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Finding Family

Title: Finding Family 40/40
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult - Overall
Paring: W/X HUA
Disclaimer: I own nothing, including the characters used in
this story and make no money off them.
Summary: This story is a follow up to "Flip The Script."
The boys are living together happily when something unexpected
turns their lives around.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the fantastic pic.

"MISS WILLOW! Will you please get a move on. We're going to be late.
"XANDER! Make her hurry up."

Will had been yelling up the stairs for the last 15 minutes with
little response and he was starting to get frantic.

"Will, Baby, calm down. We still have time and I think she is
changing Deena's dress again. She decided on the sunflower one
with the matching bonnet."

Xander straightened Will's tie and smoothed down the lapels of the
new suit he had bought.

Will instinctively pushed a stray curl back off Xander's face and
marveled at how much the hair had grown back over his bald spot
in the last two weeks.

"I know, but this is important, and by the way does she always
have to call her Teeny Weeny Deeny?"

Xander just laughed
"Apparently she does. Hey, here they come. If you don't like it
I think you should step up and tell her. Go on tell her."

Willow descended the steps with her charge fresh, clean, and
resting on her Aunt's shoulder.
"Tell me what?"

Will stepped up and took his daughter, tucking her into the crook
of his arm just the way she liked. He straightened her bonnet and
smiled down as she squirmed and winked her green eyes up at
her Daddy.

"Oh I just wanted to tell you to hurry up, that's all."
Xander snickered behind him.

With Teak in the rear, the solemn group made their way down the
garden path through the open field to the hillside at the far end of
the estate. The morning dew was just starting to lift of the daisys
and the smell of the lialac bushes filled the air.
It was nearly a mile and they walked it in silence.

The weather had finally cleared. Three days of rain and fog
left the ground soggy and wet, but the sun was warm and the
promise of summer hung in the air.

The flowers sprouting from the ground and the leaf buds on
the trees were the perfect reminder that life renews itself despite
the mistakes and stupidity of mankind.

As they reached the end of the path they entered the fenced in
pasture, walking under a steel archway that bore the words
Approaching the newly dug grave they saw that the Carters and
the parish priest were already there.

The service was brief.
What was there to say about a woman whose whole life had been a
struggle and, although they really hadn't known her, they all felt
such sorrow for her. She would forever remain a big part of
all their lives. In death she had finally achieved what she wanted
out of life. A place and a family.

Will hoped that by burying her here he was finally welcoming
her home.

At the conclusion, as the casket was lowered into the ground, Will
handed Deena to Willow and, taking Xander's hand, they stepped

Each man tossed a single rose in with her along with their heartfelt
thanks and promise that they would give their daughter a life of love,
devotion, and when the time was right as much information about a
mother that had given her life for her child as they could.

It had taken almost two weeks to be permitted to put her to rest.
The coroner's inquest was one week ago and lasted three days.
Statements were taken and evidence presented. In the end the
conclusion was just what every one expected.

Billy was found to have had extremely high levels of coke in his system.
It was determined he had killed Deena, assaulted Willow and Xander,
and that he would have killed Xander if Teak hadn't stopped him.

Teak was found to be innocent by reason of justifiable homicide.

Deena's death was a attributed to blunt force trauma to the head
and blood loss to several internal organs causing organ failure
due to violent intervention.
A clinical way of saying the fuckin' bastard beat her half to death
the finished the job with a knife.

All the statements filed by the doctor and emergency room staff
were reviewed and accepted without question.
Paternity was established.

Three days later they were notified the remains were being released.

Will and Xander stood grave side and watched sadly as the dirt was
tossed in.
Both men would have gladly seen this end in other ways.

"Guys? How about if Teak and I take Teeny Weeny back with us
and you take your time?"

Xander felt Will shudder at Willow's words but gratefully accepted
her offer.
The Canters left with them and the priest shook their hands.

"The Lord works in mysterious ways Gentlemen. I know it
doesn't seem so now but some good will come from her passing.
Just wait and see. We must always have faith that God has a
bigger plan for our lives."

Xander thanked him and they watched as he walked back down
the lane. Stepping toward the path Xander was tugged in the
other direction.
"Please, Xan. Just for a minute. I know how you feel, but it's

Xander sighed but relented and went with him. Over by the
fence in the older part of the cemetery they stopped by a mound
of freshly dug earth. A small marker said simply.

"Billy Barton 3/17/1982 - 4/21/2007.

"He is still family, Xan, and I can't hate him. Not after what he has
done for us."

Xander pulled Will's body back to rest against his chest and wrapped
his arms around the man he loved.
"I know. I don't really hate him. I just don't want to waste any time
thinking about him."

Kissing the top of Will's head he tugged him in the direction of the
house and true to his word, dismissed Billy from his mind.

"Now, we need to finish packing and go over all the repair lists with
Mr. Canters. I have work crews coming from the village, but it will be
up to him to supervise them. I worried that maybe that was too much
to expect, but he is really excited to get started. Did you get all the
travel arrangements finalized? I really want to leave next week.
I still think we should get Deenie checked one more time before
starting home. That's a really long trip. Did you talk to Bungy
about setting up the nursery. Is she still squealing when you call her?
Of course you know Teak the Wonderful will be moving in
with Willow.
Hey I know, what if.............."

Will just walked along side and smiled as his Sunnydale Xander
cranked up a world class babble.
He couldn't wait to get home, especially now that his story
book family included it's very own fairy princess.

The end.

Feed back greatly appreciated.
The Bee is very grateful for everyone who stuck with me
through this story.
It has been almost 1 year since I began writing and posting
almost daily, nonstop, here on LJ and I have certainly learned a lot.
Due to my RL (Father's health and my daughter's "situation")
The Bee will be retreating to her hive and not writing for a while.
I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and hope to
return with a new story in the fall.
Sincere love and hugs to all!
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