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~ Big Bad Awards Update ~

Hey guys!! 
Heres another update on the  bigbad_awards:D
Massive thanks to everyone whos nominated so far!  Its doin great, and we cant wait to start workin on the award banners :D

The categories are filling up, so nows your last chance to get those last few nominations in before its too late! Hehehe.
Listed below are the categories that still have one or two spaces:

Bleeding For You - spike treated badly in a ship
Blood Red - best spillow
Blood of the Sire - best spangel
Platlet - best spawn
Blood Brothers - best spilliam
Bloody Leash - best spike chipped/souled fics
Bleeding Heart - h/c with spike giving comfort
Blood Bound - spikes a slave

Blood Droplet - best icon
Blood Tipped Feathers - winged spike manips [feathery, leathery or fairy]

You can see the status of all the categories HERE and whos already nominated HERE.
Rules for nominating HERE.

Thanks  darkhavensfor posting permission :)

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