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Fic Search!

I was looking for this fic I read a while ago. I looked for it on Spanderfiles but couldn't find it. It has Spike and Xander getting caught up in a spell and falling through a portal. They get closer and closer and become lovers. In the world they land in time is slowed or something. Willow and Tara visit them and eventually decide to move there with them.

One thing I know for certain is that there is a fic very similar to this one but in it Xander and Spike don't end up staying in the world that they land in and that as they stay there Spike becomes more and more primal.This fic is not the one I'm looking for. (It's very good though.)

I haven't been able to find this fic and it's driving me crazy.
If anybody has any idea about the fic I'm looking for, thanks!
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