Admittedly they will have all their original adult memories but surely that is an acceptable price… Really my dear, we could do no more.”
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