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Questions and searches and graphics- Oh, my!

Alrighty, Mys is biting the bullet and asking for some help… again.

and hopefully easiest- I’m looking for a pic/cap of Xander with facial injuries (and yes I am studiously avoiding Dirty Girls ‘cause hello, I have exactly 2 squicks and one of them is eyes so Mys is NOT going there), preferably bleeding facial injuries but any will do. I’ve hunted through the links, at least the active ones, so graciously offered here, so anything more specific would be good- even just giving me an episode or range of eps would be welcome. Yeah I know weird request but I’m working on a icon/graphic for a fic and… *shrugs*

Second, can anybody tell me if there is an agreed upon (or canon, ‘cause I might‘ve missed it- mere mortal and all, lol) level of education for ‘William’?

, and possibly oddest of the bunch- comic book anti-heroes, no, really. 
EDIT: In case anyone is still reading this, I think I'm going with the Poison Elves/Lusipher suggestion. Many thanks and hugs to
[info]wyvyrn and geek_girl33 for suggesting it, as well as everyone else who offered up and pestered bf's for suggestions!
I know. I suck. I don’t have a very viable knowledge of comics- anything outside the first few issues of A Cry For Dawn (and that was back when it was new) and I’m outta my depth. 
No, it doesn’t have to be one of the big ones, obscure is fine as long as one could imagine Xander reading it, and there HAS to be an obvious anti-hero, but he/she/it doesn’t need to be the main character.
Now, seeing as we are all into the Buffy-verse here I figure ya know what an anti-hero is but just in case *puts on teacher‘s hat- pacing in front of blackboard*: 
The general def is (thank you, Wikipedia, lol) a character who is conspicuously lacking in traditional heroic qualities.
A protagonist that lives by the guidance of their own moral compass, either striving to define and construe their own values as opposed to those recognized by the society of their world. Characteristics in protagonists that merit such a label can include, but are not limited to:
- Imperfections that separate them from typically "heroic" characters (selfishness, ignorance, bigotry, etc.) 
- Qualities normally belonging to villains (amorality, greed, violent tendencies, etc.) that may be tempered with more human, identifiable traits (confusion, self-hatred, etc.) 
- Noble motives pursued by bending or breaking the law in the belief that "the ends justify the means." 
In other words, think Spike! *takes off teacher’s hat and waits patiently*




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