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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 6/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

The room was void of sound and movement.
Xander swung by his arms from the strap binding him to the
ceiling rafter. The scarf still tied around his face had blocked out the
sight of light and ascension that had just taken place behind him.
Limp, spent and ready for sleep, Xander felt totally satisfied
for the first time since being turned and his body was calm.

Gliding silently several inches off the ground the third ghost
floated away from the spot where the pearly gates had opened
for his lovers then slammed in his face.

While the other two had bathed in the cum of the righteous
he had been left high and dry - literally.

Trying to ease the cramp in his back, Xander yawned and shifted.
"Demon? Think you can cut me down? I'm ready to sleep now.
How about you?"

Furious and frustrated by his failure, the spirit was not about to let
his only opportunity slip away that easily.

"Oh no Xander, we are not finished yet. You came without the
permission of your Sire. We must correct that faux pas immediately!"

Without the handicap of blood loss from his brain, Xander was able
to focus more clearly. The voice. Something about the voice was
not right.

It had the same accent, but not the right affect.
Besides, when had Xander ever heard his sire use a term like "faux pas"?
Demon would have surly thought that was too gay.

"Who are you? Sire? Is that you?"
Xander struggled. Pulling frantically to try to free himself.

Panicking at the possibility that his only chance was slipping away,
the ghost swooped down and dug rapidly through the trunk he had
owned in life. Finding what he needed, he swung.


Xander gasped when the sharp sting of the cat tails struck his
skin. The pain shot through his body like a bolt of lightning.
The first strike landed on his back followed by three more in rapid
succession across the firm round globes of his ass.

In life, pain had to be tolerated. A blistered hand from work. A cut
arm or injured back from the inevitable accident that happened on a farm,
but he dreaded it. Cringed from it and whined incessantly when it

But this......

This was a new perspective. When the shock of pain went through him it
exploded in every cell of his reborn body, thrilling his demon and pooling
in his cock and balls.

Exhaustion forgotten, Xander's eyes popped open wide behind
the blindfold and his head flopped back.
A cat's yowl echoed off the dusty rafter beams as his
spent cock quickly hardened.

Sparkling with glee the ghost knew he held the solution to his predicament
in his incorporeal little hands.

"Do you like that, Xander? Do you like when I punish you for
disobeying me? You forget who you are. You forget who I am.
Who am I?"

Two more swift blows landed, raising several red welts on the tops of
Xander's legs.

Moaning and rocking his body Xander could hardly hear or understand
what was being ask of him. He had never felt such intense sensation.
"Wha..? You are....uh...."


"Answer your Sire!"

Xander's cock hardened even more, dribbling thickly as the pain in
his body reached the next level. His balls swung low, aching
deliciously from the load they held.

"Sire. You are my Sire. Oh, Demon, that hurts so good."

Just as quickly as the assault had begun, it stopped.
Floating to the front, the phantom watched and waited for what he
knew the boy would do next.

This was a game the three lovers had often played with each other in life.
It was one of the things that had brought them together. Meeting by
chance one night in a gay bar in Cleveland Ohio, the three men quickly
became fast friends.

After only a few weeks they had decided to live together. A set up
that inevitably went from roommates to lovers. There was no jealousy
between them, only shared pleasure.

It hadn't taken long before their sexual interests and explorations had
the neighbors talking. A closed minded, bigoted town like Cleveland,
was NOT ready to accept such perversions.

One by one each man found themselves ostracized by their families and
soon fired from their jobs in the wake of the unending gossip.
Unwilling to give each other up they had traveled west, looking for a
fresh start in life.

It was a trip that saw failure and disappointment at every stop.
Still, they chose each other over the chance to succeed alone.

After two months on the road they found themselves tired, hungry,
and nearly broke when they stumbled across the abandoned farm
house and decided to settle in.

Alone together, the finally gave free reign to all their deepest,
darkest desires.
There was no suggestion that was out of bounds.
No need refused.
It was as if they understood they were living on borrowed time
and wanted to experience everything they could in the short time
they had left.

Fucking, sucking, fisting, any position possible, and some they discovered
weren't. Cutting, S&M, doubling, the activities soon dominated every
minute of their days and nights.

In the end, no one could remember which one of them voiced the
thought first, but it was one, like the sex, that all three had shared
from the beginning of this trip.

"We are done. There is no way to go on from this. I love you both,
but there is no place on this earth for us. We are broke, starving,
and have nothing else but our love for each other, which cannot sustain
us any longer."

The other two had silently agreed. All knew it was a conclusion that had
probably been put into motion from the first night they met. Fate had
brought them together and death would seal them that way.

It was the next new thing they chose to experience together.

None of the three disagreed and after a short discussion the decision
was made.
The next night by the light of the full harvest moon, they climbed
the stairs to the attic together. They had packed all of their
belongings in the forgotten steamer trunks they had found there
and they said their final good byes.

The sex this time was slower, sweeter, more passionate than before.
Of all the times previous, this one was the best.

When they were done, when all were spent, the knife was brought
out. It was sharp. Kept razor like for their games only this time it
would bring them together in a new way.

As agreed, it was Jim, the strongest of the three to take the action that
would free them all. Not allowing himself time to think, to regret, to
hesitate, he swung. In a blink of the eye the blade glistened in the
moonlight as it arched through the air and sliced the throats of his
lovers, his life's companions. Then, just as quickly, across his own.

The blood of the trio splattered together across the walls,
rafters, and curtains of the stuffy room that in a flash had become
their tomb.

The bodies had been discovered two months later by a group
of boys from a nearby village searching for a suitable haunted
house to use for their Halloween party.

They found one.

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