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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
19th-May-2004 05:22 am
bc mod [literati]
If there is anyone out there interested in beta reading for our resident authors, please add a comment to this thread.

If you sign up and then later change your mind, simply delete your signup comment to remove yourself from the pool of available betas.

If you wish to change any part of your signup details, please delete your comment and repost.

Experience is not essential, but if you haven't beta'd before, you should have at least a couple of decent-sized posts in your journal, un-f-locked so people can view your literacy skills for themselves.

Please copy the contents of the text box below into a new comment and fill in the details as and where appropriate. Thank you.

Signups that do not use the provided template WILL BE DELETED. It's there for a reason.

There is (and has always been) a link to this post on the profile page and on the community page itself under Betas/Writing. There is now also a 'betas' tag for yet another way to find this post.

If you know someone who would like to beta Spander, please send them this way.

Thank you. :o)

June 28th 1020 ETA: This post has been edited and updated, and all beta signups older than a year have been deleted.


A writer-beta relationship is like a marriage - find the right partner and it can be heaven on earth, but it still takes work. You have to get to know each other's quirks and habits, and negotiate a middle path. You might not 'click' with your first or second or even your third beta or writer, and there's no shame in saying 'I don't think this is going to work out,' or 'You only seem to want an X-type beta and I'm really a Y-type beta,' or 'I know my sentence structure is quirky, but I don't want you to rewrite my whole story'.

Negotiate. Discuss. Explain. KEEP IN TOUCH.

Betas, if your author continues to make the same error again and again, try explaining why it's wrong, and don't be afraid to google to help you do that clearly. If authors continue to send work filled with the same simple mistakes, you have to decide if you're willing to keep correcting them forevermore, or if you want to step away.

If the relationship is not working out for one or both of you, then someone needs to end it, as politely and as reasonably as possible. Then take a deep breath, read a favourite fic, and start looking for your next writer or beta. There will always be one out there, waiting to find you.

Please use the contact information in the comments below to contact your chosen beta. Don't clog up this list with 'Please beta me' comments as I will delete them as I find them.


28th-Jun-2010 09:12 pm (UTC)
Name: Mistress_Tien
Preferred genres: I'm not sure what this means. I'll read just about anything and this is a Spander community, so I guess I'm open. I'm ok with AUs, including human AUs, but draw the line if the characters bear zero resemblance to the originals.
Beta strengths: Spelling, word choice, grammar, US English/colloquialisms,
Beta weaknesses: Long-term characterizations. I read a lot of fan fic and occasionally get my "Spike" written by Y mixed up with "Spike" written by Z.
Stuff I will not beta: I'm open-minded to kink, but I reserve the right to refuse any subject.
Experience: (Not essential, but please link, if possible, to one or more works (in any fandom) that credit you as a beta) I've worked with jasonsnene, slashtheboyz, and we-dreamerz on and off over the last three years. I haven't been available to do on-going beta work.
Contact info: mistress.tien@gmail.com
Other fandoms (for crossover purposes): The Sentinel, Stargate: Atlantis, NCIS, Queer as Folk. I know *many* others, so please feel free to ask.
Any specialist knowledge: I lived in So. Cal. for most of my life and have driven through 37 states, so I'm good with roadtrips in the US. I've worked as a journalist, typesetter, cook, caterer, bartender, teacher, editor, programmer, and in retail. My interests include: SCUBA diving, knitting, spinning (as in yarn), dyeing, woodworking, wooden boat building, farming (animals rather than plants).
Any other info: I can often do a "fast and dirty" beta if you catch me at the right time. I'll read it *right now* and get it back to you, drop me a line and I'll help if I can.

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