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Never Time Enough # 9 
13th-Jul-2007 10:14 am
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Title: Never Time Enough

Author: Part 1 50ftqueenie… then rngrdead – Ch 2 and beyond

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Warnings/Squicks: M/M relations

Rating: NC-17 (or MA 15+ or R?) There is violence and sex and vampires, and boys.

Summary: Xander comes back from the past with a secret.

Inspired by 50ftqueenie!

Part 9

It was early morning and the walk back to Willow’s took over an hour, but it was a comfortable hour, the sky was black with clouds, the wind dropped in anticipation of a storm, and no more words needed to be exchanged. The two simply walked, shoulders occasionally touching, hands momentarily brushing each other, fingers occasionally entwining then releasing.

Spike let them in quietly and led his Mate down to the basement. They stripped in silence and settled onto Spike’s narrow single mattress, the Mate spooning his vampire and feeling the joy as his Wil reveled in the warmth at his back and clutched the hand that made its way to his private parts.

“Not sayin’ No pet, but can we just…”

Xander smiled, tugged the fluffy blankets over both of them and rewarded the notion of simple comfort with a chaste kiss to the neck and slightly tighter hug, after which the two slept.

Willow greeted them early afternoon. It was Saturday and Willow had been over to ‘command central’ and had only just returned from the Magic Box as two very disheveled, shirtless, satisfied males emerged through the basement door

She looked decidedly down despite her chirpy, “Well look at my two favourite men with bed hair… Um… oh… I… me not saying that you would… well obviously you do… but on that small bed and… Oh Goddess… shutting up now.”

Spike gave her a wink and such a knowing smile that the witch blushed deep crimson, “Mornin’ to you to Luv. Now apart from seein’ the boy an’ me in our afterglow what’s got you all stirred up?”

Willow’s glance went to her feet, then Xander and back to Spike, and she seemed to slump, “Well Tara’s gone for a few days again… work for the Goddess I guess she never really is allowed to say… and…” Willow paused but was winding the tea-towel in her hands so tight that Xander feared she would do it or herself some damage!

“C’mon Pet. Better out than in or you’ll burst.”

Willow looked up for a moment then back at the twisting linen, “Xan… I’ve um… that is we… Giles-rang-your-parents-Xan! We thought we should… just to let them know you’re OK… Ohh Goddess… but they’ve been grieving for you, we all have, for three years!”

Xander was visibly shocked, though more at the notion that he hadn’t thought to call them than the idea of his mother and father knowing he had returned. “I’m sorry Wills… Gahhh!! With all the… I didn’t even think!”

Spike reached for then squeezed his newly found lover’s hand, “’S OK Pet… we’ll do this one together…”

Willow rubbed over her eyes in a tired gesture, “So it’s OK then? I… I think Giles said he’d arranged it for tonight…” before changing tack and leaving the rather stunned vampire and mate with the words, “I need tea… anyone for Hari Chai?”, departing the hallway and proceeding to fill and flick on the kettle.

Spike tugged the brunette behind him as he followed the witch into the kitchen. “Nice of you to arrange our bloody social calendar, Red! But when were you thinkin’ of consulting the boy here?!!” The statement was unconsciously accompanied by a low growl.

Willow spun to face the vampire, eyes flashing black to match Spike’s near yellow challenge. “Don’t even start *mister*! *You* two might have been getting reacquainted but *some of us* are just trying to sort out the real world… so *back off*!” A bolt of lightening from Willow’s hands struck both men mid-waist and flung them, rather painfully three steps back and into a wall.

Willow immediately regained control and began to apologize but Xander interrupted as blood began to trickle from the side of his mouth.

“You’re right they should know… and it’s not Wi… Spike’s fault… so just tell me where and when Willow… don’t apologize… just tell us where and when.”

“I… um… oh it *wasn’t’ supposed to be like this!... Um… Six… six thirty pm… for um… dinner!”

Spike felt it, Xander was on the verge of collapse, so moved swiftly to catch him as the brunette muttered, “Oh Gh@#d... Spike they’ll probably be…”

Willow cut him off, “Desperate to see you… And Xan… don’t worry… things really have changed!

They drank tea, dressed quickly then, as the sky darkened, the lightening flashed in the distance and rain began to fall on Willow’s small Audi, the three headed to the Harris household.


Xander’s first experiences of Spain were horrid. Freezing cold weather through the mountains did nothing for a warm human body and seemed to defy the summer months as pelting rain assaulted their vehicle. More to the point it was the winding mountain passes, tight woman’s bodice and female attire he was forced to wear (at Drusilla’s insistence) making breathing difficult and upset stomach clench, and the humiliating, painful cock piece (‘compulsory’ according to Darla, though all knew otherwise) that gave the entire experience its torturous edge. By the end of the second day it was only sucking on Wil’s finger that made the urge to expel his stomach contents and the headache bearable, though he genuinely wished his brain might expel itself through his nose as it seemed to want to do!

Wil was attentive and a kind to a fault, encouraged by his Sire and enabled by their very close quarters to touch him constantly. He made a pretty though overly tall ‘girl’ with curly dark tresses, and big hands. But few seemed to notice – or rather those who commented were swiftly dispatched. Dru may have been ‘mad as a Hatter’ on a good day but her was as deadly as Darla when pushed. And insulting ‘her cousin Andrea’ was grounds for the death penalty it seemed.

Happily for Xander, the mad vampire lost interest in the game as they traversed the flat open plains of central Spain and the boy from Sunnydale who had never really been *anywhere* reminded himself that he had always wanted to travel.

Madrid was a delight, and Xander, the product of a rather average education, found himself able to recall a surprising amount of Spanish, regardless of his ability (or otherwise) according to Senora Lavita of Sunnydale High. After a week he was conversing in simple terms, after a month speaking with relative ease – and in utter awe of Wil who seemed to have made the switch from English to French to Spanish with no effort whatsoever.

Their experience of Madrid was not unlike the general populace, and the habit of ‘siesta’ determined that the family was *expected* to be in during the heat of the day and enjoy walks in the cool of the evening.

They took rooms in a pension and entertained, much as they had in London. Evenings often involved a wander up the wide pathway of trees dividing the main road to the summer palace. Peppered with small rotundas and places to sit, it was a favourite for travelers and locals alike, the perfect hunting ground.

The viciousness of the bullring was a delight for the vampires, though Angelus complained regularly that the contest was so uneven and the matador rarely in danger. Xander was inclined to agree – in empathy for both bull and matador, rather than Angelus’ delight in the gory death of man or beast. Realistically, by the time the bull had ten or twelve lances hanging from its rump and blood flowing freely to the ground, there was little challenge in delivering the final blow… Picking off the patrons was far more entertaining.

The bizarre part for Xander was to watch almost impassively these days, as the deadly four chose then obtained their victims.

For Darla it was inevitably an elderly gent who appreciated her attentions and was amenable to a fondle and a kiss, then would apparently succumb to heart failure. Angelus generally chose attractive blonde women, often pursuing them from bullring to party and often back again, only to end with an evening stroll before drinking his fill as the last bull of the evening succumbed. Drusilla was happy to feed on anything, but the family directed her to at least be safe. She had a penchant for alter boys and members of the church, which in the intensely catholic Spain were definitely in abundance, however priests were missed as were beloved youngsters of the choir, consequently she was strictly supervised.

Wil inevitably chose pretty humans to feed on, the gender irrelevant, and the seduction before the bite sweetening the blood and having the victim’s satisfaction all but guaranteed – be the welcomed bite fatal or otherwise.

Xander was sometimes used as a foil, or straight out bait, but often watched Wil work his magic as the mate rubbed his own mark. His slightly elongated canines teeth were often to the fore as he watched his Mated Master take his needs… then wondered at his own profound change. The wonder would only ever last if Darla had had a successful hunt when the family gathered again. Twice when her efforts had been rejected, she forewent beating Drusilla or Wil, and Xander had been near drained. Had it not been for Angelus intervening within seconds, his convalescence over the following week would have been irrelevant and his death swiftly followed by the demise of his mated vampire.

They stayed in Madrid for an entire month, Xander an odd distraction in the rich tapestry of the Spanish vampire court. The boy from Sunnydale knew he was in no position to save the humans trussed ready to be consumed by the Master of Madrid’s guests, but on their second last day in the city, the Mate became so much more.

Darla and Angelus had departed for a weekend in Toledo – the local werewolf group holding a ‘post summer solstice celebration’ – i.e. an excuse for a wild party. Drusilla was having one of her ‘off months’, so Wil and the minions were left to deal with his chained lunatic Sire.

They had managed to stay in for days but eventually, Drusilla calmed and was allowed to lose her restraints. Strictly speaking she had been fed on drunken revelers from various tapas bars and summer night parties around the city for days – often passing out just as her semi aware victims expired. A night before Angelus and Darla’s return, at Drusilla’s insistence, Wil and Xander accompanied her to a local opium house (also brothel for demons and humans, and all genders and preferences) run by Nesthor demons.

Xander was more affected by the opiate than the either Wil or Drusilla but still maintained the wherewithal to realize there was trouble afoot.

A local Spanish Master Vampire Ricardo had made an unwelcomed ‘pass’ at Drusilla. Initially nothing happened, then for some reason, the burly Spanish vampire decided to push his luck with the ‘whore Childe of Angelus’. It only took two comments before Drusilla was alternating between little girl mode and vicious killer. Wil flew to her defense as several of Ricardo’s minions stepped into the ‘cushion room’ and Xander took his back.

The consequent fight was both bloody and spectacular as all but staff (other demons and humans suitably ‘lubricated’) all joined in.

Ricardo and three dusted minions later (courtesy of Xander!) drew just a little too much attention and saw Darla and Angelus join their Childer a day later to an exuberant Drusilla raving about her ‘Willie – knight in bloodied armor’, and exaggerated accounts of their exploits, plus a rather large bill for the ‘inconvenience’.

It took five days of feeding from his exhausted Mate for Wil to recover from the beating that ensued, though Angelus did acknowledge that the massacre was hardly his Grandchilde’s fault. To his credit, Angelus fed both Wil and Xander as they recovered from their punishment, and was rather surprised that his Grandchilde’s Mate obviously took then relaxed when fed familial blood.

In Barcelona, Darla’s disdainful attitude toward the human mate altered. Apparently the incident in Madrid had alerted her to his willingness to fight, and loyalty to more than just Spike.

The result was a strict training regime for both he and Wil under a demon Portuguese sword master then a strange blue individual with asian features and amphibian appendages who still managed to impart rather painful lessons in Eastern martial arts to the vampire and the mate. Both were a good study and quite enjoyed time away from the older three vampires.

Darla’s insistence that they ‘make that effeminate childe and his human mate somewhat useful’ honed Wil’s skills beyond those of his Grandsire, and saw Xander leaner and more fit than he had ever been.

The event that changed him forever, however, was still to come.

With an instinct now given an edge courtesy of training and his direct link to his Wil, combined with the remnants of hyena and soldier possession, Xander was constantly underestimated as a curiosity – a human Mate. With Darla’s reluctant permission, he had was allowed to carry silver daggers strapped to his ankles. Convenient for most human parties but for many demon ‘events’ forced to wear ridiculous flimsy ‘slave attire’ that gave away their presence, and his collar of course.

Angelus had offended the host, but he and Darla had decided to depart anyway. They assumed family was behind them but Dru had been blissfully aware and continued dancing.

Wil saw it first, and, despite his deranged Sire being flanked by minions ready to strike on command the threat went unnoticed, and was more a deliberate attempt by a Master against Angelus than his female Childe (something about losing in a recent card game).

Wil pulled from Xander’s calm embrace and sprang to his permanently baffled Sire’s defense. The young Master Vampire was surprised when he met little if any opposition as he pulled her from harm, though only post event realized what had occurred.

Xander had seen Wil rise to defend Drusilla’s side, felt the transferred fear and anticipation, and reacted instinctively as any mate (or Hellmouth White Hat) might, added to that the recent month of intense training added to a life as a Slayer’s sidekick, and year in the ‘care’ of the Aurelians. The reaction saw the dusting of seven fledges, a human Mate take down a Moglath and two Tepkis demons before anyone had even registered the ‘human’ had moved. On instinct Xander had pulled the hand held silver daggers from their sheaths and swung with every move he could remember from his sparring, trusting that at least Wil and Angelus would arrive soon.

Toward the end of the ensuing melee, Xander felt a blinding pain in his side. The Mate had been struck by a barb from a third Tepkis demon even as the huge grey blue figure’s two compatriots succumbed to the human Mate’s knives.

Xander spun to meet the angry onslaught and only vaguely aware of the huge figure in front of him as his mating link signaled Wil close and his daggers found their mark. As he fell into black he knew that at least the primary assailants had fallen and his Partner’s Sire was safe. Then felt himself lifted, heard familiar welcome voices and tasted vampire blood. There were cool arms, and whispered endearments, before… *pain* and… black.

A day or two later, Xander woke to the joy of feeling his Mate close. He also felt a tightly bound arm and torso, and could not quite make out the reason for various demon parties visiting his bedside.

Wil was still holding him and quietly explained. The Tepkis had been the bullies on the block, the fight had solved (inadvertently) a number of regional issues and the Aurelians had won the day in no small part due to the ‘dervish of a human Mate’. Now the mate was being honoured as Consort by other demon nations in the time honored Spanish fashion.

Darla stood nearby, appearing smug as though it had been her idea all along, Angelus flanked her, more worried by Dru’s sudden apparent fascination with the doll she was carrying and ‘pretty petals from the ceiling’ than anything else. What none of them expected was the internal shift as the ceremony was performed. Xander and Wil endured the chanting and the anointing with strangely scentless fluids in the ‘time honored Spanish way’, before Xander was named ‘Consort’, and there was a shift, Wil felt it too.

Unlike in his Mating, this time Xander’s previous entities merged, he felt his elongated teeth push farther out than ever before then retract (apparently at will), and felt a strength just *itching* to burst, bundled somewhere inside his chest… and he felt Wil… all of Wil, the beauty and the pain, the Master and the still vulnerable yet strong remnants of Wil’s human self, the loyal lover and the survivor. He knew he was still alive, in that he had a heart beat, and he had (rather embarrassedly) a significant erection clear for all present to see. Mere days later he would learn of his ability to see in near blackness, and just how much further from human he had come.

They had been left alone for an hour or so of calm, and of Wil adoring him yet again, but finally there was him being feted by the demon community, and Wil being congratulated by Darla, and him being congratulated as Mate who was now Aurelian Consort to William the Bloody.

His actions at that drunken party of demons and consequent naming as Aurelian Consort were to become part of demon folklore, the story made more potent by his catastrophic disappearance some year and a half later. But for now the Aurelians traveled back to London and their regular hunting grounds – Consort in tow.


As they drove to Xander’s parent’s home, they were briefed by Willow. The story was that Angel Investigations had located the boy (now man) after many months of looking at Xander’s friends’ behest (and expense) and convinced him to come home; that he had been taken as a white slave and eventually kept hostage by a deadly gang; but that William, as Spike was introduced, had rescued him and they had become partners, though had no way of getting back to Sunnydale until found by AI.

Xander with his shoulder length curly locks, thick silver chain and thin build made the perfect match for his pale blonde companion. Both dressed in simple white T-shirts and black jeans, Spike accepted Xander’s hand temporarily as Willow knocked on the door of his house.

His mother had near collapsed and his father actually cried as the parents pulled their assumed dead son into a hug.

Xander could see the changes and Willow had warned him. His father and mother had sought counseling to cope with their grief. His father had sworn off drink, mother changed her workplace and both worked to comfort each other. Oddly in the tragedy of Xander’s abduction and consequent endless search for answers, the two had grown together in a way they had never experienced before.

It was an extremely awkward few moments as the five settled into the front room. Statements like “You look good…” and “The place hasn’t changed…” and “So you’re staying at Willow’s?...” then “You know you can always… that is your old room… we kept it…” were painful, silly really, but utterly necessary.

Finally Willow offered to make tea, Tony asked if Xander would like to check out the new self built back deck, and Spike indicated he needed a smoke – Xander’s mother was about to ask if Willow needed help with the tea, but at the blonde man’s invitation followed him onto the front porch, and accepted a cigarette and light, never having really kicked the habit.

Xander stood shoulder to shoulder with his father as they leaned against the elegant new style metal balustrade and they stared out into the renewed garden with its solar lights and water feature. He could not think of anything to say so remained silent then spotted the tear splash on a perfectly oiled deck.

He turned to his father and saw the anguished look as Tony turned to slightly to look at his son’s hands and recognized the emotion for what it was. This was a man who had lost his son suddenly and without explanation; a man marked by three years of grief; a man who blamed himself for not being a good father; a man lost in his own way, who for three years had prayed in vain for his son’s safe return if only he might ask forgiveness for not being a better father.

Xander could clearly see a man trying to control his emotions and chose to wait for his father to speak first, the years in the Aurelian household teaching him that much was to be gained by remaining silent.

Tony turned away again to stare into the night, “We thought you were dead you know, your mother and I… but they couldn’t find your body… so… so… we never gave up hope because they didn’t find a body… I… I figured we would just keep looking in case… you know… in case you really had just… I don’t know… Your mother cried for weeks, and we both took to the bottle a bit too much… you know to cope… but it didn’t help… nothing helped. It was my fault… Of course it was my fault… I don’t know how to apologize for this any more?! I never thought I would get the chance! And thank God… but I am so sorry son… I’m *so* sorry, there had been that thing at work and then you came home with the report from your teacher… and I yelled… Oh God I yelled… and then you went out… I can’t blame you for that – you were seventeen and I yelled… and your poor mother… I can never make this up… Never”

His father put his forehead on folded arms on the balustrade and let tears begin to fall freely. And Xander finally broke his silence.

“Dad… Please?! After they took me, I kind of grew up I guess… And I realized that you guys… you and mum, had been pushed into things and … yeah you made some bad choices… but that’s what an adult I guess… someone who does what they need to do for those they love and try to cope with the rest… and you just do your best… Dad, I’m sorry that what happened caused you pain, but honestly? There’s nothing to forgive OK? Not from me… But please… If everything goes to Hell again… can you just know that I really do love you and mom… Please? Can you remember that??”

It was Xander’s turn to be teary but his father lifted from his place and took the lost son in another hug. Xander however, pulled out. “Dad, I know what you think about guys tog… well you know… homo… Dad I’m with Wil… as in I’m… Dad I’m gay and it’s not because of…” Xander waited for the anticipated anger to emerge but when a simple stunned silence was the response, jumped in, “Dad please don’t get mad, it’s not Wil’s fault! We… he… Oh Geez…”

He tried to push away but was too emotional, so was pulled in and held tight instead. “We’ve just found you again. You think that is gonna make a difference?! Son, we kind of suspected when you struggled with dating and just hung out with those weird female friends at school, and there is your Uncle Rory, of course.”

“Uncle R…?”

“Yup, Pink as a sea daisy and had the shoes to prove it.”

“But I never… Dad I don’t cross dress… Well only that one… Geez”

Tony smiled a little at the embarrassed back-peddling, “Son, if the man on our front porch talking to your Mom, is the reason you are safe and here now, then… but don’t run again… it will kill your mother and I… just don’t do that!”

“Dad, I never ran! And if you can… I can’t even explain how much Sp…Will has gone through because of me… yet here he is… I, um… Just… Thanks…”

Tony gave his son what was meant to be a manly slap – though was more of another kind touch and associated one armed hug as they headed for the back door, only to see Spike leading Xander’s mother arm in arm from the porch.

“Well obviously your mother likes him?! I guess that means there’ll be ‘family dinners’ for four in our future… but don’t you dare adopt… that whole gay couples and grandchildren?!... At least give us a few years… OK?”

Xander was unsure whether his father was relieved, happy, confused, or just being sarcastic with the last part, so simply wandered back inside to enjoy Willow’s tea followed by both Xander and Spike being handed a barbeque apron and implements by a similarly attired Tony and the words, “Right… Well… barbeque… we’d better get cracking or you’re mother’ll get on her high horse about men and not helping again!”

The two boys busied themselves at the barbeque, and Xander could not help but send amazement and love through the link to his newly found beloved.

Willow wandered up behind the three ‘chefs’ and added her own two field mushrooms to the grill – explaining “Vegan… remember?”

That evening Xander wondered if it was his own joy at rejoining with his Wil that was doing it, but he had *never* seen his father as happy, and could only guess what Spike had talked to his mother about as she was obviously quite taken with her ‘boy’s charming foreign friend’. There was simple banter between the older Harrises, references to his mother’s ‘Wednesday tennis ladies’ and their foibles, countered by Tony’s penchant for hardware store ‘comfort shopping’ being jokingly criticized. It seemed that the two had genuinely rediscovered love through shared pain.

The night was a success in many ways but there were still secrets, the human mate/consort knew that was the full truth of his experiences ever to come out, the acceptance might be a little less than could be expected.

That night there was little to say. They bade Willow goodnight and walked hand in hand to the bed in the basement to make love as they did that night on their return to London. Consort and Master Vampire.

13th-Jul-2007 04:31 am (UTC)
I'm still really enjoying this fic. Glad to see that Xander's parents have straigtened their "act" up and welcomed him home with open arms, at least for now. ;)

Liked the parts about what happened in Spain, and look forward to the trip back to London. :) Good job!

13th-Jul-2007 08:09 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for reading... and for the thoughtful comment... I hope there will be more soon... RL not to kind at the mo...
13th-Jul-2007 08:23 pm (UTC)
Thank you for continuing with this, I love how you portrayed Xander's parents it was very moving.

I'm sorry rl is not so good at the moment, I hope things get better soon.

15th-Jul-2007 03:09 am (UTC)
So glad you enjoyed and the bit with the parents worked for you ... more soon...

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