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fic: 3 Inches

Title: 3 Inches
Author: druffine
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: 18+ in later chapters (explicit sex)
Season/Spoilers: about 5th BtVS / no
Warnings: cuteness
Length: 34,500 words in 21 parts (Yes, this fic is finished.)
Start/Finish Date: 2004-09-27 / 2007-07-24
Content: A spell goes wrong and Spike suffers from the after effects.
Beta: joolzmp7 (forever in debt for your priceless advice)
Special Thanks: mygothangel, little_tenshi and Nat
Deal/Sequel: Since this fic started with this lovely Spanomic of Spike drawn by little_tenshi, I promised her to write a ficlet as some kind of interlude for every new 3-Inches-Spanomic she’ll draw me. Go and cheer her on, she loves that. *lol* More Fanomics.
Disclaimer: not mine *pout*

Read the fic at my Livejournal here
or read it at my new Druffitown site here.

Thank you.
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