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All Over Again # 7

Title: All over Again

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Warnings/Squicks: M/M relations (way later) and human boys (for now)

Rating: NC-17 (or MA 15+ or R?) There is violence and sex and vampires, and boys.

Summary: Saving both of them had a bizarre set of implications – not least of which was the chance to start again.

Disclaimer: Characters are the concept of the wonderful Joss and Co. Don’t make money from the writing etc etc.


Alexander came to, knowing at a visceral level that he was Alexander, and Xander, and two new things hyena and soldier.

In this dimension his ancient animal spirit and lost ghost of a soldier now mixed with a re-injection of original memories plus his consciousness of twenty four years of new life. The ancient spirit and soldier essence had been preserved and waiting for the moment of fulfilling the prophesy and the manifestation went beyond thought.

Hardly registering that his skin was covered by a light coat of dappled fur, or that he seemed to be temporarily blind in one eye and could feel his canines extended beyond his other teeth, he looked over at the still figure of his brother with concern. The soldier took over for a moment and a fur covered hand reached out and pressed into the neck of the body next to him seeking a pulse.

The consciousness of the human Alex kicked in immediately and moved to test again, before blind panic set in. His hyena senses smelt death, the soldier and the man confirmed it. The old Xander assessed the still body with dismay, sadness and a good measure of denial before the new, gestalt Alexander began to grieve in earnest. No matter his makeup, the news was devastating.

William was dead.

He couldn’t seem to breathe or think or… William was *dead*!

Alexander flung himself across the body and began to cry, then howl, and in an act that was as swift as any vampire might produce promptly sat up, pulled the inert figure across his lap, buried his face in his dead brother’s hair, rocking and keening and lost all track of time.

Still rocking and uncaring of his own circumstances, he eventually accepted the prompting of an insistent friend, or someone (?) and took what he thought was the tip of a drink bottle into his mouth. In a state of utter distress, he didn’t question and thankfully drank the salty sweet liquid, though he was aware enough for a moment to wonder at the taste, the strange thought “Breast milk?” occurred before he passed out with the effects of grief, dimensional travel and her juices.

William too was fed. Her frond pressed past the pale limp lips of the now (once again) vampire and pushed directly into his stomach, and with her juices came… other changes.

She had no control over the reintegration of their former spirits or the manifestation of the same in her dimension. She watched as the Aurelian demon took William and his face oscillated between human and vampire, but was satisfied that her juices had ensured that the two former humans would retain their souls and provide other advantages. Illyria worried a little, but chose to wait. In earth time it would have been days but her juices speeded the transformation and mere hours later the one called William fell into game face and unconsciously sought out the throat of his now slightly furry companion.

She monitored the bite and was pleased to note the reciprocal seeking of blood by the ancient hyena spirit. It was true then, she had seen glimpses of their lives together already, pleased that her ascension had resulted in happiness for the lower beings and confident that there would be a full joining within hours.

It was necessary that the champions’ strengths were combined completely if she was to return to the earthly realm and find her true mate. It was the final part of her bargain and The Powers had agreed. Her champions would be theirs when she had back what was rightfully hers – and by retrieving her consort, in a strange way would save the earth from a virus so much worse than AIDS or Black Death, as to make any human pandemic to date look like the attempts of a ten year old with a pea shooter versus an intercontinental nuclear missile launch.

Her Old One partner had been released by her acolytes a thousand years previous to her own liberation, but his essence contained in ash was intercepted for some reason now lost to history and he had been condemned to the role of ‘religious relic’, to be passed from land to land for more than a millennium, and now finally he was found.

She knew the former men in her care would need guidance and reassurance if she was to be finished with their dimension once and for all. She also knew that their existence was tied to her *and* that they might fight for their sister as her beloved took hold, and without understanding their role, might endanger both sister and her lover.

She didn’t like pandering to humans or half breeds, but in this case, it might prove necessary if she was to use them properly.

Alexander woke as the body in his arms stirred. He thought he was dreaming… was sure he was dreaming. He could taste blood in his mouth and wondered if he had cut his tongue. He had slightly swollen lips, an odd sense of fullness, a taste similar to mothers’ milk in his mouth.

He went to feel his teeth with what he thought was a torn tongue and cried out as he felt lengthened canines then looked down to spy his own arms, now covered in blondish and brown dappled fur. He felt he should panic but merely felt panic and heard himself growl, then remembered the grief of the previous… The body in his arms was Will, his brother, and Will was dead… but now… moving? Maybe it was all a terrible dream, but Will turned raised up, pushed his brother away a little with preternaturally strong arms, and stared at him. His inner Xander recognised the ridges and the fangs, it was Spike’s old game face.

Yellow eyes blinked open, then began to shed bloodied tears as William felt the demon force stir within and knew instantly. He was dead… again… and in the arms of someone who smelt like his brother, but not, then he looked down and saw the fur covering the arms that had been holding him tight and cried for them both. If his brother was a werewolf he would stand by him for three days a month, if he was a Halfling then they would find somewhere together where he and Alexander could live without being condemned to hide… But there was something else…

William let go and his demon took full possession of thoughts and memories. There were two flavours in his mouth, one vaguely like mother’s milk and the other… Alexander. And there was more, he had bitten and been bitten. For a vampire that was not done lightly. So this was to be their fate. Unable to save Poppie, trapped in bodies that were freakish enough to commit them to the shadows? The old Spike raged and was just about to rise and tear apart… wherever they were when Alexander pulled him up into a desperate kiss.

Ignoring the game face, Alexander knew his brother, his new senses could smell him, taste him. And his brother was definitely dead, but also… all in there. Somehow Alex knew the soul was in tact, that the figure in his arms was fearful, and that they were both in deep trouble. He pulled William, the vampire William, down into an even tighter hug and this time it was reciprocated. The kiss that ensued was desperate not passionate, and the two continued to hug until exhaustion and trauma took its toll and they slept, their combined tears enough to make any conversation unnecessary.

Illyria was satisfied. She calculated that feeding the Halflings once or twice more would be enough and perhaps once they had joined, her thoughts might be understood. To be on the safe side she decided to accelerate the partnering process, adjusted her juices accordingly, had a minion prepare them. Alexander’s legs were gently eased up and William lowered over him to the perfect position where stiff member pushed gently against the entrance of the other man.

William was resting against the brunette’s strong furred chest as he came to. Illyria had just withdrawn her fronds and this time the boost was exactly as she hoped.

Pheromones assaulted William’s new senses and his demon screamed for claiming, Alexander was similarly affected. Their human personas had both contemplated it, but now the drive was too much. William took Alexander’s mouth and drove into him before Alex even had time to tense up. It had never felt like this with other male partners, he had never really taken it this far – not face to face and kissing! But this was right, and as his prostate was struck on the way in… and out… and in… over and over, he pulled his lips from the newly made vampire’s and sank his canines into a straining neck. Seconds later he felt the sting of the same and both came hard. Alexander spilling between them at the same time the sensation of cool seed filling his bowels occurred.

Alexander didn’t miss the “Love you” nor the opportunity to whisper the same, then heard the rather sultry, if a little cheeky, "You on top next time OK?”, then lost his naughty grin as he felt a profound shift inside his being, saw William's eye revert to wide eyed blue for a moment, and wondered just what it was they had done. The two pulled together in a tight, rather terrified hug, but still let sated sleep take them.

Illyria was happy, her champions were bound together – Vampire and Consort, Hyena and Mate, Soldier and friend, human male and same sex partner, souls that shared a history now bound forever. But she knew it was time.

She pressed her fronds into the sleeping male mouths and fed them for the last time. Her minions carried the cage to her throne room and she waited. She had been patient after their joining, waited for them to snooze, imprinted her needs and the necessary knowledge in their minds, then invoked the spell. As they stirred from slumber, she began to chant.


Poppie was dying, her boys had both been taken and Charlotte was being sedated against her will! She fought Trent and the other coven members. She cried and pleaded, but was unable to cope in this real world that had become hers, and in the end gave a anguished cry as the needle went in and she gave in to blessed black.

Willow’s life partner, Livvy, sat solemnly with the now sleeping Charlotte and worked through her repertoire of healing chants whilst monitoring her fellow wiccan.

Trent was coping only marginally better, a large part of which had been that he was part of the original group to restore his boys’ life forces to newborn bodies and understood the link. Despite still being unable to reconcile their disappearance and the prophesy and everything else, he divided his time between attending his dear heart Charlotte, his dying daughter and his remaining child, the lovely Blanche, who was now proving his rock.

Blanche was at her best – even Willow was amazed. She took her father’s hand and accompanied him down the darkened hall from her sister’s sick bed and toward the cared for figure of her mother. It was two in the morning, the wall seemed to shimmer in the dark and she pulled her father back behind her as a blue rift opened in the wall opposite, this time spewing forth…

A father fell to his knees as he saw the figures, and despite his daughter’s efforts to hold him back, reached out a tentative hand to two unconscious forms of… his boys. Their forms flashed the manifestations that were those of Illyria’s dimension but almost before their father could register any change or Blanche scream for help, the two shifted form to their previous pretty human guises.

Trent collapsed onto the ground pulling his two dear boys into a vice like hug, joined by Blanche as the coven came running and the four family members began to cry. Alexander sobbed and apologised for not keeping William safe. His father noted the bluish tinge to William’s lips, felt the prickle of demon energy and tugged William closer. There was no warmth, no heartbeat, and Trent knew. Charlotte’s beautiful Billie was dead, and William along with Alexander had again been condemned by fate.

Their father began to grieve and William and Alexander attempted to comfort, trying to tell their father that they were ‘OK’, that the prophesy had begun, that they loved him. They tried, but Trent was beyond listening, and simply rocked the two large male forms he had pulled against him... his sons... his wonderful sons.

Blanche was also sobbing and collapsed onto her knees in a full down position. She felt the prickle from both her brothers, particularly Will, and saw her father’s distress. In an effort to connect with her brothers she put her hands out within touching distance, palms up, seeking… reassurance… anything from the returned two. The gesture was acknowledged and the woman drawn into their hug.

The four continued to hold tight as members of the coven arrived at a run, but it was Blanche who roused family and coven members to action as she looked up to Willow who had just skidded to a halt and quietly said a single word, “Poppie!”


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