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Mangled Spells Ficlet

Title: Mangled Spells
Warnings: This ficlet: snark, sniping, sexual innuendo and Angel-annoyance.  The series: Dom/sub, bondage, sex and more sex
Rated: This ficlet: TEEN.  The series: ADULT

Does anyone remember Mangled Spells?

Last time we saw our heroes, Xander still had the bad habit of turning into a girl when he got stressed thanks to Drusilla's interfering with that mangled spell, and Xander was considering taking Spike and Faith and leaving the Hellmouth. After all, with Adam defeated and Buffy taking up with Riley, Angel had decided to finally leave and Xander thought it was a good time to find some place new, too. So, Buffy, Willow, Tara, Riley, and Graham are left as the Hellmouth crew. And now for Xander in his/her new life.

Go back and read the entire crackalicious series (scroll down to Mangled Spells)

Go ahead and read about Xander's new life (and continued gender bending)

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