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Fic search! - Long with plot! - Spander in LA

Okay just finished re-reading the 'Stranger Things' series which I just love.

I've had a thought about other fic like this I seem to remember another long and plotty fic with Xander leaving the Scoobies and ending up in LA. A scene comes to mind of him coming back from the local college with a ruck sack and entering the Hyperion. (I always seem to remember the weirdest bits).

Any ideas? my only dilemma is I'm not 100% sure it's Spander.

If not any rec's for similar stuff would be great. I love the dynamics of the 'Stranger Things' series and whilst I guess thats one of the longest (running and in word count) I know there is other excellent stuff along the same vein out there.

Thanks in advance 'cos most people here are always helpful.
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