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Borrowed Heaven Part 9

Sorry it's been so long.
Had some trouble transferring schools and then a small Writer's block popped up..
Hopefully it's gone now..
This chapter is kinda short but..
What's a girl to do...

Title: Borrowed Heaven
Chapter: 8
Spoilers: BtVS Season 4 & 5
Pairing: S/X
Rating: R
Summary: Xander finds out that sometimes death is not the end, it's only the beginning.
A/N: I'm pretty much gonna start messing up the canon timeline.

A/N 2: Song with Martina Sorbara


And so we moved downstairs, into Spike's bed. His hand is in my hair, gripping it tight and slightly pulling on it as he thrusts inside me. I moan loudly as he almost pulls out and I arch my back.

Spike twists his hips just so and hits the right spot. He licks and sucks on my neck, making bruises to remember him by later. I know he wants to bite, mark me deeper and I want him to do it too.

My legs are thrown over his shoulder and he caresses my left calf with his free hand, smearing lube on it in the process. His cock deep inside. Our hips and lips moving together.

He kisses me like he needs my breath to live and I kiss him like I'm dying. He hits that right spot again and again. Making sparks fly inside and my body writhe.

His hands moves down my body and he grips my hips tight. Tomorrow I'll still feel his hands on me. Then he takes my cock in his hand and starts to jerking me off.

My come falls between our bodies but he keeps slamming inside me, hard and irregular.A hand in my hair tightens painfully when he comes inside me, still moving.

"Wow" I'm trying to catch my breath when he says that word. "Wow?" Was it?
"Yeah" I reply and he softly laughs. I feel like somehow, everything's going to work out.

~Two Weeks Later~

I push open the heavy red door and it bangs close behind me. She's standing there, waiting for me.

"How did you know?" She shakes her head, smiling at me fondly and gives me a hug.

"I found the papers in your room" Sarah mumbles softly and squeezes me before letting go. She takes my hand in hers and we start walking to the nearest ice cream shops.

"How did it go?" She asks just before we sit down. Sarah with her chocolate sprinkled, vanilla ice cream and I with my chocolate chip chocolate ice cream.

"I get the results back in about two weeks" She takes my hand in hers as we lick at our ice creams.

"Taking the GED is hard, I'm proud of you, Xa... Jesse" That's the first time she's ever called me that, first time any one, who knows me, has. The warmth spreads through my body at her words. It's fucked up that I feel this way about her calling me her dead son's name but I do.

I feel Loved, like I'm a part of a family, a real family.

"Should we bring some ice cream home to Dad?" Sarah smiles and nods.

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