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There’s Always a Sneer in Vegas (22/?) 
3rd-Aug-2007 08:54 pm

Title:There’s Always a Sneer in Vegas (22/?)
BTVS; Spike/Xander
Warnings: Slash, AU, Post Apocalyptic, violence, non-con, slavery, tentacles,
Summary: It’s been seven years since Angelus killed Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Seven years after Angelus opened a portal to hell on Earth. Humans are food, slaves or on the run. There’s hope only in small band of resistance fighters. However, that’s a hope Xander Harris no longer has. It’s been six months since he was taken in a raid. At first Xander thought he was lucky the demons didn’t know who he was; but then that was before he became property to an Azora demon.

As always: Feedback makes my heart go pitter-patter.


This was my only chance to get posted this weekend. So here's a nice long chapter....hope this will keep you satisfied. I know I'm way behind in responding to comments. Will do so as soon as I can. :)



4th-Aug-2007 08:50 pm (UTC)
Oh, I loved this chapter, really. ::pets it:: But I still wish I knew what Spike is thinking more. One minute he's treating Xander like a person that he likes, the next he's a pet. How's Xander sposed to keep up with that crazy vamp?? I mean in public its one thing, but in private he kinda blunders a bit, ya? ::shakes head:: Poor wittle vamp, you'll learn. XD
8th-Aug-2007 04:19 am (UTC) - thank you
Spike's learning...Xander's learning...

Spike does like Xander....Spike wants the white knight and scooby...but spike needs Xander to be his Pet...be submissive...they can't play at it. It's too dangerous. More will come...

chap 23 is up.


7th-Aug-2007 07:13 pm (UTC)
wow...this has fast become may favorite Spike/Xander
you do both characters beautifully
Xanders inner voice is dead on and the light touch of humor
(Florence Fangandnail snort) you've added to a slave fiction is amazingly done.
It can't always be easy to balance the humor and angst.
Great job.
More soon please.
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