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E-mail to Oz

Not sure wether I should continue with this fic. I have several chapters written already and nowhere near the Spander yet. Just posting to see if someone was willing to read or if I just let it drop.

Title: E-mail to Oz
Author: Yaya (
Pairing: S/X (friendship at first)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: don't own them, never have, never will
Summary: Xander returns to the new Watcher's Council to find Spike is still undead.

He knew when it had started but it was still a bit of a wonder. When Oz had left the first time Xander would never had guessed that he of all things would become the one person Oz held contact with. At first it was awkward. Not only because Oz left his best friend to travel around but Oz never stayed long in one place so the letters came irregularly.


After a while it was comforting and more so after Anya showed him how to work with a computer. Between all her sales at eBay and her work at the Magic Shop she taught him how to check an e-mail-account and look around in the internet for porn they both enjoyed. In his next letter to the redhead he gave him his brand new shining e-mail-address and told him to write him an e-mail as soon as he got the letter.


He figured the wolf would have an e-mail-account because next to Willow he was the guy who knew most of computers, the internet and hacking. And really after only one week there was his first real e-mail other than all the Spam-mails he got over the week. Every single day of this week his first thing to do when he got home was to check his e-mails. He knew that in the first days it couldn’t be that Oz has written back but he was so happy when the computer voice told him he got mail.


Even after the Hellmouth in Sunnydale closed and the town became a crater in the landscape of southern California they continued to write each other e-mails. Especially in the time he lived in Africa it helped him to survive his work. It had been 2 years since the ‘Sunnydale incident’ as which the media referred to the crater and he was ready to settle down somewhere.


Willow lived currently in Asia to study the different types of magic which were practiced there. Buffy still lived the live of the rich and famous on the side of ‘The Immortal’ all over the planet while Dawn lived in a boarding school for gifted kids. Andrew became one of the best Watchers under Giles’ care. And Faith still took care of the Hellmouth in Cleveland only with much more Slayers under her wing and married to Wood.


Hell, she even invited him to her wedding. He was still sorry he couldn’t go because he was at the time in Kongo where there were new political turmoil and nobody was allowed to leave the country. Also it was pretty late when he got the invitation because they had to send it after him from Kinshasa to his little hut south from Kisangani at the river Kongo.


Now he passed the passport check and went to search for his backpack that was too big to get on the plane with him. Eventually he should be picked up from one of the many Watchers the new Council had but he couldn’t see anybody yet. Mentally he shrugged. He could always get himself a cab and drive to the Council himself.


Turning on his satellite phone he checked for any messages before he finally found his luggage and decided to sit down in the waiting area for a moment to check his e-mails via the hot spot at the airport. He was glad this was easier than when he had to do it with his phone since that thing hated him with a passion and bitched whenever something was important.


And yay, he got three mails. One from Wills which he choose to ignore for the moment, one from Oz, also ignored in favour for the mail from Giles. Possibly with last minute instructions where he would be picked up and from whom. After a quick scan of the contents he picked up the name of his babysitter.


Charles Gunn. He couldn’t place a face to the name and wasn’t sure he should be able to. Also there was no photo in the e-mail. ‘Oh joy, that’ll be real fun.’ Quickly he turned off his notebook and was looking for a guy with a sign which displayed his name. The guy would probably turn out to be a overstuffed watcher guy like Wesley in his early days at Sunnydale High. At least he had heard in the end he changed and was a rough demon hunter.


Despite being accustomed to vampire hours the night outside the airport looked inviting to him. Would London be equally dangerous than the Hellmouth or even Africa? He spotted a platinum blond head among the mostly dark haired people and was instantly reminded of Spike. He never had really mourned over him even though they were at least civil at the end to each other.


A big black guy headed towards him and smiled quite friendly at him. “Hey, you must be Xander. I’m Gunn. Rupes sends me to get you home safe and sound.” Xander shook the outstretched hand automatically and eyeballed him. Nice looking guy. Broad shoulders, tall, muscular and with big hands. He wondered if this would have caught his attention before Africa.


“Yeah, I’m Xander. What have you done to earn such a punishment to pick up people you don’t even know?” That got him a real smile out of this hunk of a guy. “Isn’t a punishment. Anyway is that your only luggage? You must be tired after the long flight.” Xander grinned. His day got slowly better and better. “Not tired but I figure you are. I'm used to travel at night because it's safer where I come from. And yes, that’s all.”


“Nah, I keep Vamptimes most of the time. It’s easier when you hang around Angel. Want me to show you some of London before we head to the headquarters?” Gunn turned towards the exit and waited for Xander to follow him but the guy in question was a bit shocked. “You hang out with deadboy?”


“I worked for Angel Investigations and Wolfram & Hart a while ago and after a bit of a show down we decided to take a time out at the Watchers. Now what’s with the showing you London?”  The brown haired man shook his head slowly as if to clear his head. “Yeah, it would be nice to see a bit of England. The last time, I was on my way to Africa and hadn’t had much time to look around.”


“OK, so short tour for now and a longer one when you had time to sleep a little and caught up with Giles and the others.” Xander agreed happily. To spend more time with the handsome guy in front of him? Something he would gladly devour in. Slowly they made their way out of the airport which was still full despite being in the middle of the night.


Outside they wandered to a new black BMW SUV. “Wow, the Council sure as hell must be paying you good. What’s on the pay check for a regular Watcher these days?” Gunn looked at him curiously. “You didn’t get any money for your stunt in Africa? Anyway, I don’t work exclusive for the Council. I only help out.”


“It wasn’t the money I was looking for when I agreed to the job. And down there I didn’t need much. Most of the times money wouldn’t have gotten me far. G-man put it all in an account and I trust him on that.” Gunn nodded his understanding and helped Xander with his backpack. When it was safely stored in the trunk they got in the car and off they were gone to their first look of London.


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