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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 7/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

Every cell in Xander reanimated body hummed and vibrated with
the excitement of this shocking new revelation. His cock was so
hard and wet he feared it may explode when he was finally allowed
to cum.

The pain was so unexpected he never had time to decide if it was
something he wanted to try. His brilliant, wonderful, sire just knew.
He always knew.
Xander's admiration of him kicked up a notch or ten.

But now, just as he was fully on board with the thrill of the ouchies,
it stopped. The sting and the burn of the blows was rapidly fading
and his body craved more.

He panted with unnecessary breaths and swung freely by his arms.
"Sire? Please Sire. I'm so close. It hurts so good. Please. I
promise not to cum without permission. You are the boss of me.
Please, Sire please."

Smiling, the ghost sighed. It was pure music. A symphony to his ears.
Stirring the long lost memory of the nights his lovers had begged him to
hurt them. To bring them to a sudden, wrenching orgasm through the
carefully and expertly controlled dispensing of pain.

But this, this was a vampire. Able to endure more and obviously a virgin
to the pleasures of punishment. Shame on his sire. So sloppy of him.
No problem. This was one spirit that was more than glad to solve both
their problems. Give them both exactly what they needed.

This time when the whip came down it struck across his stomach
just inches from the purple head of his straining cock.
It came down four more times causing his skin to split and ooze
blood from his chest.

Arching his back, Xander screamed and twisted, not sure if it was away
from, or into, the painful strikes.


Spike rolled over. Part of him tried to wake. Something called
to him, but he was unable to stir. His eyes darted wildly behind
the closed lids and he slept on.


After the last blow Xander felt the air next to his skin grow colder.
The lacerations on his body burned and tormented him deliciously.
Flexing the cheeks of his ass he waited impatiently for the pain to

The second the icy cold tongue touched the cut skin his body went
rigid. If he thought the pain was good, this was excellent.
Slowly, methodically, the cold invisible mouth licked and sucked
every seeping drop of blood from the young vampire's body.

His hole had clenched so tight no amount of oil or prodding would
have been able to open him up for fingers or cock.
It didn't matter. Xander knew instinctively that this was not about his
Sire's pleasure. No, this was about Xander. His generous Sire was
only concerned with bringing his unworthy child to orgasm.

There was no way Xander could ever thank the demon for this, but
he certainly intended to try.

Xander strained, hoping for more. More tongue, more whipping, more,
just, more.
The muscles in his arms and legs trembled from being held so long in the
uncomfortable position, yet it only added to the marvelous experience.

The lines on the underside of his cock throbbed and twitched as though his
heart was beating, pounding and driving the blood through his now
collapsed veins. Even untouched, the purple, dripping head felt
over stimulated and Xander knew he couldn't hold off much longer.

"Please, Sire, please let me cum."

Knowing it was time, the spirit drifted back and let his eyes wander one
last time over the magnificent form of the sexually charged young man.
Nothing about this was wrong.
There could be no shame in this pleasure.

"Cum for me, Xander. Cum for me."

Like standing on a ragged cliff, Xander felt the sharp edge peak as
he tumbled over the edge of the crashing orgasm. Shot after shot of
cool sperm filled the unseen hands of the grateful, loving ghost.

No sooner had the tingle, burning sensation begun when the room
exploded in the golden loving light of redemption. Stepping toward it
he was met by the welcoming arms of his beloved companions waiting
to take him home.
All three paused to gaze upon their savior.

"Thank you Xander. Thank you."
"Sleep well."
"We will watch out for you Xander. Thank you."

In a flash the light and the ghosts were gone. The leather restraint
released and Xander tumbled to the floor exhausted. Unable to pull
himself to his feet, he fell asleep where he landed.

When the spirit's influence and power disappeared from the house
Spike woke with a start. His instincts told him it was nearly night
fall and he was terrified to find himself alone.
His only thought was to find his childe.

Leaping to his feet he tried to calm himself enough to focus on their
shared spirit and bond. He could feel the boy safe and nearby
which brought enormous comfort to his frantic mind.

Following his Xan-dar Spike sprinted up the stairs to the second
level and down a narrow hallway. Locating a small door he
never paused but jerked it open and rushed up into the dank, musty,
airless room.

It took only seconds to discover his lost childe sleeping peacefully
curled up on some old motheaten clothing he must have found.
Spike smiled as he watched his beautiful, much loved childe.

Adjusting his eyes to the dark he frowned briefly as he spotted several
odd cuts on the boys body. Satisfied that they were already fading
he concluded that the boy must have tripped and fallen against
something up here.

He dearly loved the lad, but he was clumsy as fuck.
Oh, well, no matter. He was safe and that's all Spike cared about.
Feeling guilty for avoiding his childe and causing them both to have
to sleep alone, Spike laid down behind his beloved and nudged
him awake.

"Xan? Sweetheart? We have a couple hours till the sun is down.
Wanna play?"

Xander groaned and immediately covered his package with both hands.
He then flopped over to face his sire, stunned.
"Please, Sire, I can't. You are just too much for me to keep up with.
Can't we just sleep till then? I'm sorry Sire but I just can't"

Slightly confused but greatly relieved, Spike pulled his childe to him
and held him close as they both dozed off to await the setting of the sun.

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