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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 12/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

Clearing the city limits and buzzing past the "Thanks for visiting
our fair city. Please come again' sign, the DeSoto roared down
the road kicking up a black cloud of dust.
No small feat considering it was a paved highway.

Both men sat, thoughtfully pondering the events of the past hour.
Xander was extremely satisfied. He had achieved a moderately
satisfying orgasm, filled his tummy with fresh, warm blood and had
done his good deed for the day.

He was successful hunter guy.

He had followed sire's instructions and made him proud.
Just didn't get any better than that.

Spike on the other hand had a completely different take on the catastrophe
of a first attempt. Putting his mental screen on rewind, he backed it up,
hit replay, and tried to locate the exact point where things had gone
off track.

1. Gave the boy clear directions on approaching and scaring a victim. Check
2. Located the perfect hunting ground with a wounded, easy prey. Check.
3. Set the scene. Check.
4. Sent him off with certain hopes and expectations. Check.

Nope, Spike could not find any way this could be blamed on him.
As sire he had done everything in his power to teach the boy
basic hunting skills, yet.......

"Ah Ha!!" Spike turned to face his childe. A pep talk. That's
what was missing. He had neglected to verbalize potential pit falls.

"Look boy, perhaps I failed to tell you, but it is always a mistake to
hold a conversation with your food. Don't play with it. Don't talk to it.
And don't fuck it. At least while it is still alive."

Xander stared back silently with a look on his face that just screamed,
"I am eating a live cockroach and trying not to spew"

"Why on earth would I want to know -in a biblical way- a
deceased human?"

Spike turned back to focus on the road ahead and shrugged.

"Oh, you know, things happen. Urges hit. Opportunity presents.
Whatever. Anyway, point is, just bite 'em and leave 'em. No bonding,
no deep abiding relationships, no nothing. Got it? You are not saint Xander,
sent to earth to save mankind from their evil wicked ways. We have our
own evil wicked ways to worry about. Capish? Your only divine
missions on this earth are to suck their blood and service my cock.
Period. That's it. End of story.
I am the sire. You are the childe. Rule #4 in the vampire handbook
clearly states that your only purpose is to do as your sire says."

Spike's tone left no room for misunderstanding.

Xander sighed in resignation. "Fine, fine I get your point. I am
just here to feed my disgusting blood lust and tend to the needs of
your perfect appendage. Yes sir master sire."
Xander executed a perfect, sharp military salute.

Turning his face away, Xander still couldn't help but smile over the
good deed he had done. He wasn't worried. He was sure he and his
wonderful, kind, understanding sire could come to a meeting of the
minds and an agreement on Xander's place in the universe.

Everyone needs a purpose bigger than themselves and Xander
had no doubt that included evil creatures of the night.

Spike relaxed. He hated that he had to be so stern with his lovely
childe, but rules were rules and Spike's must be followed to the letter.
Flexing his back, Spike felt as though his belly and backbone
were about to touch as he was reminded of his own lack of a
decent meal in the last few days. A situation easily rectified.

"Um, say, Pet. I'm going to pull off and run into the next convenience store
we come to. I, ah, need some cigarettes. Yea, cigarettes and matches.
You want anything. Pop, snacks, whiskey?"

Xander laughed,
"Don't be silly. You know I don't partake of fermented spirits.
Drunkenness is against the word. You go ahead, I'll just wait in the car."

Spike mumbled something under his breath about a word he would like to go
against, but kept his sarcasm to a minimum. He knew Xander would
not come in if he thought "spirits" were being sold on premises.
He could slip in. Take what he wanted, slaughter the hired help and be
out in minutes.

'Perfect. Stupid Americans. They keep these Shop-n-Pop's open 24-7,
stick in one lonely clerk at night and then act surprised when most of their
clientele are vamps and assorted demons, and the peons end up drained
and left in a heap on the sticky linoleum

Spike checked the time on the dashboard and cruised happily down
the highway.
'3 AM. Yep', he thought, 'pick up some road trip snacks for me
and the boy, smokes, and a little cash from the till, eat the clerk and
I'm on my way. No one's the wiser.'

"Tell ya what, boy, come daylight what say we grab a room at a
motel and tuck in. You ever been to a motel? Maybe a little sneak
tween the sheets with the lovely Anya? A quick tumble with the twat?
A few minutes of motel madness?"
Spike waggled his eyebrows.

Xander's eyes bugged and his mouth dropped open.
"SIRE! I would never! Anya and I did NOT............Oh, I get it.
You're having a go at me. Well, no, I have never been to a motel,
but how exciting can it be? A room with a bed? No big deal."

Xander tried to sound bored but was failing badly. Sire was the most
wonderful creature in the would! He thought of everything.
Xander wiggled in his seat at the thought.
A room. A soft bed. A naked sire.
No way could he ever stay mad, even when sire teased him so.

Spike sat back, spread his legs, and threw his right arm over the
back of the bench seat driving casually with his left as they cruised
down the dark lonely highway. Unlife was good.

Another 45 minutes ticked by and Spike was beginning to think they
would never come across a Quicky Mart. A problem compounded
by the fact that the beloved car he drove was far from MPG efficient
and the little arrow was rapidly sliding toward "E".

Before concern had the chance to jump to panic, off in the horizon, was
the glow of the false daylight of halogen bulbs. It bathed the small
square of pavement in a soft blue light of promise.

With great relief Spike whipped in and pulled up to the pump closest to
the building. He popped the cap,dropped the nozzle in the hole, and
began the filling.
After setting the handle on automatic, Spike strolled over to the passenger
side where his childe was watching him with love and adoration in his eyes.

Pressing himself against the passenger side window, Spike began sliding his
crotch up and down causing Xander to crack a smile.
Spike then licked his lips dramatically and slapped his palms
against the glass.
Xander giggled.

Switching into vamp face, Spike then increased his hip action to include
grinding, humping, and slamming against the car.
Xander cracked up.
Laughing and rolling, he fumbled with he handle on the window.
Just as he was able to lower the glass and reach for the
prize, the gas pump kicked off with a "clunk".

Immediately Spike jumped back and switched to his human look.
"Oops. all done. Gotta go pay, love. Wouldn't want to do anything
illegal. You sit tight. I'll bring some snacks and such. Fancy a coke?"

Calming himself down and wiping the tears that were rolling down his
face, Xander continued to giggle and nodded.

Whistling God Save The Queen, Spike headed for the door.
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