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Never, Already, Not Yet 03/?

Title: Never, Already, Not Yet
Series: none
Author: JeansVenus
Archive/Distribution: *incredulous cough* Ah, if you want it...sure, ask me.  Otherwise, bloodclaim, my journal, and my personal Yahoo! group
Story Summary: The Powers That Be screwed up badly with Sunnydale.  Xander's sent back to the crux without memories of the future.
Chapter Summary: Xander finds a family of sorts, and has a bizarre encounter in the library while telling the rest of the gang what's happening with his dreams.  Meanwhile, over in the Czech Republic, Dru tells Spike a story.
Warnings: Some profanity, slash in future chapters.  Warnings for very mild Spike/Dru het in this chapter.
Rating: FRT this chapter, FRM overall
Disclaimer: If I owned the Buffyverse, I wouldn't be freaking out about paying my college tuition.

Previous chapters can be found here in my memories.

Chapter 3 is here!

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