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E-Mail to Oz Chapter 3

Didn't have time yesterday  but I finally worked an agreement out with the roommate of my uncle who also uses the notebook. If anyone could explain to me how I have to work with the memories and which codes I have to use to make the links look a bit more neat, it would be deeply appreciated.

Title: E-Mail to Oz
Author: Yaya
Rating: G
Disclaimer: don't own, never will
Summary: Finally breakfast and why exactly is Angel more broody and pissed off as usual?
Warning: probably a bit of Angel-bashing ahead but only light I think
A/N: Spike will show up in the next chapter

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

After several more staircases, they reached the breakfast room where the others were already seated around the table. “Ah, there you are. Trevor, would you … “, Giles began but Trevor had already spotted the two and with help from a nice looking girl in a housemaid uniform begun to bring food from the kitchen in.


He placed a big mug of blood before Angel and moved on to serve a huge amount of plates on the table with all sorts of breakfast helpings. Xander’s eyes got big by the look of it. “You could feed a whole tribe in Africa with this. Do you eat at every breakfast so much?” “Only when special guests arrive.” Giles tone indicated which guest he meant. Fondly he remembered the boy who could eat most of this breakfast without even really trying.



Angel had glanced at Xander every so often ever since he had arrived. At the beginning the brunet didn’t think anything to it but after a while it made him nervous. He decided to confront him. “So Angel, what’s up? Suddenly the urge to have a brunet for a change?”


The room became so still you could have heard a needle drop. Andrew gasped after a seemingly endless moment and Trevor who had stopped serving for that moment continued to pour Gunn his coffee. “That’s a joke, right? …. Right Xander?” Andrew asked somewhat desperately. “You can ask Giles when the last time was I joked with the big broody One.”


Everyone knew what that meant. Trevor finished as hurriedly as he dared and herded the housemaid out in front of him. A master vampire against a mere mortal human? Not a fight he wanted to see. “So Deadboy, care to explain why you’re looking at me like I should be your next meal?”


“Xander, I’m sure ….” Giles never got to end his sentence as Angel got up so fast from his chair it fell to the floor with a loud clatter. Xander matched his pace and got into a fighting stance. All that was between them was the full table. Andrew looked as if he wanted to bolt from the room and Gunn was confused. Nobody had told him that those two had such a deep hatred against each other.


“Shut up!” bellowed Giles at the two. He looked more like Ripper than Rupert at the moment and that shut the pair really up. “Now sit!” Both sat down heavily. Angel nearly missed his chair but remembered eventually to get it back up. Xander was eerily quiet but Angel grumbled under his breath. “What the bloody hell where you thinking?”


Xander looked like he wouldn’t answer, so Giles looked pointedly at the vampire. He had seen the looks too but didn’t think a lot to it. “And now, Angel, could you please tell us why you’re looking at Xander all the time? It was a pain in the ass to hold you to away from each other in the past and I honestly thought you as a over 250 years old vampire could control your feelings. Xander has said much more hateful things back in Sunnydale. Why do you decide you have to act on it just now when you’re a guest in my house?”


After the Watchers little speech it was pretty clear that he would hold to Xander on this one and Angel gave in. “He smells not right.” All in the room where gaping at the comment except Xander himself. “So, you wanna say I stink? Not nice, deadboy. I was in the shower not even half an hour ago.”


“That wasn’t what I meant. You smell different than before. Familiar somehow. A bit of demon, too.” Now everybody looked at Xander. “Hey, I dated a vengeance demon. And the time that passed since we last saw us? Ought to happen that my smell changed, right? I pride myself with the fact that I’m much more adult now. Could be because I was practically in my teens the last time we saw us.”


Angel looked like he was going to get up again but a pointed glare from Giles had him relax slightly again. “With familiar I meant like some demons I know. Nobody you should ever even had have contact with if you were just looking for Slayers. Including the one which gave Spike his soul back. Wanna share why that’s so?”


“You wanna play Deadboy Holmes? Not a good look on you. And no, I don’t feel like sharing with you. I will tell Giles when we’re alone. But you? None of your fucking business.” Xander’s face had a look of determination to it and it was crystal clear that he wouldn’t back down. Gunn looked at him with renewed interest. Somebody who was so hard about sharing his past? Could be a threat or one hell of an interesting person. He would have to get to know him better before he would be able to decide but it would be definitely worth it either way.


The rest of the breakfast was held in tense silence. Afterwards Giles motioned to Xander to follow him. Together they walked to another part of the house. He was led trough another huge door in an office. Giles motioned him to sit down in the chair that was standing in front of the huge mahogany desk.


“Would you please explain to me now why Angel reacts so bad to your smell?” Giles’ stern look made Xander almost cave but he was stronger now than when he was as a teenager, right? Right, he could do it. He sat up straighter and looked his father figure in the eye. Slowly he reached up to move his patch away from his left eye.


A shocked gasp was heard from the man behind the desk when he got to see a dark brown eye where should have been an empty socket. “How? … Why? …What?” Xander had expected this.


“Remember when I asked for the holiday in South Africa after my stunt in Namibia? I went to a doctor because my remaining eye was giving me trouble. He said that my eye had tried to take over for the missing one. Given time I would become completely blind. So I was selfish. I had heard enough rumors so it was easy to find the demon where Spike got his soul back. Everybody warned me to go but it was one of my last chances at a good sight.”


Xander told him how he almost died at the first trial, how his years of being a Slayerette helped him with all his trials, how he thought carefully before announcing his wish remembering how Spike’s wish had ended, the pain that shook his body which was exhausted from the trials. Giles listened fascinated and his respect grew for his long-time friend.


The dark haired man told him also how he had traded things with friendly demons. Most of them where accepted by the local people. The knowledge that Xander had gained while he lived there was for the head of the Council priceless. Not many had gained such an exquisite insight at the core of things like Xander had. Not at least because of his friendly and helpful behavior towards strangers.



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