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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 9/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

Special thanks to the lovely Shanmara for the wonderful banner.

Spike drove in silence as Xander continued to pout.
Seemed like nothing he did satisfied sire. How was he supposed
to know that scary meant vamp face.

Unable to read Spike's mind, but clearly aware of the scowl on
sire's face, Xander's thoughts soon traveled down the road to

'Maybe I'm not good enough for sire. Maybe he won't want
me anymore. Maybe he'll throw me from the moving car and
watch and laugh as my worthless body rolls down the hillside
and lies in the dirt only to be eaten by ground hogs and ferrets.'

That last thought was the one that did it.

Xander had always had an irrational fear of small, furry,
snake-with-legs like creatures with sharp teeth. One of the
older boys at school had told him that a ferret would slither
up the inside of your pant leg and bite off your peter.

Xander had taken to walking with his head down after that.
A habit that, misinterpreted as humility, had earned him big points
in his Amish community.

Suddenly gripped by terror, Xander threw himself onto Spike
and attempted to crawl onto his lap.
"I'm sorry, Sire, Demon. Please forgive me. Don't abandon me.
Please don't let the ferrets get me."

Spike's mouth fell open as he wrestled the steering wheel to
keep the car on the road. Scanning the interior of the car for
unwanted intruders, Spike's confusion had him floundering and
trying to push the clinging childe toward his own side of the car.

"Ferrets? What ferrets? What the fuck is wrong with you, Boy?"

Xander would not be swayed. His arms wrapped around Spike's
chest as his legs tried to climb over his sire's lap. Finally in an act
of self preservation, Spike again pulled off to the side of the road
and shut off the engine. A flaming car crash would do neither of
them any good.

'Holy hell!' He thought 'At this rate it is gong to take us a year to
get back to California.'

Calming himself with an unneeded breath, Spike plucked the
larger body off his own and gently placed him on the passenger side
of the vehicle.

"Now, look here, Boy. There are no fuckin' ferrets in the car.
I'm not mad at you. I love you, you big goof. Besides, a sire never
abandons his childe."

That last one was the hardest to say and caused his voice to
crack slightly because even as he said it he knew it was a lie.
His own sire had tossed him away like a snot filled Kleenex.

But not this sire, and not this childe.

"Look, Xander, this is a very hard time for you. You are missing
your old life and trying to adjust to a new one. The spirit that you
carry wants you to do the right thing and the demon wants you to
be a vampire with all that entails, but mostly everything in you wants
to please your sire, yea?"

Xander was again flabbergasted by the wisdom and genius of his sire.
Sire was perfect.
Sire knew everything.
Sire was sexy as hell.

Xander again threw himself onto Spike and tried to climb him like
a cat on a maple tree knocking what little air Spike had in his lungs, out.

"OOF! Wait, wait. Tell you what. You sit over there and I'll let you
suck a bit of sire cock to calm you down. How's that?"

As always Xander was impressed with Spike's ability to know
just what each situation called for. Happily he bounced in his seat and
whistled a happy tune as he unzipped his sire's jeans and unbuttoned
his own trousers.

Once both hard pricks were exposed to the cool night air Spike
settled back in his seat, proud of the fact that he had again come up
with the perfect solution and everyone was happy.

Tipping the steering wheel down, he scooted his seat back and tugged his
black denim jeans down over his hips. Might as well free his sac as well,
just in case the boy wanted to play with it. There was no limit to Spike's
generosity when it came to his childe.

Xander smiled as he watched sire's cock and balls emerge from their
hidden cover. They were magnificent. Not as thick as his own, it
was slightly longer and a perfect combination of pale pink shaft and
red-purple head.

He licked his lips as he began stroking his own thick length. He
gasped as sire spit on his own hand and wrapped his fist around his
long, hard prick. Watching with his nose just inches from the
bubbling head was the most erotic thing Xander had ever seen.

Mesmerized, part of him wanted to stare till sire's cock grew harder
and spewed thick cream all over Xander's face yet another part wanted
the offered taste.

Swiping his thumb over the tip caused the sticky fluid to leave spit like stings
on Spike's finger tips. It was more than Xander could stand. Flicking out
his tongue he licked the precum from sire's hand, following the liquid back to
it's source.
Once he had the taste he couldn't get enough.

Lapping every trace from the protruding, half hooded head, he then proceeded
to lick and suck up and down the shaft. When he was sure he had removed
all traces, he swallowed the cock to the root and attempted to encourage more.

Spike grunted, threw his head back and dug his fingers into the thick rich
hair of the head on his lap. He was, for now, satisfied with the rhythmic
movement of the bobbing head and matching hips of his childe as the boy
jacked himself off in time with his sucking.

Spike's own hips soon joined in the dance as they began humping, silently
encouraging the boy to pick up the pace.
"Ah, fuck, yea, boy. Mouth like a fuckin' dust buster. Come on boy, suck
that fuckin' cock. Yea, just like that. Play with my balls, oh, hell, yea.
Feels so fuckin' good. Tongue the slit. Yea, deeper."

Xander's own humping had gotten faster as his hand worked harder.
Listening to sire's dirty talk combined with the musky smell and
salty taste was causing his own orgasm to rush on him.

Grabbing both fistfuls of hair, Spike held the boy's face firmly down
as he jerked his hips up violently fucking himself against the back of
his child's throat.

Forgetting that he didn't need to breath, Xander began to choke and gag
causing his throat muscles to constrict and flex around the head of Spike's
throbbing cock. In his struggle he squeezed and pulled painfully on his

With one last thrust, Spike went rigid and pumped thick, voluminous amounts of
cold dead seed down the raw, sore throat of his child who swallowed it gratefully.
Sent over the edge by the taste and his own masturbation, Xander squirted onto
the carpet and floor mats of the beloved De Soto.

As his body finally unlocked, Spike slumped down.
"Ahhhh. Oh, shit that was good. What a good childe you are."
Spike untangled his fingers from Xander's head and petted and patted the
scrunched hair back into place.

"Now, don't you feel better, lad?"

Xander sighed as the cock in his mouth deflated like a balloon and slipped from
between his lips. He licked the last drops of white, wet love from the pubic hair and

"Much better sire. You are so good to me. You always know exactly what I need.
I must be the luckiest vampire in the world."

Spike patted his head benevolently.
"That you are lad, that you are."

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