Nieriel (loopy_1981) wrote in bloodclaim,

ficcy search!!!!!

 hello all!!!! now, this one buggs me becuase I KNOW!!! ive read it recently!!!! but  im on the hunt for it... or 2 stories, im not sure if what i remember is alll the same story, or different stories.... so possibley 2 stories....

 okay what i remember is, spike was like a volly ball player or something and had a accident and stuff, xander is giles son, and giles compeny and angels compeny are like in a feaud, xander and spike end up together, and buffy and angel end up married, and willow and oz are together and its got ethan in it also.....

 now this part im NOT sure if its part of that story or a differnet one, but xanders working in construction or something and gets sent to pick up something, a order or what ever, and spike has broken down and xander decides to help.... and sexyness ensures.....

 so is it the same story? or what ? and any one know its/their names?

 * HUGS*
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