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Do you like your Spike Nekid?

If you like your Spike nekid (and you're over 18), then I have the perfect lj community for you:


This comm has been around since July so we're still a fledgling comm but we're buzzing and hopping and greatly enclusive. People seem surprised by how close we all are but that's the main idea behind nekid_spike! Well, that and getting Spike as nekid as possible as often as possible!

There are tons of prompts and monthy missions (should you choose to accept them) and right now we're having an "School Hard: Episode Week"! We welcome all artwork, manips, ficlets, drabbles, series, anything you want to give us that has Spike nekid at least 100% of the time. Okay, we'll take 98%, we're not that picky.

We also have a monthly Nekid!Guest, who can be featured alone in fics and in artwork. And if you want to put him together with anybody else in the fandom... We can live with that! August's Nekid!Guest is, you guessed it, none other than that sexy brunet himself: Xander! So come on down to nekid_spike and check out the Spander lovin'. And, if you love it (which I know you will), stick around for whoever we'll all decide is the Nekid!Guest is next month.

So! Come on over and enjoy the Nekid!ness that is nekid_spike.

My thanks to darkhavens for letting me post this.
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