mystics oblivion (mysticsoblivion) wrote in bloodclaim,
mystics oblivion

Looking for a link

So I was prowling around SF and just about died laughing at

electricalgwen's Where's My Cow? and decided that I must find reremouse's Donut Boy series she said inspired it... ok no biggie except that the only links I've found go back to LJ and I keep getting a "You are not allowed to view this protected entry" msg. I thought maybe it was one of those friend-ing things but that doesn't seem to have worked either. 
I checked Nummytreats, Shadows and Dust, All About Spike, WWOMB, AFF, and even gave a shot, so now I turn to the experts... 'elp?!? Anyone got a non-LJ link for this? Or can tell me what the secret handshake is to get access?



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