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Two's company (Spike/Xander: PG-13)

Title: Two's company
Author/Artist: Ann
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: Sometimes more is just not better. Spike discovers something interesting in the aftermath of Toth's arrival.
Warnings: fantasising, kissing.

Birthday fic for anxiety_junkie

Spike couldn’t say he’d thought too much on the kiss, caught up in fantasising everything else he could have been doing to Xander, but as his lips closed firmly over the young man’s, cutting off the questioning “Spike-”, he wished he had. Lips parting, tongue sweeping inside to claim Xander’s in a bold motion, Spike was pleasantly surprised to find him kissing back rather than too dumbstruck to respond, surprise lost and passion taking over. Or so, for one moment, he’d thought.

Instead of passion there was routine, instead of fire and want and need, there was blandness and sterility. Xander kissed with confidence, with finesse even, but he wasn’t at ease as he did it. The kiss was rigid and tense, no spark or hotness as Spike would have expected. All his kisses had had some degree of emotion to them, be it love, hate or burning lust but the kiss with Xander was…boring. It was the only way he could describe it. The man kissed like artist who’d lost inspiration, all talent but no spark. Nothing to capture.

Walking away, leaving Xander staring after him, Spike had to wonder if perhaps the demon’s weapon was responsible for taking that passion away. He just hoped when the slayer caught up and killed Toth, Xander wasn’t adverse to trying again.


The second time he kissed Xander turned out to be the morning after, a morning uneventful until Xander had skidded into his crypt reeking panic and fear and some god awful stench that Spike’s sensitive nose could quickly identify.

“Been bathing in rubbish?” He snorted, “Figured you had enough of that last night.”

He didn’t bother to get up, barely gave the young man a second glance as he babbled on about robots and clones and evil demon’s that stole peoples shapes. So he’s gonna play dumb and just ignore it then, fine righto mate, let’s see you take this one on your own. In truth Spike wasn’t sure why Xander had come to him, he was hardly a white-hat in training, happily referring to himself as the big bad and too prone to burning up in blistering sunlight to be of much use.

“Just listen!”

And all of a sudden Xander was too close, leaning over him, hands on either side of the chair, equally beseeching and panicy.

“No one will believe me but you can tell them, can’t you? Do that smelling thing all Giles’ books get wordy over.”

“Smelling thing?” Spike raised an eyebrow, looking him up and down, a slight smile coming to his lips as Xander blushed at the gaze, looking more nervous than Spike had ever seen him. Well this is interesting, he can’t hide it all that well can he? With a few nudges, playing dumb will be off the menu. Maybe something bloody better can take it’s place.. “Well, you reek alright but can’t say you’re Xander, my Xander,”-He still wasn’t sure just what the whelp had to have been drinking to conjure that one up-”Til I get a better look. Get those clothes off pet an’ grab some of that bottled water. Can’t smell you over that stink can I?”

“Your Xander?” Xander was staring at him, leaning closer to him with something akin to fascination showing on his face, curiosity and interest flashing in his eyes for a moment before nervousness returned and he leapt back, tripping over his own feet in the process.

“Watch it!” Spike was already grabbing for him, overbalancing Xander and bringing forth his newly acquired clumsiness- Never seen him this off-kilter, must be coming down with something -and pulling him onto his lap. “Careful there, fall over air you would.” The chide came easily, hands stroking at Xander’s lower back, ignoring the less-than-fragrant-smell wafting up from the man. Even all nervous and jittery, eyes darting quickly from Spike’s face to stare at his own hands, Xander was still a treat alright. Still in the best place as far as Spike was concerned and as Xander tilted his head towards him, hesitating for a moment before leaning shyly forward, he caught Xander’s mouth in a kiss.

This kiss was different. So much so that if Spike hadn’t opened his eyes midway to stare at Xander’s closed eyelids, he would have believed he was kissing a different man. He knew Xander hadn’t had much experience kissing men, he’d only come out recently after a failed fling with Anya, but the kiss before had been close to expert, only bland. This one was the opposite. Full of enthusiasm and passion, hesitancy gone as Xander stroked hands over him. But…Bugger is this messy. Sloppy, with too much teeth and tongue, Spike almost gagging as Xander’s tongue teased at his own, pushing so far back towards his throat that his instinctive reflex was to heave.

He pulled back with a jerk, hand moving to his lips to feel the dampness there, wiping it away with a grimace. Not the best reaction for him to have had with Xander still nestled on his lap, hard cock pressed against Spike and eyes rapidly widening as horror came into them.


Spike jumped as Xander all but catapulted off the chair, jitters fully returned, “Oh god, I’m sorry, I just wanted-well I always wanted-I mean I thought…” Xander paused mid babble, just staring at him but the moment Spike actually found the words to say to him, he was speaking again.

“I gotta go.” With those words, Xander bolted from the crypt, leaving Spike confused, horny and wondering how hard it would be to teach the man to kiss properly.


“I could take the boys home and watch them play with each other. Or we could record it, maybe sell it on the demon market. I mean if they weren’t gay-”

“Anya!” Giles rubbed his glasses, “Please not now. That image will likely haunt me forever anyway, but recording it only adds to the madness.”

“And so not up for that either.” Both Xanders chorused at once, one shuffling his feet the other looking more than a smidge annoyed, and Spike couldn’t help the snort of laughter that rose to his lips. Thankfully only the Xanders were close enough to hear him. The more Xander-acting-Xander blushed a deep red, but the smooth looking one just rolled his eyes.

Odd contrast there. One so smooth and boring, he needed spicing up and mussing. The other fast and over-enthusiastic, needing the pace taken down a notch and his style upped. Spike was half-inclined to offer to take them home himself, to see if he could teach both Xanders what he thought they needed when Willow and Giles started ‘ah ha-ing‘. Putting pay to his nefarious, yet erotic, idea of getting down and dirty with two Xanders, watching them both practise on each other before turning their attentions to him.

“Let the spell be ended.”

He cursed, seeing only one Xander remaining, still stinking and needing a shower though Spike was happy to wait whilst he cleaned his self up. The vampire was stalking forward, eyes on Xander whose babble had died quickly, gaze looked to Spike as he came up close to him.

“Should be getting you home now.” His voice held a dangerous edge, a promise of what he intended would come and when Xander shivered slightly at it, a smile curved his lips.

“I guess.” It wasn’t the best of confirmations, not as confident as before, but Spike could smell Xander’s arousal at the idea. It was half-hidden under the stench from earlier, but he caught the faintest whiff and it was enough to grasp at the man’s shirt and pull him forward. To close his lips over Xander’s and hope that somehow both Xanders had met in the middle when it came to kissing. Teaching was all well and good, but this time Spike wanted something to work with.

He wasn’t disappointed. Passion intertwined with a good dose of teasing as Xander’s lips parted, tongue tracing slowly over Spike’s, mapping out his mouth and making the vampire kiss all the more possessively. This Xander kissed like he didn’t care who was watching (which had to be true in part since Spike could smell the interest around him), confident enough to tease, but cautious enough to take it slow. Making Spike almost bite his tongue when hands clasped around him, holding him close, one hand sneakily groping at his buttock.

Pulling back from the kiss, sucking lightly at Xander’s lower lip and ignoring the comments around then, Spike smirked at the man, who looked a touch dazed but obviously aroused,

“Just checking, pet. How about we go home?”


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