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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 5/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

Spike slept on. The hazy fog that had been dropped over him
overrode his vampire's instinct to stay alert. Rolled up in the
cocoon of discarded, dusty sheets, his mind closed down as
his body sank deeper into the coma-like sleep that encompassed him.

The leather of the belt looped over the heavy ceiling beam
and snapped Xander's arms up taut, stretching him high as his
toes barely touched the floor.

"D..Demon? Are we still playing? We've never done anything
like this before."
Fear and anticipation tingled up and down Xander's spine as his cock
hardened and he waited to see what his sire had planned for him.

"Do you like the feel of a man's body? Tell me what makes you
spend. What brings you pleasure."
The Spike voice whispered in Xander's ear. He snapped his head
to the side unsure where his demon was.

"You bring me pleasure. Everything we do together brings me joy,
but I especially like it when you......"
Xander tipped his head down as a small smile played on his lips,
a pink color tinted his cheeks.
"When you suck on my organ."

The voices murmured almost incoherently among themselves.
"He has a piano?"
"He wants music as we do this?"
"Shut up you fools!"

Xander tugged, but the bindings on his wrists were expertly done
and left no room for give. Before he could speak again he
was suddenly assaulted by what felt like a dozen hands.
Cold hands. He was used to his sire being cold, but this
was down right frigid.

Instantly the hands were every where. Caressing his chest down to his
stomach they pressed, scratched and rubbed. It was as if
Xander's skin was made of an irresistible satin that begged
to be handled.

"Some men think it is wrong to bring pleasure to another
man's body. Is it wrong, Xander?"
The question was behind him, or was it in front?

Trying to clear his head and answer what was being asked of him,
Xander moaned and twitched at the small kitten licks and puppy nips
that had his nipples sore and hard.

"Nothing is wrong in the love we share. You taught me that, Demon.
God created everything on earth. He created men who love
men and he created vampires. We are all as we should be."

The voices sighed. They knew this boy was their salvation.
They were trapped here, condemned by the fear and shame
of what they were in life.

This innocent boy's release, freely given will give them absolution.
Bringing him pleasure for a moment will allow them entry into
heavens salvation for eternity.

By forgiving themselves their spirits could move on to the next
world where their love would sustain them forever.

Immediately the hands and lips returned.
He groaned and squirmed as the thick patch of coarse hair
surrounding his sex was tugged and shook causing his
cock to bounce and sway from side to side.

He knew he was already dribbling from the head down the
side of his thick throbbing shaft, feeling the cool tickle as it

He could feel teeth bitting him almost painfully on his shoulder,
neck and back. It was slightly confusing. These were not
the sharp razor like fangs of his sire. It must be part of the

Dismissing all the conflicting elements of the scenario, Xander's
worship of his amazing master grew by leaps and bounds.
Was there no limit to the pleasure he could bring?

It seemed impossible, yet he could feel the weight of his master against
his back at the same time as his ankles and legs were being licked.

And now, 'Oh Sweet Mulligan Stew!' his toes were being sucked!

Spreading his feet as far as possible, Xander waited for the
hands of his sire to reach his aching need. He struggled
to thrust his hips forward.

"I'm ready, Sire, touch me and I will cum for you."

"NO!" Again the hands stopped.
"You must not spend yet. It is too soon."

His body was left untouched as the stale air of the attic
was the only thing he could feel against his skin.

Slumping slightly, he attempted to shift his weight as the burn in
his shoulders increased.

"O.k. It's o.k. I won't cum. Please, Demon, put your mouth on me.
Please. I'll try to hold off till you say."
Xander's begging soon reached epic proportions and the phantoms
knew he was ripe.

The first lick to the head of his cock was so unexpected and welcomed
he squealed and jerked himself forward. What followed was the most
amazing thing Xander had ever felt. His master was somehow able to
suck his balls at the same time he licked the precum from the tip and
ran his lips over the shaft.

Xander knew at that moment he was the luckiest childe since the first
vampire had been created.

No longer aware of the joint wrenching in his arms, all he could feel
was the icy suction on his cock and balls while, shockingly, his sire
was licking at the eager empty hole waiting to be filled.

"Holy Moley! Oh Sire! Please enter me. Hurry fill me with your
body and your release."

Xander strained, trying desperately to think of anything that would hold off
an orgasm that was already filling his heavy ball sac.
He tried to think of Christmas - winter - snow - cold - his sires tongue - NO!
He thought of snakes - woods - cave - their first sex - NO!
He tried counting - ten fingers - ten toes - two feet - Demon's feet -

His orgasm hit so fast and hard all beings in the room were shocked.
His release shot from his cock as it jumped and pumped thick globs
of cum onto the two ghosts who were sucking his cock and balls.

Coated and smeared with it they stood back as they felt it tingle
and burn their incorporeal bodies.
"Yes, yes, do you feel it?"

The second entity pointed as a beam of light burst into the darkened
room, blinding the three spirits who floated towards it.
Stepping into the light the first two who had received Xander's gift
immediately floated up. The third who was busy licking Xander's
hole, had missed out.

Holding their hands out to their companion the spirits called back,
"We'll wait for you. Hurry, we will be here to welcome you home."

The third ghost stomped his foot soundlessly on the floor and
stood with his hands on his hip, disgusted.
He looked back and forth between the spot where his companions
had disappeared and the limp, spent body of the young vampire
who was swaying and grinning happily.

"Well Fuck! All right Junior, let's see just how recuperative
you fuckin' vampires really are."

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