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There's Always A Sneer Chap 19 Xander's Punishment Graphic NOT Worksafe

*Wave* I haven't posted for a while, computer problems, so this is a bit late. Stillrose kindly lets me illustrate her amazing story 'There's Always A Sneer In Las Vegas'. Chapter 19 saw Spike publicly punish Xander for his misbehaviours. He was put on display on a pedestal in Spike's Casino  ''The Slayer's End'. Naked , he was told to kneel absolutely still his feet shackled and his wrists cuffed behind his back,  a miniture railroad spike at the end of his lead clenched between his teeth while around him demons jeered. This is the illustration. Stillrose hasn't seen it and I hope she approves.

This is an S/X comm and I am aware that the picture should include Spike, he's in the crowd at the back. As it is an illustration directlty linked to an S/X story I am posting it. If there are any objections i will gladly remove it.

Xander's Punishment
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