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New Story

Title: True Innocent 1/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.
Summary: This is a follow up to the story Temptation.
It Sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

Angel prowled silently through the dark, cavernous lobby of the
ramshackle hotel he now called home. It had been weeks since
the debacle of a road trip he and Buffy had taken to find his
wayward childe.

After enjoying a very satisfying, at least for him, family reunion he
had returned to the motel only to find Buffy awake and waiting on
him. It didn't take a Miss Marple for her to figure out where he
had been and why.

The ensuing screaming match had caused the occupants on both sides
of them to pound the walls and shout threats. The continued row finally
resulted in security being called and the threat of them being tossed from
the premises.
A situation which could have proven very flammable for a person of
the vampire persuasion.

Finally after many apologies and promises to the squat, baldheaded
desk clerk/manager, that they would be quiet, they were permitted to stay.
It also gave Buffy a few minutes to calm slightly and when they were
again left alone, Angel figured it was time for a real heart to heart.

He tried explaining to her that it was a Sire/childe need that they
reconnect from time to time. It had nothing to do with her. He tried
to assure her that yes, her snatch was very functional and acceptable,
and that no, it would not help if she wore a strap on.

He explained that as head of the clan he always did the penetrating and
no cocks, rubber or real, would ever wander near the rear door of his rump.

Bursting into a new wave of tears Buffy clutched him by the front of his new
silk shirt, twisting and pulling the fabric in her hands.
"Please, Angel, don't leave me. My ass is always open to you. What
else could Spike possibly give you that I don't?"

After prying her bony fingers from the expensive material, Angel
smoothed out the wrinkles as he thought about Spike's tight, muscular
The way it felt when he pressed his heavier, larger body down on top
of his smooth back. The way Spike squirmed and wiggled
as he tried to free himself from Angel's aggressive, oppressive sexual need.

The sound of Spike grunting, begging, moaning, calling Angel's name.
He remembered when Spike was still a new fledge and he could be broken,
taken, fucked, and still kept conscious enough to suck Angel's fat cock
before passing out.

Good times.

A loud sniff and hiccup brought him rudely back to the present.
"Look, Buffy, You know I love you with all my heart."
Angel subtly checked his nose to make sure it hadn't grown with the
magnitude of that fib, then continued.

"but you must remember that your true mission in life is to slay vampires
not fuck them. I just think that our relationship has become somewhat
of a distraction to you, and that could prove deadly. You can't afford
to let your guard down for a minute. As hard as it is for the both of us
I think I need to move on and let you get on with your slaying and your life.
Of course I will miss you terribly and never go a day without thinking of you,
but I am willing to make the supreme sacrifice for you."

Buffy snuffled and wiped her nose and tears on the back of her hand.
With damp, snotty hands she reached again for Angel to pull him
close. Horrified and protective of his favorite black shirt he jumped
back and away from her clutches.

"No! I mean, no, we should make a clean break. As hard as it is for
me to see you go I think you should leave, now, alone, without me."

Angel edged his way to the door and cracked it open.
Sadly, with hopeless resignation, Buffy gathered together her things and
prepared to leave.

"You are so strong, Angel. You are much more noble than I could ever
be to sacrifice your happiness for the good of mankind like this.
You are a saint."

Angel shrugged modestly and dropped his gaze.
"I try to do what is right. I am, after all, the world's only vampire with a soul."
With that, and a brisk little shove, Buffy was out the door and out of his life.

Cheerfully Angel stripped naked and threw himself on the bed. Sun was up,
the room was paid for and his dick was suddenly hard as a rock.
Might as well take advantage.

When night time came he could hit the road, and he knew just where he
wanted to go.
About 50 years ago he had spent some time in an old haunted hotel
in Los Angeles California.

He had even hidden a suitcase of money there, which really wasn't that
unusual. He had hidden money all over the world. A century's old
vampire needs to look out for his retirement years. There didn't
seem to be a vampire's pension fund to tap into, so it was every
blood sucker for himself.

Yep, perfect solution. He would work his way back to L.A., use the
money to buy the hotel and just settle in for a while. Of course, good
guy and hero that he was he would save the innocent and give hope
to the hopeless.
At the same time he could take a nip or two here and there and
no one would be the wiser.

It was the perfect solution and the start of a new phase of his life.

It wasn't until several days later as he worked his way west that
the unthinkable happened.

He was just outside Saltlake City, munching happily on a juicy
Mormon when the feeling shook him to his toes.


The inborn knowledge shocked him to the point of nearly
dropping the sanctimonious snack he was presently devouring.
Quickly he recovered, finished his dinner and slipped off into
the night to think through this disturbing new development.

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