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Looking for...

I know I read this recently. I know it. I just can't find it.

It's Spander, eventually. This is what I can remember:

Spike, Xander, and Dawn all go to L.A. after a fight with Glory's minions (I think). They're all pretty banged up.

Xander discovers that Spike is very well thought of by the AI gang as they recuperate.

Cordy and Spike are really good friends. There's a scene where they're giving each other manicures.

There's a scene where Xander finds out the Spike need his glasses to read for long periods of time and that's why he gets so cranky when they research, because Spike is embarrassed to wear them around the Scoobs.

That's all I've got. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

EDIT: Found it! It's Cricket by SaberShadow Kitten.
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