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Please Help Me, I'm going out of my mind....FIC SEARCH

I've been out of the Buffy/Angel fandom for a while and am just getting back in so I think I may have a couple or more stories mixed up, If you could help in anyway I'd be very grateful.

The story I'm looking for is Xander/Spike but at some point they go to LA and spend a few days in bed with Angel. That's the only parts I'm completely sure of, but I have a lot more that I think is part of it but might be part of another story. I think Spike hasn't buggered Xander yet because of the chip so he lets Angel bugger him first...I also seem to remember that Angel hid the fact Spike and Xander were in La from his LA team, they were still in that first building of theirs in LA where Angel lived under the office.

Now heres a big thing that makes me think I may have gotten two stories crossed, I'm not sure if it's Wesley or Doyle. i have to different further along parts and I'm not sure which fits...or even if one fits at all.

Now the first I remember that Xander has called Angel to help him get Spike back from the initiative, and Angel brings Doyle and there's this whole big fight scene in the initiative base, where Angel, Xander, Spike and Doyle fight a bunch of demons. I think Doyle and Angel weren't together yet because he seemed very jelouse about the way Angel and Xander interacted together.

The other one Angel and Wesley come to Sunnyhell (i think because of one of Cordy's visions) Now I hope this all makes sense...Dru and Ethan (the guy who was behind the whole Halloween costumes fiasco - not sure what his name is, i think it's Ethan)are working together and end up getting rid of Angels soul, and I think Dru gets sucked into a hell dimension, where later Xander runs into her?

I really hope someone can help, I have no clue which way is up or down with all of this running around in my head, and any help would be so wonderful.

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