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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 3/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

The torn lace curtain at the attic window fluttered back as the
unseen eyes watched the interaction of the men in the yard.
They appeared to be arguing and it was difficult to tell if they
would stay or go.

The low whisper broke the silence.
"Are they coming in? Oh how I hope they come in, it's been
such a long time. We have waited so long."

Several more disembodied voices answered immediately with a
chorus of moans and nearly indistinguishable responses. All so quiet and
breathless that human ears would have missed them or dismissed them
as only a breeze rushing through the broken windows and separated
slats of the house's haggard wood siding.

"Yes. Yes."
"Oh, please."
"They are perfect"
"I knew someone would come."

They were cut off by the authority of the first voice.
Still low, but sterner this time.
"Not perfect. You know they are vampires. Their bodies are not
warm. Their hearts do not beat. But still, they will serve our purpose.
Hurry now. We must get ready."

The other's could barely contain their excitement.
"Look! Look! they're coming"

The ripped lace, still stained from the blood splatters left on it years ago,
dropped back in place. The attic was again silent.

"Watch where you walk, Pet. These porch steps look rotten and it
sure wouldn't due for you to fall through and end up with a wood splinter
inconveniently lodged in your chest. Don't fancy a childe who's
a pile of dust."

Xander grinned like a loon at the warning.
"I love you too, demon."

Just the thought that his sire was so protective and caring suddenly
made Xander horny as hell. Slamming Spike back against the porch post,
Xander dove in for a deep tongue tangled kiss.

As always happened when they physically touched, their shared
spirit and demon blended and sparked against each other sending
hot rushing fireworks through their bodies.

Xander's cock stood, thick and proud, ready for anything his sire
wanted of him. Spike's cock twitched weakly then snuggled back into it's
comfy denim pouch.

"Tut, tut, Pet. We must be mindful of the crack of dawn now and
the crack of Xan later."
Spike gently peeled his childe's hands from his leather duster.

Xander whimpered, but knew his Demon was right.
Safety first and sucking second.

Reaching for the front door, Xander prepared to kick it in, expecting
it to be locked, in which case his conscience would be clear
if he had to force his way in.

This was, after all, an emergency. A whoopie emergency.

Much to his surprise, as his fingers were just inches from the brass
knob, the door swung slowly open, creaking loudly.
Xander snatched his hand back and he stared at the open,
untouched entrance.

"Um, Demon, did you see that?"

Spike was tired. The trip so far had been long and stressful, not
to mention sexually exhausting. He stood behind his boy, yawned,
and stretched.

"Huh? See what? Oh good you got the door open. SHIT!"

Spike jumped and pushed Xander forward just as a beam of morning
sunlight struck the porch right behind them.
Slamming the door he flipped the rusty chain lock and checked
to make sure it was reasonably secure.

The place looked like no one had been here in years, but it never hurt
to take extra precautions.

Turning around he spotted Xander wandering into what used to be a
large living room. Empty of any furnishings, it was hard to imagine this
being anyone's happy home. Although if the rumors were true it was
apparently not too happy.

Cobwebs and spiders hung from every corner, and from the looks of the
mouse dropping on the floor, the house was more alive than they had
originally thought.

Torn, sun bleached, heavy drapes still hung at the windows offering
partial protection from the sun and casting a dark gloom over the
abandoned room.

The air was dank and moldy smelling. Crypt like. Homey.
It was just what the doctor ordered.
Especially if the doctor's name was Frankenstein.

As much as it pained him to admit, Spike was whipped. He hadn't
had that much sex in years, if ever. He wasn't sure if he could get it up
again even if he bit and sucked out a bloke pumped full of Viagara.

The only thing that concerned him more than the possibility of his
dick falling off was the chance that any type of hesitation on his part
may be perceived as rejection to his new, much loved childe.

Time. Spike needed time.

"Tell you what love, why don't you run upstairs and check out the
bedrooms, I'll look around down here and we can decide the safest
place to settle in for the day."

He continued to casually stroll around the lower level as if evaluating
the architecture. In truth he was hoping Xander would find somewhere
upstairs to get comfortable and doze off while waiting for Spike to join him.

"Hey, that's a great idea. Wow, Demon, you are so smart. I'm so lucky to
have a wonderful, sexy, brilliant sire like you."

Xander's octopus tentacles were suddenly everywhere.
They tweaked Spike's nipples, clutched his butt cheeks, and fumbled
with his button fly, all the time dry humping and grinding himself against
a sadly, still soft, sire.

Gently Spike pushed him back and turned him around. Then, with a slight
shove towards the staircase, he tried to get his mind to task.

"Tut tut, Pet. We recon the area for safety and security, find
a nesting spot, then get a good day's snooze."

Xander darted forward happily but paused at the foot of the steps.
"Ha Ha. You forgot the best part. Silly Demon. You forgot about
the nookie before we sleep. Don't worry, I'll hurry. I'll call you when
I check everything out."

Spike groaned and shook his head.

"Shhh. They are separating. The dark one comes first. Oh,
how grand! Ssshhhh."

"This one is mine."
"No. You got the last one. It's my turn."
"There was no last one you ass. You scared him off, remember?"
"Ssshhh. We'll share."
"Yes. Share."

Xander stopped midway up the stairs.
He could have sworn he heard voices.
He stuck his nose in the air like Spike had taught him and sniffed
deeply, searching for any danger.
There was nothing.

Like whispers, the sound tickled his ears and made the hair on the
back of his neck stand up. He strained to listen.
Wasn't his precious sire's voice.
He tipped his head to the side and tried to focus, but the urgency
of his aching hard cock distracted him.

Shaking his head, he dismissed it as folly and bounded on up to the
first room.

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