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Xander as bait - S/X

Ok, I'm looking for a Spander story I just can't find again. There's only one scene I remember clearly and I have the feeling that it's part of a longer story. Probably one of those classics that everybody has read. I'm gonna beat myself for not remembering, I just know it. ;)

To the story: The scene I'm thinking of is set on or near a construction site. The Scoobies are hunting some kind of big wolf or something like that. Something big, hairy and toothy. So they kinda use Xander as bait and Spike totally flips out and tears them a new one afterwards for using the one member of their group, who has the least means to defend himself. Something along those lines. I am not sure if Xander and Spike are already an item at this point...

So, sound familiar to anyone? I'd be really grateful for the help.

Edit: turtlepower4eve found it - From Out of Nowhere by suki_blue
Thank you!

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