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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 38/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the fantastic pic.

Xander held and rocked her gently as the flood of tears and body
wracking sobs went on unchecked. He knew she needed to get it all
out before she could move on so he did what he could, offer her
his love and comfort.

Slowly the sobs lessened to gasps and sighs. She snuggled closer
as she wiped her nose on the shoulder of his tee. Something she
had done in times of distress since they were children. He didn't
have the heart to call her on it.

Petting her hair he could feel her starting to pull herself together.
"Hey, where's Teak? He wasn't up all night. You let him sleep in?"

Willow sniffled and wiped her eyes.
"No he went back to the hotel."

Xander's temper shot through the roof 'Fuckin' rat bastard. How
could he take off and leave her like this. I ever get my hands on
him I'll rip his nose off an stuff it up his ass so he can smell his
own shit for life!'

As Xander's thoughts ran the gambit of dismemberment to feeding
Teaks cock to a pack of crazed rats he almost missed her finished
statement of,

".........that way he can pick up his bags and bring all his stuff here.
He should be back in about four hours. You don't mind do you?"
She turned her watery green eyes in Xander's direction and blinked.

"Mind? Hell no I don't mind. Teak's a great guy. Will and I are
crazy about him, after all he did save my ass."

Before Willow could read the embarrassment in Xander's face
Mrs. Canters called out from the kitchen.
"Breakfast is ready. Come and eat while it's hot."

Xander jumped up and pulled Willow up with him.
"I don't know about you but I'm hungry enough to eat the asshole
out of a skunk. Lets go"

Willow wrinkled her nose and thought for a minute.
"Nope, not even a mental picture like that can dissuade me.
Keep your mitts off my food Buster."

Racing each other to the kitchen they were overwhelmed with the
heavenly smell of a counter laden heavy with huge platters of hot
delicious foods.

They wasted no time in piling their plates full and finding a place to sit.
Just as they settled in to eat Will came dragging in. When he saw
Mrs. Canters standing unexpectedly by the sink he attempted to
straighten his sleep wild hair and make himself presentable.
"I woke up. What smells so good?"

When his eyes located what his nose sought all concerns of his
appearance were forgotten as he joined the others for a much
needed feast.

Glancing around the kitchen Will's brow wrinkled.
"Where's Teak? Shouldn't we save some for him? He didn't
take off did he? Hope we didn't scare him away."

Xander scooped another spoonful of potatoes on his plate.
"Shame on you Will. Have a little faith in the guy. He just went
to pick up his things. He'll be back."

Switching his attention to Mrs. Canters he held up his dish.
"Any more of that ham?"

30 minutes later and all three sat back with swollen bellies and
contented smiles.
Suddenly, without warning,Will jumped to his feet.
"Hey, I need to get cleaned up and head in to the village.
A have an appointment with a very nice young lady."

Xander had to laugh. He had never seen Will's face beam quite
so bright or his eyes shine so blue. He was a man in love.
Xander knew Little Deena already had Daddy #1 wrapped
around her tiny fingers. He took off running too, hoping to beat
Will to the shower because truth be told Dad#2 was a bit
wrapped himself.

Thoroughly confused as to what had just happened, Mrs. Canters
shook her head and began clearing away the morning dishes.
It was such a relief to be back in the house and feel all
the love and activity going on around her, she mumbled a quiet
prayer that they would stay a while. It was wonderful to be
needed again.

The water was already steaming up the bathroom by the time
Xander arrived. Will had stripped naked and was just stepping
"Nice and roomy in here. Hope I don't get lost in all this space."
He then winked and quickly shut the shower door.

He didn't have long to wait before it was jerked open again
and he was no longer alone. His good mood instantly went down
the drain with the water when he looked at Xander's body.

Still covered in spots of blood splatter and barely an inch that
was not bruised and battered it turned Will's stomach to stone.
"Jesus, Xan, look at you."

Handing Will the soap and a body sponge he leaned back against
the shower wall and closed his eyes.
"Shhh. It's all right. Scrub me up Will. Wash me and make me all
clean again."

Will smiled and relaxed. He could do that.
His cock twitched and started to fill as he rolled the bar
of soap between his hands and felt the thick lather begin to foam.

Coating Xander's chest with the bubbles he careful removed all
traces of the horror of the day before leaving only feather soft
touches and light tugs on the lower belly hairs.

Xander blew out a breath "Yea, just like that."
Xander's cock, that was so defeated last night, was now renewed
and very awake.
It stood proudly waiting it's turn to be handled and worshiped.
It didn't have long to wait.

Using only his hands Will spread the body wash abundantly over the
rigid ready cock. He stroked only briefly pretending to be soley
interested in the mechanics of bathing the body in his charge.

Xander tried repeatedly to coax Will's hands back to where
relief was needed to most but to no avail.
"Do you want something Xan? You asked me to wash you,
did I miss something?"

To hungry to play, Xander pulled Will's body flush against him and
leaned his face down for a kiss. A kiss Will eagerly accepted with
an open mouth and submissive tongue.

He needed this. Craved it. Ached to feel Xander's dominance
and strength claim and reassure him. They had come so close to
losing it all.
Xander felt a shudder go through Will's body and both of
them moaned.

Sliding his own slippery hands around he cupped the firm cheeks of
Will's ass and cleaned them thoroughly as well as deep between, all
the time grinding and rubbing their hard erect cocks together.

Will instinctively arched back encouraging Xander to slide his
fingers in, touching and probing, reaching for that magic place
that shoots lightning bolts through his balls and into his cock.
That place that no one but Xander had ever touched.

Will was no longer in the least shy about admitting he loved
Xander penetrating his ass. Finger, tongue, cock, even that
one silly time with his toes. Any time he could coax Xander
into his ass he was happy.
Right now he was ecstatic.

The sticky pre-cum mixed and blended with the dripping hot soapy
foam that now covered both their bodies. The pounding water kept
the air around them humid and hot yet the size of the shower allowed
them to continue rubbing and working the lather with their hands
over every part of the other's body, out of the direct rinsing spray,
all the time humping and pressing a rhythm of rising need and passion.

Will's body finally gave in first. He lurched, bending over as he gripped
both cocks and squeezed them together.
The feel of Will's pulsing and spurting against his own cock brought
a rush of release tingling down his spine and tightening in his balls.
Will's hole flexed and rippled around Xander's fingers and he emptied
himself mixing his seed with that of his lover.

Diving in for another soul searching kiss Xander maneuvered them under
the spray of now cooling water and let the last of the soap and cum
flush down the drain.
With one last kiss on the tip of his nose and a smack on his butt
Xander left Will to finish rinsing and he stepped out of the bath.
"Hurry up. We gotta date."

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