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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 13/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Warning: Slight non con. het. in this chapter.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.


Spike loved the little bells they put on the convenience store doors.
They always sounded like dinner bells to him.
In fact, they had a certain Pavlov effect.
Every time they rang, Spike salivated.

This place was like a thousand others. Harshly lit with neon
bulbs that caused his pale skin to glow a sickly shade of
bluish white.

Didn't matter. He didn't intend to leave anyone behind that
would sit in a small ugly detective's room while a sketch artist
put pencil to paper and asked silly questions like,
"His skin looked like what?" and "Is that the right shade of hair?
Are you sure?"

No, he would eliminate all complications before they took root.

Cheerfully he snatched up a plastic basket from the bin by the
doorway and strolled casually to the rear of the store.
Cookies, chips, and pop. All things high in fat and low in nutrition.

He knew his boy had a sweet tooth in life so he was certain
these were things that would make him happy. He made no attempt
to deny his desire to spoil the boy rotten.

Case of Bud light and Harley Hog key chain that featured a pig
with a flashlight in it's butt.
Stuff that added that little zip to a monotonous road trip west.

Basket full, Spike strode happily to the check out and slammed
his hand down on the bell on the counter.
"Yo! Customer here!'

The door to the back room flew open and the clerk, a large girl
Spike estimated to be not more than 18 or 19, and every bit of
250 lb. rushed to the counter.
"Sorry, sorry, I was, um, reading."

Spike paused for just a second. She was not quite what he
expected. His newly acquired spirit twitched uncomfortably.
"All alone here, Ducks? Ain't that a little dangerous? What's
the management thinking?"

Bridget (according to the "Hi. I'm Bridget. How may I serve
you" name tag) stepped back apprehensively.

"Nobody else will work the week-ends. They all have dates
so I take the late shifts. Means a little extra money. Is there
anything else you need?"

She suddenly wanted this strange man out as quickly as possible.
Two years working in this dump and she could smell dangerous
a mile away.
This guy reeked.

She unloaded the basket onto the counter and began sorting
through the items to be bagged by squishability. Spike appeared
"Yes, I need a carton of smokes, the cash from the till and,
oh, yes, the blood flowing through your ample lovely veins."

In a flash, Spike leaped over the counter and backed Bridget
into the small office space she had been napping in just moments

Spinning her around, he clamped one hand over her mouth and
wrapped the other across her full round breasts as her pulled her
roughly back against him.

Her struggling body rolled thickly in his arms but the fight was
useless, his strength far surpassed her own..
Wasting no time, his fangs dropped and sliced cleanly into the side
of her cool pudgy neck.

He groaned on the first deep swallow.
Virginal. Lonely, depressed and lost.
All the things that made the blood sing so sweetly.
The spirit cried out for mercy for her.
The demon screamed for her gruesome death, bemoaning the
injustice of the intruding false conscience.

Spike never missed a beat in his decision.
It was what separated a master vampire from a fledge.
It was the crucial element in survival.

He knew when he accepted the boy and his attached bonding
spirit that he and his demon would have to make
some concessions.

It wasn't something he was happy about, but acquiring the boy as a
childe was more than compensation. Everything could be worked

Spike slid his hand down and into the girls elastic waisted twill pants.
A violent shudder ran through her body

Searching around the various folds of flesh, it took him
a few moments to locate her hidden prize, but when he did he was
not surprised to find her large cotton drawers already damp.

A good neck suck always did that.

Behind his palm he felt her gasp. She had never been touched there
by anything other than her own hand and her constant companion
Bob. (battery operated boyfriend).

He mentally calculated how much blood he could take and not cause
permanent damage. He rocked their bodies together in a samba rhythm
all the time flicking and pinching her swollen nub.

Experimentally she poked out her tongue to taste the hand that
held her silent as her own hands locked around his wrist.
Cool, firm, fully masculine. He tasted good. He smelled better.
Smoke and leather.

Spike growled and shook the area of her neck still solidly in his
fang's grip. The fierce power of the creature that was using and
controlling her body overwhelmed her as she gave into the best
opportunity life had dropped on her doorstep so far.

She threw herself back against the wall of strength behind her
and spread her legs a little wider.
In just seconds the limited amount of blood left in her body
rushed to her sex and a hot flush surged through her.
Spike felt her inner walls convusle and her body jerk.

Bridget relaxed, each contraction smaller than the one
before till finally they stopped. It was the most amazing
orgasm she had ever had, made even more wonderful because
it was the first one shared with another person.

Retracting his fangs, Spike allowed her pillowy form to slide down
and settle onto the floor in an undignified heap.
She felt dazed, woozie, and wholey satisfied.

"You all right, pet?"

Bridget nodded and smiled weakly.

Leaping back over the counter, Spike went about the task of bagging
up his collection of spoils. He filled one bag with snacks, one with cigarettes,
and one with the cash from the register.
He grabbed the case of beer and headed for the door.

"Take a little nap, love, yea? And you just remember, you're a lovely
big girl. Don't you let anyone make you feel bad about yourself.
Oh and when you do call the law be a good egg and tell them the
thief headed east on a dark blue Harley. Don't forget to mention
that he was fat and wore a black leather jacket with the name
Big Daddy painted across the back. Ta, pet."

Bridget waved her hand and curled up on the floor for a snooze.

Spike hummed a tune and headed toward the car, guilt free. Fact was
if Fat Boy really did want to change his ways he had a better chance of
doing that if he was locked away from temptation.
Spike nearly caused himself a sprain patting his own back.

"Here ya go, love. All kinds of goodies for my favorite childe."
Spike tossed the snack sack in Xander's lap and the rest of the
things on the back seat before diving behind the wheel and kicking
the engine to life.

"Wow! Thanks Sire. I was never allowed to eat stuff like this before.
Mom said it would rot my teeth and put my soul at risk."
Xander started rooting through the contents of the bag when he
stopped and wrinkled his nose.
"What is that smell? What is that on your hands?'

Spike quickly attempted to wipe his palm off on his jeans.
"There was an open tuna can on the shelf and a little fish oil dripped
on me. I'll wash it off as soon as we get to the motel."

Xander's face stayed scrunched.
"Good, cause that really stinks. Peeeeewwwww!"

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